WSJ: Russia, China and the New Cold War

Welcome to the Second Cold War.

Unlike the First Cold War, China’s economy is on course to surpass our own in a few years. Russia isn’t menacing the West with communism, but is merely concerned with reasserting itself over its near abroad. The conflict that has exploded in Ukraine is due to NATO’s encroachment.


“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought death, destruction and debate over historical analogies. Is this the summer of 1914, with great powers stumbling into a horrific global conflict? Or is it the Nazi-Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939? What about Moscow’s 1939-40 Winter War against Finland? Will Vladimir Putin’s gambit end like the Soviet Union’s 1979-89 misadventure in Afghanistan?

Matt Pottinger has been thinking of another conflict. Mr. Putin’s attempted conquest, and his burgeoning partnership with China’s Xi Jinping, reminds Mr. Pottinger of the Korean War. “In 1950, Stalin and Mao and Kim Il Sung badly miscalculated how easy the invasion would be and miscalculated American resolve, much as we’re seeing today,” Mr. Pottinger, 48, who served in the Trump White House’s National Security Council, says this week. “The roles are now reversed, with Xi playing the role of Stalin and Putin playing the role of Mao sending his troops to the slaughter. It’s even conceivable that this war may end in a similar fashion, with some kind of a stalemate in a divided country. …

Mr. Pottinger believes the new conflict’s “ideological underpinnings” formed as the old one was winding down. “The Chinese leadership was badly rattled by the events of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, the lopsided American-led victory over Saddam Hussein’s forces in the first Gulf War and then the collapse of the Soviet Union.” They came to regard the U.S. as their “primary adversary.”

In this view, Ukraine is the “hot opening salvo in a cold war pitting Washington and its allies against a fragile but increasingly powerful bloc of dictatorships.” The logic of the Cold War “will provide us with explanatory and predictive value. It’ll help us understand and anticipate the moves by Putin and Xi and the other dictatorships that play supporting roles in their global strategy, such as Iran,” he argues. “We would be remiss not to learn lessons from the original Cold War, not least because we won.”

In recent decades American policy makers tried and failed to convert Beijing into a responsible contributor to the U.S.-led international order. Today there is a bipartisan consensus that the Chinese Communist Party is the greatest external threat to American security, but much of Washington was slow to accept it. As President Trump’s senior director for Asia, then deputy national security adviser, Mr. Pottinger urged them along. …

The U.S., he says, also needs a show of strength and determination: “What we have to do is double our defense spending immediately. We’re still spending about half of what we spent as a percentage of GDP during the Reagan administration, and the Reagan administration wasn’t even the peak of our Cold War spending.” Can the U.S. afford a $1.5 trillion Pentagon budget? “Our defense expenditures are minor in comparison to our entitlement programs. Universal healthcare is an amazing thing, but it’s not going to save Europe and Taiwan or, in the end, our own national security and way of life.”

Are you ready to suit up to defend the Free World?

Are you ready to accept doubling defense spending and your own impoverishment?

What the hell is the Free World these days? Is that Justin Trudeau’s Canada? Is that Australia which puts its own citizens in concentration camps? Is that Austria which forces its own citizens to take the COVID vaccine? Is that Greece which bans political parties or Germany which is a full blown totalitarian police state? Is that the UK where people are arrested and charged with hate crimes for homophobic tweets? Is that Ukraine where Zelensky has banned his political opposition and shut down their media?

In every single Western country, the true threat to our liberty comes from within, not from Russia or China. It comes from the professional class which now wields absolute arbitrary and despotic power over everyone else. There is no grand ideological struggle between Democracy and Autocracy. As we have repeatedly seen, Western governments and corporations can be as autocratic as anything seen in Russia or China. In what universe is Russia an autocratic country while Germany is a free democratic country?

America’s true form of government is managerial oligarchy. Americans don’t have any democratic input over our foreign policy. Unaccountable elites and bureaucrats who have spent decades squandering our wealth in destructive unnecessary wars all over Eurasia make all those calls and the media manufactures consent for them. There is no democratic choice involved. Presidents come and go and our foreign policy largely remains the same. NATO expanded under Trump into Montenegro and North Macedonia. Both Republican and Democratic elites agree it is vital to plunge into this vortex of war in Ukraine.

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  1. At this point I would rather have the Chinaman in charge, that air headed front hole interviewing the Chinese ambassador is a disgrace to humanity.The Gay American Zionist Empire must perish in order for humanity to survive. I’m done with the American people, they are beyond redemption!!!!

