Vladimir Putin Holds Large Rally In Moscow

We have zero control over our foreign policy.

There are two parties in the United States. The elites of both parties have long been united behind their shared project of relentlessly meddling in the internal affairs of Ukraine and backing the proxy war there in Donbas. Even Trump escalated the conflict by pouring weapons into Ukraine.

It has been going on quietly behind the scenes for over eight years now. It is now the biggest story in the world only because Putin has forced the issue by recognizing the independence of the Donbas republics and intervening with the full force of the Russian military. “Journalists” didn’t care about dead Ukrainian civilians until the moment that Putin decided that he would finally resolve the issue.

There wasn’t a peep about Ukraine on American television until February. The only reason that Americans care so much about Ukraine now is because the cameras are being pointed at the war there.

Note: I’ve mentioned the war in Donbas several times over the years. My position all along has been that it is sad and tragic and that we shouldn’t be involved and our elites are backing a proxy war there.


  1. “For a world without Nazism” – the TrumpChumps/Alt-Lite/Wignats have been played by the kikes again.

    • I don’t think so.

      Russia looks to me like … Russia as it has pretty much always existed.

      What has changed is that Ukraine is a cause célèbre for our elites now. I don’t want anything to do with this because I have spent the last 25 years watching the same people do this in Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. My instinct is to stay out of it although I have no control over our foreign policy. Perhaps you can explain why it is good thing that Ukraine has become the new Syria?

      • “watching the same people do this in Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria”:

        They divided Yugoslavia into warring Muslims versus Orthodox Bosnians, Catholic Croatians versus Serbs, and split off the Slovenians, Montenegrins, Macedonians, North Macedonians, Kosovo, etc. and are still trying to force Serbia, the rump Yugoslavian state, to join the NATO monster that destroyed it. They divided Libya into east and west, Cyrenaica versus Tripolitania, and finally into dozens of warring tribes that had been united and at peace in Gadaffi’s socialist republic. They divided a united, secular Iraq into warring Shias, Sunnis and Kurds; and they divided a united, secular Afghanistan (it was a socialist republic) into Sunni and Shia, and north, west and central ethnic and linguistic areas; and they also divided a united, secular Syria into various ethnic and religious groups at war with each other. Divide and conquer!

        Sometimes this weaponized ethnic, sub-ethnic and sub-sub-ethnic (tribal) division and subdivision makes me question my own Welsh nationalism, or Welsh socialism, where it’s going and what it’s really worth, now that the younger generation of Welsh “nationalists” and “socialists” seem to be mostly “woke” and “anti-racist,” not strictly Welsh (“any race can become Welsh” now) and not really socialist (more like liberal) – and because they’re mostly supporting the U.S. now against Russia in Khazarkraine! Maybe it has become just another divide and conquer strategy distracting from the real, main problem that needs to be solved.

      • He’s not going to explain shit because he’s in the employ of US intelligence or security services. He started posting around the time this Ukraine stuff kicked off, and he uses all the “hip” alt-right/dissident right/whatever lingo to make the most basic bitch establishment points.

        You, HW, are the subject of a government shaping operation. I think you know that, but you’re giving far too much leeway to this obvious bad-faith actor.

        • @(REAL) Anonymous – Thank God, you’re back! You’ve summed up the imposter Meth-Rising-whatever precisely. I do think, however, that HW is a very good man, who truly believes in the ideal of free speech.

    • No. Just shitlibs are labelled with the tags what they using to dehumanize other people.

      Putin also had another speech where he called shitlibs “”…those people who think that they are superior race or superior caste but who actually are filth…””

      I also support this kind of approach. Antifa will like when they are called Nazis and treated like Nazis. It is good to destroy enemy with it’s own weapon and grab the moral highground back. Climate activist sounds good , science denying Kremlin gas goblin not so much.

  2. In e-mail I received today, a friend of mine offered the following:

    1 – Zelensky, who has caused his country devastating horror by attempting to join NATO, will probably get the Nobel Peace Prize.

    2 – After negotiations, Russia will get mostly what they wanted two months ago.

    I’m posting this just so we’ll be able to see how those predictions play out.

    • Ze will end up like Shaakasvili in jail in best case and like Gaddafi in the worst case. Current Russian Nazi rhetoric in not random BS. They already sent Chechens after Azov Regiment and there is already rumors that Azov fighters get best enrichment what diversity can offer.

    • @John Bonaccorsi,
      Five years of reading your material, and I still have no idea where you stand on anything. Just for once, state what your own position is on something.

