Ukraine Battle Update

The military situation is getting dire in Ukraine:

  • Kyiv/Kiev is rapidly being encircled now
  • Mariupol is on the verge of falling which will free up Russian forces in the south
  • Ukrainian forces in the north have been encircled
  • The main Ukrainian army in the east has been encircled
  • A large Russian amphibious force is off the coast of Odessa
  • Zelensky is calling for peace talks this morning
  • Ukrainians are launching an offensive near Mykolaiv in the west
  • Russia is sending in its best units from Moscow for the siege of Kiev

This is my current understanding of the conflict.

The vast majority of the fighting has been going on in the north and east and the Ukrainian forces there are now cut off and encircled. It is pretty much over unless NATO comes to the rescue.

Note: Ukraine needs the White Helmets to stage a false flag gas attack. This is their only chance. Twitter is going to be disappointed when real life doesn’t turn out like Game of Thrones.


  1. Yep. False flag next. Hopefully it’s something cool like a Russian flagged missile strike on Congress.

    • Putin is the target. This blood drinker will just spend the next few years in European hotels fucking sex slaves. He looks like he is into little boys to me.

    • Desperation? No, it’s the the smell of this asshole’s gaping need for sodomy, that only the ‘big’ brother NATO can give this hole. I’m calling him as a faggot crisis ACTOR JEW son of a bitch. NEVER FORGET!


  2. That is the kike on a green screen! he is probably in Poland or Germany and have been for quite some time

    • I knew that cowardly little jew rodent had to be somewhere safe out of the country. Morale among Ukrainian government troops must be pretty low, especially without their heroic leader fighting alongside them.

  3. FACT: Putin is a devout Russian Christian. Zelensky(y) is a cross dressing Jewish actor who plays the piano with his penis on TV.

    That’s all you need to know!

  4. Rather hilariously, Zelensky has been shown to be in Poland and not in Ukraine. This past week was the so-called ‘courageously brave train trip’ to Kiev of Czech, Polish & Slovenian Prime Ministers, allegedly travelling many hours to Kiev by train to meet with Zelensky.

    The group’s ‘Kiev arrival’ photos are clearly at the Przemy?l, Poland train station, which has distinctive paving tiles, and sun shining on an open-air platform, unlike Kiev or Lviv in Ukraine, where arrival platforms are all under a roof. The room where the Prime Ministers met Zelensky had a pompous sign claiming it was the ‘Situation Room’ … but there weren’t any computers in that room, HA. The ‘journalists’ there were all guys with military haircuts. Zelensky is in Poland doing green-screened videos, his family in Israel, his fellow Jews flown out to Israel, whilst simple Slavic men were ordered to stay and fight and die.

    More on the ‘brave Kiev visit’ scam apparently run by Poland’s intelligence agency, convincing 3 EU prime ministers to go along with the hoax:

  5. Re: “Ukraine has lost ~3.2M+ refugees, this is up to 10% of prewar population. This is more than Nazi Germany lost in 6 years of war, Ukraine’s population within current borders was ~35M in 1913/14, now close to 30M”:

    That argument ignores the even greater loss of population (about one third) between the time that the Ukrainian SSR became a capitalist state and this “invasion” of less than a month ago, and that most of the refugees or emigrants during that time chose to go to Russia, not to Europe. The flow to Russia increased exponentially since the Maidan coup. But now the Khazarkrainian regime does not allow its citizens to flee toward Russia. They will shoot them rather than let them use the humanitarian corridors that were agreed to by both sides.

    • Blaming this on Russia is nonsensical. Approximately 2/3 of those who have fled “independent” Ukraine since 1991 have gone to Russia. The blame lies in Ukrainian’s willingness to believe liars from the west and their total failure to take control of their own country and expel bloodsucking jews. As Merthyr Rising has noted before, the Ukrainian S.S.R was the most prosperous of the 15 Soviet republics. People from other Soviet regions wanted to move there because of this. Starting in 1991 the vulture capitalists descended and they have steadily looted the place continually ever since. The (((parasites))) have turned one of the more prosperous places in the old USSR into a third-world level strip-mined wasteland. On February 14, just before the current big event, 20 planeloads of the (((chosenites))) departed Country 404, no doubt well after the looted wealth was stashed away in the “free” west.

  6. Russia is moving VERY slowly because it does not want to harm any brother Slav civilians or destroy their civilian infrastructure. If it behaved like the U.S. in its so-called “anti-terrorism” wars (in Iraq for example) Khazarkraine would be a total wasteland by now. But the power, water, phone and internet are still working almost everywhere, rail lines still not cut, bridges and highways still not destroyed.

    In the first day Russia destroyed almost all of Khazarkraine’s strategic military infrastructure, and now it is just a matter of time until the Khazarkrainian army without an air force, navy or communications network finally grinds to a halt. Russia has deployed only about 10,000 troops in an area the size of France! It is holding back hundreds of thousands of its best troops and most advanced equipment, in reserve, ready to strike the U.S. and NATO countries HARD at the sudden outbreak of World War Three.

    • More like 100,000, but I do agree they are holding alot back. If these demons succeed at starting WW3, it will be the final death blow for White Europeans. The best men will be killed if the cities don’t outright get nuked, and then orcs will be brought in to rebuild and repopulate.

  7. Re: the Game of Thrones battle video:

    George McClellan and other members of the Delafield Commission were sent by U.S. Secretary of War Jefferson Davis to study British imperialist methods of war against Russia in Crimea. General McClellan applied some of the new methods of “force projection” he learned in Crimea against the South in the Civil War. Russia defends itself at the Battle of Balaclava, Crimea:

    • Background to the Crimean war: Turkey was pressured and persuaded by France and other Western European powers to take the keys to the Church of the Nativity (in Bethlehem, Palestine) away from the Orthodox priests, and given them to the Roman Catholic Church. Didn’t they know that Russia would never allow this to happen? The Anglican British and the Catholic French eagerly joined the Muslim Turkish empire’s war against Russia. The British were overconfident in their superior technology and exceptional record and suffered a defeat similar to Pickett’s Charge: You can see how this is relevant to the current U.S.-NATO war.

      • You forgot to mention who won that war. It wasn’t Russia. It should be obvious to anyone who was really behind that war. Unfortunately there are people who would blame Catholic clergy for Britain’s foreign policy. There’s no helping those people, they’re nuts.

  8. How? The Russians are bogged down completely, according to their captured battle plans they should have been in Lviv by now.

    • Those battle plans are from the same source like Steele dossier and Donald pee tape and all those data about safe and effective vaccine and Saddam weapons and Iran nuclear bomb and immediate victory in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • You need to take everything you read here with a grain of salt – the remnants of the Army of Northern Virginia here on OD still believe that just one more attack at Gettysburg and the road to Washington DC will be wide open.

      • Psyop1970, the so-called remnants of the army of northern virginia, do not live in the past, we remember our brave forbears and honor them,we have neither the time or inclination, too fight any wars of yesteryear, obeying our God, working and striving, for the survival, peace,prosperity and we’ll being of our people,the restoration of our republic, those are some of our priorities as a people, psyop1970, you over estimate your own self.and under estimate us, I thank you for that, you have yet too post anything of any relevance at all, you would appear too be a marginally skilled cheap shot artist and an inept shit starter, your lack of manners, your vulgar language, has wore out your welcome, I am asking you nicely, leave and don’t come back…………………

    • “Hypersonic Missiles” – the newest Wonder Weapon from a country that can’t even mass-produce a decent car.

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