Tablet Mag: Putin’s Fascism

Naturally, the “fascism” industrial complex has responded to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in exactly the way you would expect. If you are opposed to imperialism, militarism, jingoism, neoconservatism, censorship, the NSA and FBI’s surveillance state, CIA covert ops in foreign countries and Washington’s long standing bipartisan project of world domination and imperial expansion, you are “fascism.”


“Dugin’s appeal here is transnational—it is made to the traditionalists in every group opposed to feminism, secularism, LGBT rights, and liberal tolerance. For Dugin, the enemy of each group is to be found within its midst: those who support multicultural, liberal societies. Traditionalists can and do operate within the parameters of liberal democracy, of course. But in the new Russian fascism, traditionalism is seen as inconsistent with and opposed to liberal democracy. …

Fascism breaks these boundaries. In fascist ideology, liberal democracy is itself the existential threat to traditionalism. Putin’s willingness to massacre people he falsely regards as his own points to his real enemy: cosmopolitan liberal democracy. …”

I’m glad that Jason Stanley is breaking the conflict down for us.

Liberalism = modernism, cosmopolitanism, globalism, social liberalism.

Fascism = traditionalism, nationalism, isolationism, social conservatism.

Hence, the bizarre form of modern American “fascism,” which is dovish, anti-totalitarian and deeply skeptical of authority and all institutions including the Pentagon, FBI and CIA.

Note: My idea of “fascism” is minding my own business in my own country and exercising my First Amendment right to criticize my government.


  1. The fixation on Dugin across the entire American political spectrum is really funny. The guy is not even really popular in Russia, and he has zero political influence there at all. He was never Putin’s advisor or “Putin’s brain” or anything like that. He is much more widely known in the west because he successfully marketed himself to western nationalist spheres.

  2. Fascism is an ideology that sees society as an extended family bound by a common blood, culture, and history. By contrast, the ideal Jewish society is one with open borders and maximal “diversity”, as the inherent weakness of a such a society allows the noxious enterprises favored by Jews (usury, pornography, the Sackler opiod empire, etc.) to thrive and Jews to become fantastically rich and powerful.

    Putin does indeed appear to have gone full fascist, which is great news for the long-term future of Russia. “Communism with Chinese characteristics”, which has been the reigning ideology in China throughout its rise to superpower status is also a form of fascism. That is plain fact and all the propaganda in the world can only slow down the realization that Jew-dominated “democracy” has made a cesspool of the United States and other countries that embraced it. Whether or not the word “fascist” regains currency as a positive term, fascism is on the way to defeating “democracy”.

  3. Ok….

    Now go tell that to Putin and watch the reaction

    This is litteraly the meme of the spidermen pointing to eachother calling everyone fascist

  4. Lol.

    The jews had nearly perfected the art of “The Big Lie.”

    And then here comes the internet, independent research and free speech to ruin everything.

    • Too bad the days of college boys engaging in the manly art of self-defense is over—otherwise there would be a lot of Jews getting tuned up on university campuses. What’s the worst thing you could say, I got kicked out of Yale/name your college for engaging in the manly art of self-defense. LOL.

    • “minding my own business in my own country and exercising my First Amendment right ”

      “Ewwww, an evil goy.”

      You may mind your own business, but they will always have their noses in yours.

  5. In the hissing language of lib snakes, “fascism” is the normal and proper love of God, country and family. “Normaphobes” is another word we might start pitching at these reptiles.

    • “Fascist” in the west is clearly now just a new name for anyone even remotely conservative and/or traditionalist

      “Fascist” in the east is anyone who ever pissed off Russia

  6. If you banned “-ism” from this guy’s writing, I doubt he’d be able to get out more than two sentences.

    The world would be a better place.

  7. Hey Jason, I got news for you, we gave you and your kind your own country to rid ourselves for your hatred of us and our Christ once and for all. WTF are you doing here retodd?

  8. Stanley, like every jew, is butt hurt when a goy doesn’t stick to the approved narrative …

    The antisemitism animating Putin’s claim to ‘denazify’ Ukraine
    Jason Stanley
    The Russian leader’s pretext for invasion recasts Ukraine’s Jewish president as a Nazi and Russian Christians as true victims of the Holocaust

    PS, this is a good read, but not in the way the jew intended. Sometimes, the historically (in)famous Chosenite hubris fails to realize that (((they))) are actually speaking God’s Truth.

    “Central to European fascism is the idea that it is the Jews who are the agents of moral decay. According to European fascism, it is the Jews who bring a country under the domination of (Jewish) global elite, by using the tools of liberal democracy, secular humanism, feminism and gay rights, which are used to introduce decadence, weakness and impurity. Fascist antisemitism is racial rather than religious in origin, targeting Jews as a corrupt stateless race who seek global domination.”

  9. Also, since the jews appear to be frightened by his legacy, I would also recommend reading Ivan Ilyin yourself. My recommendation:

    On Resistance to Evil by Force
    by Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin, K. Benois (Translator)
    Written in 1925, On Resistance to Evil by Force is one of the most important tracts composed by white émigré philosopher Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin.

    Top community review:
    Mar 14, 2020Heinz Reinhardt rated it it was amazing
    Easily the very best explanation, and apologetic, for Christian martial response to evil. Far beyond the, oft times, weak arguments for ‘Just War’, this book reveals that it is a Christian’s duty to resist evil up to, and including, force.
    Far more than just a comprehensive apologetic for Christian involvement in justice, police, the armed forces, intelligence, etc…, it is also an examination of how Christianity has been perverted by hedonistic, individualist, moralism to pervade a pacifist acceptance of evil and degeneracy that breeds evil that is entirely antithetical to true Christianity.
    A worthy, if very deep, read.
    Highly recommended.

    • Very good comment. Yes there is a vast difference between aggression and a reluctant, forced defense against aggression, usury, exploitation, etc. However a pacifistic, nonviolent general strike also works IF the majority of victims really participates, and is ethnically social-cohesive and fully class conscious, which makes it difficult for the elites to buy some off and divide and conquer. Very few peasant resistances or revolutions succeed, because too few or none of the participants have been prepared with the necessary education.

  10. One more comment.

    Notice at time 2:47 of the MSNBC’s british muslim faggot’s twitter rant, a picture of RF Pres VV Putin laying flowers at the grave of what is implied is to be the grave of Ivan Ilyin … the picture at the head stone is of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, not Ilyin. I guess your average brit muslim fag shabbos goy presstitute cannot distinguish one righteous Christian straight Russian man from another … just like their (((masters/owners))), they cannot see the truth.

    As for Solzhenitsyn, he also spoke God’s Truth and the jews are terrified of his legacy.
    Please read “200 Years Together”

  11. Yet another 5 o’clock-shadowed kike with a kinky jewfro that looks like it hasn’t been touched by a comb or shampoo in years pointing itz finger & screaming that all the sane goyim are fascists.

    Soon there really WILL be ovens & mass grave quicklime pits. Insufferable, forever attacking scum like him guarantee it. For that much, I am truly thankful.

  12. Perfect summary of the Two sides that have been at war since Christ

    Liberalism = modernism, cosmopolitanism, globalism, social liberalism.
    Fascism = traditionalism, nationalism, isolationism, social conservatism

    This is also the real cause of the War for Southern independence and to the letter describe the forces still at war in America and allover the world

    Now White man pick your side, time is short

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