      • I’m surprised by your exasperation. I’ve had enough exchanges here, across the years, to know that there are persons who’ve understood me. Many years ago, after I’d been posting here for a bit of time, Mr. W., our host, summed up my point of view, quite accurately, in a single sentence.

        My concern is the flourishing of the Aryan. I am not an Aryan myself or am only Aryanized. I agree with the German writer Hitler and the Jewish writer Maurice Samuels, both of whom expressed, in books of the 1920s, the view that there is an unreconcilable incompatibility between Aryans and Jews. (They didn’t say it quite the same way, but I think I’ve summarized them fairly enough.) Because I have had Jewish friends as long as I have had friends at all, that doesn’t make me especially happy, but it seems to me to be the fact.

        I am thoroughly opposed to socialism, even to the word itself, though I use it, for the sake of convenience, in things like blog posts. That’s because I see nothing social in socialism. For the words “capitalism” and “socialism,” I would substitute “integrism” and “rupturism,” which are my coinages. That’s because the essence of “capitalism” or “free enterprise” or “private property” is, in my view, the right not to spend. If the individual’s right not to spend has not been violated—if, in other words, he has not been forced, or effectively forced, to engage in donation or exchange, then he is integral, not ruptured (hence my coinages). If, on the other hand, he’s forced to donate (e.g., by being taxed for so-called “welfare” systems) or to exchange (e.g., by being taxed to participate in a fund such as Social Security) or is effectively forced to do either (e.g., by being told that he can’t operate a medical-insurance company unless he covers certain specific medical conditions), then he’s been ruptured. In speaking of donation or exchange, I am speaking about payments between private parties. I am not opposed, in other words, to taxation for governance (i.e., the military, the police, the courts, maybe some forms of so-called infrastructure, such as roads or what-have-you).

        As far as I know, I’m the only person who uses the word “tyranny”—which I doubt I’ve ever used here, at Occidental Dissent—with a specific meaning. To me, tyranny is governance that is, in any way, to any extent, inconsistent with any or all of three rights–to wit:

        1 — The above-mentioned right not to spend.

        2 — The right not to associate

        3 — The right not to be silenced (so-called “freedom of speech”)

        By that definition, I’ll point out, the mere existence of government-run schools—the so-called “public schools”—would make America a tyranny, even if Social Security, Medicare, and all the other elements of our welfare state were eliminated.

        I attach virtually no importance to “forms of government,” which, in my view, don’t exist. Governance is governance. So-called “majority rule” is imposed, dictated, as much as is anything else that has ever been established by a so-called dictatorship. What is important to me is what I’ve just now discussed: those three rights. As long as the law is not inconsistent with them, there is liberty, regardless of the means by which a government has arisen or by which it affects to perpetuate itself. The President of the United States is, by that view, every bit the monarch that was George III, whose rule the Americans escaped via the war that began in 1776. Whether the succession of monarchs works via biological descent, as it worked for much of history, or by so-called elections, it’s all the same to me.

        Though I was raised Catholic and was quite religious well into my adulthood, I now reject supernaturalism entirely.

        Because Occidental Dissent is, at bottom, a Southern Nationalist blog, I am and have always been an outsider here, as Mr. W. knows. I don’t see how you do not know, after your five years’ worth of reading my comments here, that (1) I have an unfavorable view of the Confederacy, (2) I think the Confederacy’s cause was slavery, and (3) I think that that was a bad cause, i.e., that humans should not be held as chattels. There are certainly some Southern commenters here who’ve noticed.

        The flourishing of the Aryan involves, in my view, his segregation from non-Aryans.

        I hope that’s enough to end your confusion.

        • Ok, got it.
          For the most part, your posts can be vague, give very little away, are just links or they read like legal documents.
          We’re ordinary people here. With respect, just tell us what you think……..in plain English.

          • I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime, I’ll flatter myself that, with my paternal ancestry in Sicily–which, to the Greeks, as I’ve seen it expressed, was once the New World–I’ve inherited something from venerable Thucydides, of whom it has been said:

            “One must follow him line by line and read no less clearly between the lines: there are few thinkers who say so much between the lines.” (Nietzsche, “What I Owe the Ancients,” Section 2, Twilight of the Idols, Walter Kaufmann translation)

        • I had understood your “negative rights,” “Aryan” anarcho-libertarianism (I call it) pretty well all along. It was already clear. We generally stand at opposite poles on this blog, but I agree with your view of the Confederacy, although I appreciate (or sympathize or empathize with) Southern nationalist ethno (or is it a sub-ethno?) centrism.

        • “The flourishing of the Aryan involves, in my view, his segregation from non-Aryans.”

          An apt summation of one essential principle.

