Foreign Policy: Putin Has a Grimly Absolute Vision of the ‘Russian World’

I largely agree with these takes.

Obviously, Putin’s ideology is in conflict with neoliberalism, modernism, globalism and the “rules-based international order.” I don’t see how it is in conflict with my own worldview. Liberalism is a universalist ideology. It is what animates these American crusades to impose “freedom” and “democracy” on distant parts of the world. I have never had any interest in militarism or world domination. We have our own continent and our own part of the world and that should be more than enough.

I’ve been saying the same thing for about twenty years now. It has nothing to do with Vladimir Putin and Ukraine.

Foreign Policy:

“On Feb. 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin falsely claimed that a Ukrainian “genocide” of Russian-speakers was happening in the eastern Donbass region of Ukraine. He repeated that lie in his speech announcing the “special military operation” on Feb. 24 as his troops invaded Ukraine.

Putin believes an invasion of Ukraine is a righteous cause and necessary for the dignity of the Russian civilization, which he sees as being genetically and historically superior to other Eastern European identities. The idea of protecting Russian-speakers in Eurasia has been a key part of Putin’s “Russkiy Mir” worldview and 21st-century Russian identity. Under the rubric of Russkiy Mir (Russian World), Putin’s government promotes the idea that Russia is not a mere nation-state but a civilization-state that has an important role to play in world history.

Beginning in 2012, Putin began to refer to a distinct Russian civilizational identity and explained that “the self-definition of the Russian people is that of a multiethnic civilization.” Included within this civilizational framework are ethnic Russians and Russian-speakers in former Soviet republics that extend beyond Russia’s national borders. In 2020, Putin appeared on state television and said that Russia’s unique civilizational identity needed to be protected via genetics and technological sophistication. This ideology positions contemporary Russia as a global bastion of traditional values and national conservatism. Most of all, it argues that the Kremlin has a duty and right to defend the interests and culture of Russian-speakers all over the world. Putin rejects the Westphalian state system for an irredentist vision of an expansionist Russian civilization. …

For the last 20 years, Putin has sought closer ties with Russophone “compatriots” in former Soviet republics and has occasionally used the concept of Russkiy Mir to justify the 2008 invasion of Georgia and the 2014 annexation of Crimea. In the Russkiy Mir worldview, Ukraine plays a special role. It is the cornerstone of Russian civilization and culture. For example, both governments in Kyiv and Moscow claim to be the rightful descendants of Kievan Rus, the first East Slavic Orthodox state, and its ruler Volodymyr the Great. The history wars between Russia and Ukraine heated up in 2016 after the installation of a statue of Volodymyr the Great in Moscow, which angered Kyiv. In his recent speech, Putin explained, “Since time immemorial, the people living in the southwest of what has historically been Russian land have called themselves Russians and Orthodox Christians. This was the case before the 17th century, when a portion of this territory rejoined the Russian state, and after.” For the Kremlin, without a Russophone Ukraine, there is no Russian World. …

Under Lenin, the Soviet regime emphasized national self-determination. Putin’s desire to cement his place in Russian history is a backlash to the Leninist historiography of the Soviet period, which promoted ethnic particularism. Putin’s fondness for Russian history is not a mere hobby but an important part of the way he sees himself and the role that Russian civilization will play in the 21st century. Putin wants to right the wrongs of the Soviet experiment, which he believes ripped away the ideological core of the Russian civilization—Ukraine. As Putin said in his July 2021 article, “The Bolsheviks treated the Russian people as inexhaustible material for their social experiments. … It is no longer important what exactly the idea of the Bolshevik leaders who were chopping the country into pieces was. One fact is crystal clear: Russia was robbed, indeed.” …

Simply put, Putin and his circle genuinely do not believe Ukraine is a real country. To them, Ukraine has become too linguistically, culturally, and spiritually separated from Russian civilization. In the paranoid and Manichaean worldview of the Kremlin, the renegade region known in the West as “Ukraine” needs to be reconnected with its motherland, Russia. Russian history and civilization demand it.

Putin loves history.

That’s why I relate more to Putin > Zelensky.

