Breaking Points: U.S. Media’s Idiotic Shaming Of India

Twitter has seized control of American foreign policy.

The whole world hasn’t imposed sanctions on Russia. Large parts of the Empire like the rest of the Western hemisphere, Israel, the Middle East, Turkey which is a NATO member and South Korea haven’t joined in. The vast majority of the world acts like it has nothing at stake in eastern Europe.

Note: Every other country in the Western hemisphere is smarter than the United States and Canada. We don’t live anywhere close to Ukraine and have utterly no interest at stake in fighting Russia over Donbas.


  1. Gandhi threw the (((bankers))) out with the British. Shlomo’s response was a bloody partition, ethnic cleansing of the Punjab of Sikhs and the creation and support of Pockeeston instead of India. The little Indians could never figure out why the US supported Pockeeston instead of democratic India because they don’t understand who really controls US foreign policy.

    • The Strange History of How Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ Became a Bestseller in IndiaLike almost anywhere else in the world, Indian bookstores tend to place national bestsellers at the entrance, enticing readers as they walk in. Foreigners might be surprised to discover the book very often featured among that coveted selection is none other than Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. One of the biggest publishing companies in India distributing the book has seen sales of it steadily increasing annually.

    • Dont be so rabidly blind. Jews were still second fiddle to anglo in the 1940s. Ussr chose india so usa had to choose the pakis.
      India was partitioned because it’s a savage lawless place without British administration.

      • Oh I totally disagree. Shlomo was in full control of the British Empire since 1750 at least. The American Revolution was about taxation for usury now Shlomoed into just taxation without having a cuck represent you in Parliament. The opium wars were fought by the British exclusively for Shlomos.

        • They got their first bit of control with the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688, after which the Bank of “England” was established – the price for backing William over James II, who was deposed. (Cromwell actually let the vermin back in some decades before). They didn’t completely take over the ‘Empire that Never Ended’ until 1815, when (((David Ricardo))) – the crooked stockbroker for Chez Rothschild who concocted the lie behind the “free trade” doctrine – pulled off the scam about Napoleon defeating Wellington at Waterloo. This causes a market crash of epic proportions and the usual suspects bought up the country for farthings on the pound.

      • Wrong. Jews didn’t gain control since the 1940s. They’ve stage-managed a “cultural revolution” since the 60s because they’ve been pulling the wires for a long time. 1001 quotes about Jews is a good source. There isn’t any doubt who has been pulling the strings of the anglos for a very long time now. They didn’t come to power overtly without having the power behind the scenes first. So-called “conspiracy theories” are just basic inferences, the only inferences that fit the facts, the flash of light that dispels all their systematic lying. “rabidly blind” – is English your second language?

    • Man, I love to dog India and Indians as much as the next guy but there were some real heroes amongst the Indian independence fighters. Subhas Bose came from wealth but dedicated his life to service to his volk, leading an Indian army against the jews in the second world war. Nehru was a pragmatist neutralist with his head on straight.

      And while I don’t particularly approve of Gandhi for his refusal to support armed resistance against British occupation, there was a very good reason that the same Hindu ‘nationalists’ who after taking power under Modi have sought to abandon India’s third-positionist foreign and economic policy to instead turn it into a NATO sweatshop murdered him. I would love to find out what sort of ties the OSS and the British secret services had with the RSS in the 1940s.

      • Gandhi won Uncle Adolf lost. Not that it matters now. Shlomo has crept back in with a vengeance since about 2000. W2K opened the floodgates. Every pajeet with a phone whacks it to Jewish porno now and the women are all uptight (((feminists))).

      • India is not on Russia’s side or the U.S. side. Hyper-capitalist India is “pragmatic” and opportunistic and will be on both sides, or any other side, so as long as it’s not a socialist side, which the Modi regime cannot tolerate. India was on a good path shortly after independence, but soon returned to maximum class inequality, slavery and austerity for the masses.

  2. That’s wayciss! Pajeet will help in coding or way to the workers utopia.
    Don’t alienate potential comrades in the Long March to burn down the white males and the republic.

  3. People who believe the Khazarkrainian Holodomor engineered famine myth never grasp the reality of the Bengal Famine of 1943-44 that killed four million Indians, and really was caused deliberately – by the British.

    • And they gave the food to the USSR to fight the war of attrition with Germany. Monsters. What did it take to defeat Germany? 5:1 men and materials? Amazing. I bet a Waffen SS division with vintage weapons could defeat just about any modern division on Earth without modern air support.

      • The first famine was NOT intentional, not even expected, on the part of Stalin as the Khazarkraine’s foundational myth “Holodomor” claims. Post-civil war chaos (war was still continuing in the Far East) and many war-damaged communication and distribution networks were still unrepaired; bad weather, and shortages of draft animals and tractors reduced the wheat yield in many areas; Trotskyite officials who were “overzealous” (saboteurs) were creating chaos to embarrass and undermine Stalin; and yet-unexpropriated Kazakhian landlords being greedier than ever were the main causes of the extreme scarcity of wheat from the Dneiper to the border of China. But the next year, the Stalin “regime” made extreme and successful efforts to increase wheat production, and restore normal communications and food distribution, though the Trotskyite sabotage network was not uncovered. .

        By contrast, the latter famine I mentioned that killed four million was expected and deliberate on the part of Winston Churchill. And what do you think Britain did to improve food production and distribution in India the next year?

  4. India has a 2,100 mile border with China and Pakistan. Both countries have fought wars with India. India has reinforced its border facing China and is deeply concerned about further conflicts. Given India’s border problems with two nuclear armed neighbors they have invested a fortune in their defense including choosing the Russian made S-400 Air Defense/ABM system.

    The U.S. Government, controlled by the MIC was furious with India for choosing the S-400 over the Patriot system, alternately threatening and trying to bribe the Indian government to change its choice. Much of India’s military is equipped with Soviet era and newer Russian weapons and the
    S-400 was chosen for its capabilities as well its compatibility with their existing systems. India also is steering a middle course between the U.S. and China to try and preserve peace with its neighbors, a concept unknown to the geniuses in the U.S. Government and its beneficial owners.

    From India’s perspective being allied with the U.S. would be liking having a big, tough friend who goes around challenging people to fight in bars. Once he starts a fight he wants you pitch in even if it means jail and felony charges. Your friend never learns, never stops fighting until one day he is dead or hurt so badly he cannot fight anymore. India has wisely decided they don’t need friends like that, no one with a grain of common sense does either.

  5. India loves Shlomos though. They don’t understand they are genocidal psychopaths. Shlomos even have an alliance with arch enemy Pockeeston. Stupid pajeets.

  6. Who runs twitter? The people who’ve used it to carry out color revolutions in various countries, the people who censor the opposition. In other words, the Jews and their associates running the US government.

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