RT: Cheerleader of NATO Wars Spotted In Ukraine

I saw some chatter about BHL showing up in Ukraine late last night on Twitter. I see now that it has been confirmed that he is in Odessa and there is an article about it up on RT.


“French intellectual and philosopher, Bernard-Henri Lévy (commonly referred to as “BHL”), has an odd propensity for appearing alongside western proxy fighters in war zones. And new reports now place him on the ground amid the conflict in Ukraine. …

During the NATO-backed war in Yugoslavia — the war in Europe that those commenting on the current situation in Ukraine seem to forget — BHL, who just happened to be hanging out in the region, overtly backed the NATO proxy, then Bosnian president Alija Izetbegovi?, who, his opponents believed, was a Muslim fundmentalist. …

Then, in March 2011, ahead of the NATO invasion of Libya, which led to an overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi that October, BHL was spotted in Libya meeting with “Libyan rebels,” footage of which can be seen in BHL’s documentary, “The Oath of Tobruk.” It would be easy to chalk up Levy’s presence among the western-backed proxy fighters ahead of Gaddafi’s ultimate demise at their hands as just journalistic interest or intellectual curiosity. But that theory is betrayed by French reports of an activist role at the highest level of the French government. …

In 2012, as the NATO-led invasion of yet another country, Syria, raged in an (ultimately unsuccessful) attempt to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad with “Syrian rebels” backed by CIA and Pentagon covert programs, BHL took to the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival with both Libyan and Syrian rebels, to symbolize “the passing of the torch of Liberty,” according to Le Point magazine. Just a few months later, BHL was calling for France to also send weapons to the western’s proxy “rebels” to fight the Syrian army, specifically, “cannons, anti-aircraft missiles, defensive weapons, for Aleppo, Homs and the rest of Free Syria.” 

Then, in February 2013, BHL wrote on his blog, “La Règle du Jeu,” praising then French president Francois Hollande for launching French military operations in Mali, which were ultimately an unsurprising result of the destabilization of Libya caused by the earlier French-led, NATO-backed invasion cheered by BHL himself. …

And now, BHL — symbolic of a certain caviar leftist that sells wars and invasions of benefit to the military industrial complex from the lofty perch of humanitarianism — wants action in Ukraine. And after calling for it prominently via French mainstream media, he is hanging out in Odessa — coincidentally, just in time for the launch of the new “Ukraine fighters”, once again doing NATO’s dirty work, but this time comprised of foreign and domestic western-armed warriors, both regular troops and irregular combatants, cheered from the sidelines by the west against Russian troops. …”

This is also my impression.

If you watched the previous proxy war between NATO and Russia in Syria where there was also “moral clarity” and we were arming the good guys (al-Qaeda), your overwhelming impression will be that the battlefield has simply shifted to Ukraine because we have seen all this before.

BHL is on Substack now.

He has a newsletter called “Will To See: The Case for Liberal Interventionism.”


“Yes, my dear friends following this page: I am in Odessa.

For me, it was a question of principle. 

I could not think what I think, write what I write, and not have my actions match with my words. 

Therefore, my place is here. 

I had to be physically by the side of these Ukrainian heros who are defending the values of the West and of democracy. …”

Of course he is there!

This is about defending “our values.” This is another lesson in “democracy” like Iraq and Afghanistan which went on for twenty years and which outraged the media when it finally ended last summer.


  1. This with half dead Joe as president, degenerate young global leaders and other prominent people demonstrates how short enemy bench really is.

    So I consider spotting a prominent warmonger as a good news.

  2. Brad, seen any Ukie flags in your neck of Bama? In Tuscaloosa, the mayor is lighting up the county courthouse at night with purple lights in “solidarity and support”. It was on the front page of the pathetic local rag.

  3. No one in media is questioing the legitimacy of NATO.

    There is no legitimate reason for NATO to exist, hasn’t been for over 25 years.

    • NATO is the mutilated, tortured ghost of the the Atlantic Charter. This was a declaration of universal human rights in 1941 promising the goyim democracy and freedom if they would only go to war against Uncle Adolf and his evil sovereign currency. Of course this was completely shredded at Yalta when the propaganda was no longer needed.

  4. Putin at a rally today in Russia talkin’ bout N A Z I S! It’s always the N A Z I S, goyim! It’s not Putin just displaying typical shitbag Russian behavior he is just trying to rid the world of N A Z I S!