When I look at Putin’s Russia, I don’t see Aryan women in wheat fields. I don’t see the savior of the White race and Christianity. I see Russia as it has pretty much always existed except during the Soviet era. I am content to leave it alone and mind my own business and not meddle with it and antagonize it. The fact that Russia is recovering from a period of weakness and is bent on dominating and securing its near abroad isn’t a threat to me. The fact that Russia is struggling IN UKRAINE shows it isn’t a threat at all.

Wall Street Journal:

“Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, recently described the war in Ukraine as nothing less than an apocalyptic struggle between good and evil. Its outcome, he said, will determine “where humanity will end up, on which side of God the Savior.”

Some Ukrainians—those whom President Vladimir Putin claims Russia is liberating with its invasion—have rejected “the so-called values that are offered today by those who claim world power,” the patriarch explained. Those values are exemplified by gay pride parades, he said, which serve as admissions tests “to enter the club of those countries,” by implication the European Union and more broadly the West. …

In a speech last fall, Mr. Putin deplored what he identified as prevalent cultural trends in Western Europe and the U.S., including transgenderism and “cancel culture.” “We have a different viewpoint,” Mr. Putin said. “We believe that we must rely on our own spiritual values, our historical tradition and the culture of our multiethnic nation.”

The Kremlin and the patriarchate have framed Ukraine’s western ties and aspirations for membership in the EU and NATO not only as a geopolitical concern but as a threat to the spiritual integrity of Russkiy mir, according to Regina Elsner, a theologian and researcher at Berlin’s Center for East European and International Studies. A video posted last month on the website of the World Russian People’s Council, a Moscow think tank headed by Patriarch Kirill, makes the connection explicit: “If the actions of our president to recognize [separatist regions in the Donbas] relate to the political, military sovereignty of Russia—that is, we are trying to stop the advancement of NATO, missiles on our borders—then the moral problems associated with the protection of traditional values are aligned, and they are no less important than political and military aspects.”

I have absolutely no desire to force Western liberalism on the “Russkiy mir.” It doesn’t make me a “Russian asset” or a “Putin stooge.” It just means that I am not a rightwing liberal. I don’t have anything like the same mindset of the neocons who blew up Iraq in order to spread a mushroom cloud of “democracy” in the Middle East. This was actually their strategy and what they thought would happen.

Before all this happened, post-Soviet Ukraine was known for basically two things in the West: corruption and sex trafficking / mail order brides. Kyiv or “Keev” has been a regional launching pad for all sorts of mischief in that part of the world. George Soros had his fingers into Kyiv or “Keev” before even the fall of the Soviet Union and has spent years lobbying us to “save Ukraine.”

What exactly are we saving there? Are we saving “democracy” as it has existed there for the last thirty years? Are we saving the “values” that have been associated with Kyiv in recent years?


  1. How to tell us you simp for Putin without actually saying “I simp for Putin”. At least the Daily Schmear straight up simps for him – ain’t no half-simpin’ over there.

  2. The war criminals responsible for all the killing and suffering in Ukraine represent the West (more specifically the nation known as the USA.) When they are caught on video pumping the Ukrainians up by giving/promising them weapons and implicitly their full support fighting the Russians — these are the bad guys — warmongering NATO recruiting parasites trying to get others to spill their blood for something they would never personally do themselves.

    (Their blood lust didn’t have to wait too long to be satisfied after running away from Afghanistan leaving their latest set of victims — disappointed Yankee-duped suckers — holding the bag. Why don’t you just stay within the boundaries of your own Yankee Empire and mind your own business. We need “NATO” here protecting our southern border from Joe Biden it would seem.)

    Now that the completely pro-homosexual/transgender West no longer has any moral advantage left but rather this new window of opportunity to be completely wiped off the planet which they so richly deserve…now just maybe this present evil world will finally be near its end.

    Stay strong Putin/Russia and unleash as much correction as possible on the West. It just “may” bring them to repentance.

  3. The one thing you can say about Russia compared to Ukraine, there’s no wokism, PC and degeneracy running rampart in his country. All the degeneracy that’s promoted and excepted in the US is frowned upon in Russia.

  4. Of course, as a Christian Priest, I am on the side of Putin, and totally against ANYTHING reeking of Jews, Fags, and the Corrupt, godless West. And yet… perhaps there is a kernel of truth in those articles.