    • @ John Bonaccorsi
      “1 – Zelensky, who has caused his country devastating horror by attempting to join NATO, will probably get the Nobel Peace Prize.”

      ^^ You can probably bet on that one coming true!

  3. The so-called remnants of the army of northern virginia, who are the voice of the southern republic, who speak too the southern nation, from the sanctuary of Occidental dissent, we urge dialogue and restraint, among the warring brothers of the slavic nation, we pray for peace, for the end of this war, In our southern martial tradition, we denounce and despise, any warfare ,visited upon civilian populations, we remind our christian brothers in Russia and the ukraine, the wise counsel,our lord teaches us in his word, Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places………

    • OK.

      You probably don’t understand this, since you’re not Orthodox. But the Ukrainian Church that broke from the Russian Orthodox paternalism that have given it legitimacy ( since at least the 1500s,) is a renovation list and schismatic body.

      What that means is, according to Orthodox canon law, the Ukrainian “orthodox“ church is in schism and heresy. The Ecumenical Patriarch, (as a CIA appointee) is equally at fault for “recognizing“ this schismatic body. The rest of world Orthodoxy does not!

      Therefore, both the Ukrainian nation and the Ukrainian “church“ are not Christian! They are in fact, heretics.

      What that means… Is that God does not hear their prayers, and so both the church and the nation, are deserving of the Russian invasion -both to bring it back to national solidarity with Russia, and full communion with THE Orthodox Church A point that is always overlooked by protestants and Roman Catholics – since both of those bodies have been heretical, since at least the great schism in 1054 A.D.

      • Ft.John, as always, nice too hear from you sir, the facts you state, I did not know, thank you for sharing that with me, what I do know sir, is I hate too see warfare brought upon a civilian population, the destruction of cities and towns, built by men such as you and I ft.john, the innocent people caught up in this, thru no fault of their own, I hate too see old people, women and kids, all the other vulnerable people, catching hell right now, I feel for them sir,……..

  4. Putin and Biden should be allies, they’re both fighting “Nazis” and “White” nationalists in their countries.

  5. Hmm, looks like a family-friendly rally. If they start holding it every year I might take the family on a little outing there so mama doesn’t have to cook for a couple days.

  6. While the establishment call call it a War on Nato, War on Russia, War on the “Nazis” and so on…..it’s just Ukraine stuck in the middle The US through NATO wants control of the Ukraine and Russia wants control over the Ukraine. 2 very large countries are fighting over a small country known as the Ukraine. None of these people are thinking about Nationalism. If the US or Russia understood Nationalism at all….the Ukraine would be Independent and work with the US, Russia, and Europe as a whole. Wouldn’t be taking sides but sovereign. Could have Free Trade, Peace, and Friendship with all nations of the World the way it should be. The US and Russia agree on one thing…attacking smaller established countries…..Y’all remember the War for Southern Independence? Same thing but it was the US attacking a sovereign nation. We can all relate. Deo Vindice !

  7. How brain dead.

    It is Jews that run Jew-merica’s foreign policy.
    Putin is big buddy with Jews he lets loot his country.
    Jew “comedian” installed to rule Ukraine.

    Commies trying to Bolshevik II the USA.

    But its always OMG “NOT-SEEs”.

    Seriously, how can anyone who says (or thinks), it is Nazis ruling or ruining the world be taken seriously?

    It is Jews and their Shabbos and buddy-boys like Putin running and ruining.

    If those Ebil Not-sees had gotten a little more support from white people and won the war we wouldn’t be suffering through all this horror.

    We’d be living healthy and traditional on Earth, the Moon, and Mars, and probably on our way to the stars.

    Instead it is non-stop Tikkun Olam, “healing the world” to death.

    We need to backup, stop lying about German and WW Jew point 2, and get back on the right track.

  8. Sadly this Our Enemies are White Racist NAZIS apparently still works in Russia as it does with most Patriotard Cuckservatives in Red State Amurikuh…..

    Chickenhawk cowards with huge investments in the Military Industrial Complex like the Mitt Romney family, Bush Family, McCain family and Dick/Liz Chaney family profit by this – their immigration sins, taking the knee for Black dead by his own drugs George Floyd, all is apparently forgiven if they wave the flag, invoke our “Good War against the Nazis” call the enemy of the country they want to go to war (no Declaration of War) He’s Hitler (Putin is Hitler, Assad was/is Hitler, Saddam was Hitler) “We need to fight for freedom and democracy”.

    Only these chickenhawk war mongers never put their bodies or the children’s bodies in harms way.

    • “White Racist NAZIS apparently still works in Russia as it does with most ”

      80 years of brainwashing has been very effective.

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