    • Apparently, the term “Nazi” is the ultimate insult in Russia, or so I have read. It isn’t difficult to see why. Ukrainian nationalists are “Nazis” to Russians because of what happened during World War II. Putin is against “nationalism” and sees himself as a civilizationist reuniting the East Slavic Russian Orthodox world. He isn’t anything resembling a White Nationalist

      • Putin isn’t a true nationalist, but his reckless invasion of all Ukraine – instead of just defending Russian regions – is being used now to demonise all nationalists, and that is more key right now … along with the huge migration waves of millions suddenly now hitting Europe (30% of ‘Ukrainian refugees’ actually being Muslims Africans etc using the open door)

        Article below is a deep dive into the famed historic Ukraine ‘Nazi nationalist’, Stepan Bandera (1909-59), who still inspires many Ukrainians today … which points to how complex Ukraine and the whole region’s dynamics are.

        Bandera allied with the Nazis at times, but he was also imprisoned by the Reich for some periods … and then Bandera was an agent for the CIA and Britain’s MI6 against the Soviets.

        In that region, ethnic identity could sometimes be out-weighed by anti-communism, people siding with foreign actors against their own ethnic bolsheviks … and Russia is still perceived by some, as ‘Bolshi’ beneath the surface.

        Hard for some Westerners to see, but there are significant East European ethnic memories where ‘Nazis’ are far from totally evil, and having a role as co-liberators from Soviet or other oppressors (Baltics from Russia, Croats from Serbs, Slovaks from Czechs) … tho it is generally understood to be discreet about this

        A good number of guards at Reich WW2 ‘death camps’ like Treblinka, were Ukrainian

        Ukrainians like Bandera at times fought against Poles as well as Russians … for many tho today, the tens of thousands of past Poland-Ukraine dead, mean less than the centuries of rivalry with Russia

        For centuries, a huge battle raged amongst three big powers: Russia, Sweden, and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Poles actually in Moscow at one point. A book covering this is ‘The Northern Wars, 1558-1721’ by Robert I Frost. One might say those wars are still going on.

        Here’s the Bandera piece, with notable archive sources cited

        • I just read the article you linked. It is intelligent and accurate. and worth reading, although most of the information is not new to me and I don’t share the same view (Nazism) and don’t make the same judgments and conclusions (Putin evil). I noted: “the British accepted these Ukrainian anti-communists were ‘Galicians’, and therefore arguably of Polish rather than Soviet nationality. (There was of course at that period no official ‘Ukrainian’ nationality).”

        • This is pathetic stuff. You filth who keep trying to smear genuine national socialists with the atrocities committed against our white Polish brothers by your banderist trash friends should suck a shotgun.

  5. From Wikipedia:

    Lévy was born in 1948 in Béni Saf, French Algeria, to an affluent Sephardic Jewish (Algerian-Jewish) family. His family moved to Paris a few months after his birth. He is the son of Dina (Siboni) and André Lévy, the founder and manager of a timber company, Becob, and became a multimillionaire from his business. His father participated in the battle of Monte Cassino during World War II. He is the brother of Philippe Levy and Véronique Lévy.

    Why do Christians allow themselves to be led astray by these people (Philippians 3:2-4)? Because we have abandoned our Christian soul. We need to take responsibility for following the guidance of Balaam.

  6. Levy like most of these fake jewish intellectuals is a poseur and pseud whose so called intellectual laurels lie firmly planted on jewish media influence and zionist global policy, like attali he is just another another agent of change (always for the worst) in gentile society..

    If you want to get the measure of levy and have a good chuckle at a pompous clown look into the time he was quoting hoax material and unchecked sources for his little discourse on kant..

  7. Levy is a vulture which has smelled fresh carrion on the breeze and swooped down for a closer look.

  8. He’s without a doubt the most loathsome creature in France. A warmongering Jewish neocon of a type well known to us. But that’s not all he is…Eric Zemmour said that nobody fosters anti-Semitism more in France than this fellow. The French listen to him speak and their latent negative feelings towards Jews reawaken. He’s a caricature right out of Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy. He’s a crazed Zionist in Israel and a rabid anti-nationalist in France. Again, Eric Zemmour told him to his face on tv that he cannot play an ethno-fascist in Israel and a flaming liberal in France. Nobody produces more loathing in me than this man. He single-handedly reinforces all Jewish stereotypes.

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