    If Stalin wanted ethnic particularism, and Putin wis a Russophilic hodge-lodge nation, I would say, go even further, VLADIMIR! Couple your russophilic desire, and DENOUNCE multiracialism!

    If the Jews can claim an ethnic homeland, WHY NOT EVERY RACE ON THE PLANET?!

    [In this, I find more solidarity with columns of Mr. A, and some of the Aryan ‘not-sees’ than, say, the Azov ‘fake’ NAZIS] – one should strive for ethnic particularism, and denounce as sin and evil ANY ‘race mixing’ and sodomitical allowances- including that shibboleth of the lazy white man- non-white brides from Korea, Vietnam, and the other SE Asian countries. A BASTARD IS A BASTARD, unto the 10th generation (roughly outbreeding for 400 years).

    But such ethnic particularism is valid, only as it can come with the grace of the Gospel incarnationally tied to it. In short, how Europe and Christendom (and the American South saw it) operated for 1800 years. For it is only to them, that the promises of the Gospel apply – Judean and Hellene ONLY [Rom. 1:16-17]

    • Indeed Fr John if you in any way call yourself a Chistian you stand with Russia the only army i have seen that carry the ikons of martyrs on their flags and tanks and have their weapons blessed by the clergy
      the war against the N(satanic)WO is here as the field manuals of the RAF clearly state

      The constant jabber of hunting “Nazis” bla bla aside! Christ is reborn in the East and even the Muslims true to Russia understand and respect this

      Russia have put on the whole armor of God and are wearing it well

      Deo Vindice

  5. Russia is finally beginning to turn against Jewish supremacy. Putin satirically called them the superior race the other day.

    No need for us to allow the Jews to tell us how to think and live, whether they call it liberalism, communism, conservatism, feminism, capitalism or queer pride. They invented it all.

    Pray for more war. It is working.

    • “Russia is finally beginning to turn against Jewish supremacy” This have been long in the making and they have very slowly but surely been losing power even with Putin himself, still there is much work to be done but there is change in the wind and this and the coming war will only expose it more for all White men to see

      Russia as Germany have always been by the jews considered “amalek”the eternal enemy of the jewish race and they have done their utmost to destroy them both, in the case of Germany they suceeded beyond all dreams and now Russia seem to be the one that pick up the flag

  6. The countries the zhids want destroyed (Iran, China, Russia) are societies that aren’t Judaized.

  7. Russia is finally beginning to turn against Jewish supremacy.

    Maybe. He really needs to clean house there. He should start by nationalizing the Central Bank and the seizure of property owned by the Empire of Lies. One thing this military intervention has done is to expose those who side with Globopedo and who oppose it. Excluding hasbara trolls, I have not seen a single person here – even among the most openly pro-Putin – advocate sending aid to Russia, much less intervention in the war on their side. Those who have chosen Globopedo want to send in NATO now, while those who are against Globopedo advocate staying the hell out of the fight.

    Don’t believe the gaslight media bullshit about the Russian forces being stalled. They do not use Murikan military strategy, such as it might still exist. I doubt Gen. R. Theon Silverback ever heard of either Sun-Tsu or Clausewitz. The Russians are doing a modified version of that they did over the same territory in WW II. Half of Country 404 – which is the size of Texas – is already under Russia’s effective control, including the entire Black Sea coast. Cities and large UAF units in this area are surrounded and now “cauldrons” as described by Russia. They will be starved out and whittled down to nothing over time.

    Even some of shitbag gaslight media is starting to prepare their moronic followers for the coming heartbreak.

  8. Running circles around the useless idiots of the faculty lounge.
    Globalist traitors get what they deserve.

  9. Oh bullshit. I’ve long said that Putin is the George W. Bush of Russia, getting Russia involved in overseas adventures that bring no benefit to the Russian people (except possibly arms sales) in order to cover up his lack of domestic success. Angel Merkel said it accurately after that bizarre and telling incident where Putin brought in a dog to frighten the dog-phobic Merkel (what a small little man): “I understand why he has to do this, to prove he’s a man. He’s afraid of his own weakness. Russia has nothing, no successful politics or economy. All they [he has] have is this.” It’s all about self-aggrandizement, trying to write himself into the history books. All about Putin. I will say this in his favor, Putin likes the Russian people, while Bush loathes his constituents.

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