Kevin McCarthy: Joe Biden Waited Too Long To Send Weapons To Ukraine

As with Syria and Afghanistan, the official GOP position on Ukraine is regretting that we didn’t do more to meddle in that country and flood it with weapons. In light of everything that has happened, we weren’t provoking the Russians there hard enough and plunging into this fast enough.

It is just a coincidence that everywhere Lindsey Graham and John McCain goes seems to explode in death, destruction, mayhem and refugee crises.

UPDATE: The Bulwark has a good article about how of touch Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell are with the populist wing of the Republican Party.


  1. The Grand Old Politburo wing of the Uniparty never met a war it didn’t like.
    These things happen when you have 11 story luxury Doomsday bunkers and no skin in the game besides a MIC stock options package.
    This Kwanstain Kabuki has grown stale and tiresome as the laughingstock of the world led by mental midgets cheerleading for a new Dark Ages.

  2. The GOP argument with Dementia Joe’s administration amounts to nothing more than a quibble. You shoulda done this and you shoulda done that; we woulda brought more mayhem to the world better than you. It’s like two arsonists arguing over who is better at setting things on fire.

    Neither party understands that public support for their wars, such as it is, may be a mile wide but only a millionth of an inch thick. Opinion polls are usually rigged and no one wants their sons conscripted to fight in one of these wars the U.S. Government has started. The geniuses in charge will one day have to turn to conscription to fill the ranks and that is when they will fail, that and when they ruin the dollar making their wars unaffordable and impoverishing everyone.

  3. Mister ” I have a problem with founding stock america” McCarthy, that’s speaks louder about you, than anything congressman…….

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