Jimmy Dore: U.S. Has Bloody Fingerprints All Over Ukraine

Putin is an evil dictator.

The war in Ukraine began in February.

We had nothing to do with creating this situation. It just happened out of the blue. Please ignore how invested the media and the establishment are in Ukraine and how far they have gone to escalate the situation. This had nothing to do with NATO expansion!

Mint Press News:

“Ukrainians will pay the price as the US seeks to wear down Russia, just as Syrians, Libyans, Iranians, Yemenis, Venezuelans and Palestinians have paid the price as the U.S. has sought to attain the goals of its globe-spanning imperial project.

Washington understands that a weakened Russia might not have been able to save Bashar Assad’s government from the takeover of Syria by the West’s Islamic State and al-Qaeda allies there. And in the future, it is hoped, Moscow will be in no position to support others who resist Western hegemony, especially the “pariah” states of Venezuela, Iran and China.

It is a huge ambition for a tiny elite headquartered in the U.S. committed to the endless enrichment of itself by enforcing a binary thinking among Western publics that obscures the real reasons for the planet-wide crises we face. 

If it succeeds, the West’s war machine will continue trundling over the bodies of the poor and marginalized as it drives us ever faster towards ecological collapse.”

Repeat: It is not about NATO expansion.

We’re not currently treating Ukraine like a de facto NATO member.


  1. Re ‘Ukrainians will pay the price …’

    Some Ukrainians will, but millions of Ukrainians are profiting on a modest level, via the sudden offer of an instant migration ticket into the higher-paying EU. I know some Ukrainians and this is very clear.

    Although rich in natural resources, Ukraine was damn poor for workers as its oligarch kleptocracy stole much of what workers farmed and created.

    When war broke out last month, millions of Ukrainians saw the instant window of opportunity … A chance to work and live in a richer EU, for double, triple and quadruple the wages. Hard to blame them. Women often took a few moments to do their hair and nails and put on some nice clothes for the train ride to the Polish border. Some of them are now on Tinder ‘in your neighbourhood’.

    Muslims and Africans picked up quickly on the opportunity as well, and many of them also hit the road, some purposefully entering Ukraine to magically transform into ‘Ukraine refugees’ … some further along, already showered with EU residence papers, monthly support income and free European health care.

    Q. How do you get the EU to accept 3 million African and Muslim young male migrants, and even get the European right wing to shut up about it?

    A. You stage a war, and send the 3 million Muslims and Africans, amidst 7 million white Ukrainian women and children. Very clever!

    Multi-cultural Putin & multi-cultural Zelensky, are doing the EU the favour, of making sure the EU is multi-cultural too!

  2. Ukraine is not the only country the US has bloody fingerprints on. There are multiple in the last 2 decades.

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