1. Why would he invade Seattle? There’s no wheat fields with White girls needing saved there.

  2. He already have to sort out one Third world nation in Ukraine he doesn´t need another

  3. Why am I barred from commenting?

    It seems to be d**k waving. I contacted my, and one of the only republican congressman from California, about how me and my neighbors and co-workers unanimously don’t care about this conflict and want to see more action here at home, like the open border. In response I got a long pre-typed screed, and I’m going to translate, about how the federal government basically needs to show Putin it has a bigger d**k than Putin.

    • I want to be fair and say the local Republicans of California have been the last line of defense here. Local is better, I think it will make waves

    • “how the federal government basically needs to show Putin it has a bigger d**k than Putin.”

      That’s how fags usually think. Indeed, that’s ALL they think about…..

      Putin’s is probably bigger than Biden’s. just sayin’….

  4. “GOP Senator Says Putin May Invade Seattle.”

    In other news, GOP Senator Says stupid things, but is too dumb to be embarrassed by his idiocy.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.


  5. Why? To bugger Seattle’s gay mayor? Too late. He had to step down in disgrace years ago.

    Plus, I doubt Putin is turned on by homely Irish men with tufts of hair tinted bright orange.

  6. He’s worried about Putin invading Seattle which is idiotic but not worried about the countless Mexicans and other NON-Whites crossing the borders daily. Typical Republican has his priorities backwards.

  7. Southern states produce a disproportionate number of Senators with warlust. Lindsay Graham, Tom Cotton and most surprisingly, Roger Wicker.

  8. We should always have a strong National Defense. However being a Warmonger is just ignorant and gets people killed for little / no reason. I can see why Russia is worried about NATO expansion and all. Russia wants control of those border countries. The risk of him attacking us is zero unless the US goes all out in a War against Russia. My basic thought is why don’t all the Leaders realize that Nationalism is a good thing. National Borders, being Sovereign, and so on. You can have that and Free Trade, Peace, and Friendship with all nations of the World. That was how the Founding Fathers thought about it…it works if we finally try it. Stop fighting Wars for greed and profit. Deo Vindice !

      • Translation: OD can’t accept or refute cogent criticism. Gotcha. I put my name behind everything I say, and am willing to incorporate reality into my conception of the game of life. As a result, I am never surprised by anything or anyone.

        • If you want to go hang out on Anglin’s website, then go there. Aside from following some news tracking accounts on the forum, I don’t read that website because there is nothing of value there. I regret ever associating with those people

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