  2. The U.S. “news” media disinforms you, making you think that maybe China does not really support Russia’s police action in Khazarkraine. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Chinese officials are typically very cautious and reserved, so they don’t express it, but ordinary Chinese people on the street and in Chjnese social media say that they KNOW China stands fully with Russia, and Chinese people are overwhelmingly and enthusiastically supportive of Putin’s entirely defensive, precisely targeted police action in Khazarkraine. Chinese social media is filled with jokes about the U.S. and its ridiculous propaganda lying machine now. The Chinese people are very well informed about the U.S.’s proxy war against Russia in Khazarkraine, and about similar operations that failed recently in Kazakhstan, Belarus and the Caucasus.

    In Russia, Putin has excellent confidence of the people and at least three-quarters say they fully support the police action in Khazarkraine, in spite of the extreme efforts by the U.S. to disinform them using the most advanced and powerful propaganda machine in human history, and the U.S.’s large “fifth column” in Russia.

    This final stage of the century-long cold war (with a brief World War Two intermission) will be different. Russia and China have already learned their lessons – under Gorbachev and Yeltsin, the traitors who destroyed the USSR, and under Deng Xiaoping who ended the cultural revolution and introduced China to capitalism (“Everyone get rich”) – and they won’t be so easily fooled again. The NEW Cold War will be different.

  3. China’s economy already passed America’s years ago in anything that matters. And demographic trends ensure that the gap will only widen in coming years.

  4. No one is forced to join NATO. They join freely, because they want protection from Russia.

    Varg just got declared enemy of the state, by the Nazis of Ukraine.

    “”Our” leaders are actively trying to DESTROY our nations, and we are called “extremists” if we object, even if we only carefully try to object politely to it
    If you ever DARE to point at the over-representation of ((a certain group)) in the destructive work your career is OVER!””

    Varg was calling for the destruction of our civilization about a day or three ago. After the destruction, we would build back better, he said.

    If you criticize Jews in Russia or deny the holocaust, you are in big trouble. They have strict antisemitism laws in Russia, because Putin loves the Jews most of all.

    Russia is a multi-racial country. Putin jailed all of Russia’s white nationalist types.

    Varg supports Russia against the country he is from.

    So with gay NATO gone, Russia invades Europe. Your country is wrecked, and you are homeless, starving, and freezing in the winter. You have stricter Russian style antisemitism laws. You have stricter laws jailing white nationalist types. You have no free speech. Only Putin has free speech.

    How is this better? Am I missing something? Please explain, traitors.

    • I’m not a Russian.

      I’m not a Ukrainian.

      I’m not a European.

      Why can’t they sort out their own problems? Why is the status of Donbas the problem of people who live 5,500 miles away in the American South?

      NATO expansion into Ukraine and places like the Baltic states doesn’t make us more safe. It emboldens those states to pick fights with Russia over places like Crimea and Donbas that have nothing to do with us here. It gives them a blank check like Poland in World War II.

      • You are a European, though. That is how the jews think. That is why they win, and why Europeans lose.

    • Go back to your Hasbara cell, Schlomo. In Russia, they are building a new church each day on average. In the west they’re being burned down, converted to mosques or witches’ covens. The “holocaust denial” law in Russian primarily applies to those who deny the Nazi invasion of Russia. Anti-racism laws there are applied to those to direct racist attacks upon Russians as well as others. Both laws are leftovers from the Yeltsin era, by the way. Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together is freely available there while it is effectively censored in the USSA thanks to Jew-owned media. If Russia is only 25% Christian then the so-called “free world” is less than 2% Christian. If you’re a non-Jew you are in fact the traitor because you support Globopedo. NATO is just muscle to impose Globopedo upon any polity stupid enough to join it in fear of monsters beneath the bed. Globopedo, and all who support it, deserve total destruction.

  5. The Cold War was fake and gay. The Soviets didn’t like that Jews were now loyal to Israel over Bolshevism. Basically an internal power struggle. The reality is the same bankers controlled both sides.

    • Stalin, who was like an Al Capone on Steroids, vastly reduced Jewish power in the USSR – despite having married one of them. It increased for a while after his death during the Krushchev reign, but decreased again after the latter’s overthrow by Brezhnev. That’s when you saw the birth of the Neo-Klowns in the west and the “refuseniks” in the USSR, along with the Israeli pivot to the Murrika. It was very stupid of the Brezhnev regime to force them to remain in USSR, they should have been sent packing to Israel.

  6. This may be the second cold war but it is more dangerous because of the incompetency now running this nation.

    • It’s only going to get worse. Can you imagine a Brazilified USA with nukes?

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