Noam Chomsky Was Right About NATO

I’m very critical of liberalism.

In reality, I am something of a cultural liberal myself though, as I enjoy things like free speech and civil liberties. I like to read a wide range of perspectives. I have far more tolerance for people who I disagree with than most people who would call themselves “liberals.”

Many years ago, I read Noam Chomsky and the most persuasive argument that he made that stuck with me was his take on NATO. Chomsky argued that the true purpose of NATO was never to “contain communism” and win the Cold War. This was a myth. NATO was created before the Warsaw Pact. Rather, the purpose of NATO was to keep the American Empire in Western Europe after World War II.

The collapse of the Soviet Union put this hypothesis to the test. The Soviets abandoned communism and gave up their vast empire. The ostensible rationale for NATO’s existence ended. Instead of disbanding though, NATO simply expanded into eastern Europe. More tellingly, the NATO interventions in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Libya proved that NATO wasn’t merely a “defensive alliance.”

What is the purpose of NATO in our Second Cold War? Vladimir Putin isn’t a communist. The Kremlin’s official state ideology has completely changed. Russia is now an inward looking Great Power focused on reasserting control over the “Russian World.” It shouldn’t be a threat to us.

The purpose of NATO is to protect neoliberalism and foster cultural degeneration under its military umbrella. This is what has been going on in Kyiv/Kiev in recent years. George Soros and BHL want NATO to protect the “Open Society” that has been created in Ukraine since 2014.

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  1. I see your game. You want America broken up, and for it to abanon its friends and allies, and you want Europe defenceless against Mongol Russia.

    There’s a name for Whites like you: Race traitor.

    • LMFAO.

      Yeah, ZOG and NATO on the side of the White race, right? Russia is the reason that you can be thrown in prison in most Western countries for “hate speech” for expressing even the mildest support of your own people.

    • America is explicitly dedicated to “ending Whiteness” globally. The US government is open about this. Both political parties, all government officials, and the military are on the same page with this.

    • LOL

      It’s like a Huffington Post reader trying to come up with a message they think will resonate with Stormfront readers.

    • “Mongol Russia”:

      The Tsarist empire grew to include many Mongols in southern Siberia, which is why Buddhism (the religion of the Mongols) became the third largest religion (but a distant third) in Russia, but the ethnic Russians who compose at least three-quarters of the population of the R.F. (and are also the majority in many parts of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgrystan, the Baltics, etc. are not Buddhists, and not Mongolian!

      Russia is in a racial transition zone being on the periphery of Europe, and of Asia – just like the Greeks and other “White” Mediterranean peoples and the “Aryan” Indians and Persians/Iranians, and other southern and southwestern Asian peoples are in transition between the White and the “Yellow” – but unlike the Russians, they also border on the dark-skinned race!

      But even if Russians really were Mongols, I respect Mongols, and all other peoples for what they are. Enjoy this selection from the very good VEK Russian folk music channel – a Russian (so-called “Snow Nigger”) Mongolian-influenced song, from the Russian side of the border with the Republic of Mongolia:

      • More Russian folk music from the same channel: I have always loved Russian hymns and folk singing. Only the Welsh sing better than Russians. Here (this is just a sample) ordinary Russians (from Kuban, I think, not from Ukraine) are singing about fighting “the damned German enemies, who attack our Motherland and our faith” and “want to make us serve the German king”:

      • The Russian genome was affected by the Mongol invasions. That is a fact. The degree in individuals varies. The defense minister looks half Mongol, while the defense spokesman looks totally Northern European.

  2. I learn very little of value from Chomsky, so I never listen. Here he says (in the first video you posted) NATO was not originally designed to contain Russia, but to keep the U.S. military deployed permanently in Europe, and keep Europe under tight control.

    Well, he must know that the “cold” war against Russia began (actually it resumed) even before World War Two officially ended. As soon as the first nuclear weapons tests in New Mexico and Japan were proven successful, the U.S. was preparing to atom-bomb the USSR out of existence as soon as enough bombs were ready. It was not expected that Russia would be able to build its own nuclear arsenal so quickly or at all. (It was also not expected that Russia could defeat Germany.) So NATO was created not only to keep U.S. troops in Europe permanently and maintain tight control of Europe, but also to fight and destroy Russia.

    I even listened to the beginning of the second video until he got to: “press Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreement”! Chomsky is an expert on linguistics, but a dead end on politics!

  3. NATO is/was created to first keep down and in the end destroy the European people beginning with the Germans

    It is the military instrument that will finalize the genocide of the White Race

    We are in end game here people

    • I suspect you hit upon something here. Look at the Germans now. They have degenerated into a nation of cucks ruled over by women and Jews. Nearly 80 years out, still paying reparations to Israel. Awash with African and Musloid invaders who have legal carte blanche to rape and murder – despite having far fewer colonies than either France or Britain (who absorbed the German colonies into their own empires after WW I). Germany is not an independent country any more than Country 404 is. Christianity is utterly dead there. Germans will soon be a minority in their own land and the majority of them – or a least a large minority – are on board with this extermination. They have swallowed 80 years of gaslighting that they have committed the greatest sin in history – a massive lie.

      • The World Wars were fought by the British Empire to destroy the German folk(not their governments), and they succeeded spectacularly. Although they will probably end up destroying themselves and the rest of White Europe in the process.

    • The saying is “to keep the Americans in, the Germans down, and the Russians out.” But it was intended to do much more than that to Russians.

  4. Prof. Mearsheimer believes that the current crisis is 100% the fault of the West (i.e., the US and it’s Euro decadent and castrated lackeys). 100%. Jewish neocons and their cousins the pro-war shitlibs will fight this senseless war till the last Ukrainian.

  5. It should be clear now that the anti-nuclear Left some of us remember from the early 80s (not to say there were not sincere anti-nuke activists – those people are still around of course – nobody pays them any mind) was always about propping up the Soviet Union. It’s ridiculous to say we can know the long-term intention of establishing NATO in the late 40s when the Soviet Union had massive military forces. There is a belief that nuclear weapons ensured that the US could win a world war. There was no certainty how effective nuclear weapons at winning wars until intercontinental ballistic missiles with hydrogen bombs were ready. If the Germans had gotten nuclear weapons, would that have ended the war? I think the allies would have just used chemical and biological weapons and exterminated the German population. The USA didn’t know they could resist a Soviet attack: what’s more, a powerful fifth column of pro-Soviets existed in the West. NATO was a product of its time and it was converted into something else later. It’s certainly true: THE JEWS have had bad things planned for western civilization for a very long time. It’s a mistake to make more of NATO than what it really is. It’s just a brand, a label. That it was used as a way to menace Russia in the 21s Century does not prove it was established for that purpose in 1949.

    • NATO was a product of its time. It was a means of subjugating and destroying the European people by the anti-White American empire, which had recently concluded its genocidal war against Europe. It was never changed. It’s mission today is the same as when it was founded, to empower Western Jewish/Anglo financial elites and to neutralize the power of (and eventually eliminate) White nations globally.

  6. NATO should have been disbanded after the fall of the Soviet Union. Now they think up enemies so they look relevant.

  7. Liberalism is supposed to be about free speech and individual choice, it has devolved into government sponsored decadence and anti Christian propaganda, baby killing and homosexuality. Conservative isn’t conservative now either, it’s devolved into war mongering and a general police state type mindset. If the public isn’t worshipping the military, then they should be worshipping the police.

    • 1. These are not Liberals
      2. Conservatives never conserved anything and have also been co-opted

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