Zelensky Addresses Israeli Knesset

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has pleaded with Zelensky to compromise with Putin to end the war, but he insists on fighting over Crimea and Donbas and is trying to drag everyone else into it.


  1. Israel is being coy and pretending to mediate, but be sure it is fully supporting “The Crimea Project” that was stopped by Stalin. The real holocaust happening in Khazarkraine is not “Putin’s” (Russia’s) purely defensive, precisely-targeted police action, but the ongoing ethnic cleansing (or genocide) of the majority Russian-speaking population, using the Ukrainian-speaking Galician minority propagandized to hate Russians, to clear the land to establish another Talmudic homeland that was “promised” long ago.

  2. Germany’s refusal to pay Jewish usury was the real Holocaust so yes, Shlomensky is correct or will be soon.

  3. When the Special Operation started, I heard a rumor that Zelinsky & entourage had fled to Poland, precisely, the US Consulate in Krakow. The longer this thing has gone on, especially after that farce of a meeting with NATO/EU pol’s in “Kyiv” (lol!)…the more I’m coming to believe that rumor.

  4. Gotta say that E Michael Jones has been spot on with his recent videos and writing about the Holocaust narrative – from “Honk Honk” means Hiel Hitler” to Ukraine.

  5. When you can’t sell a war bring up the holohoax to guilt the masses and the politicians. The jews are experts at using the holohoax to their advantage and the goys always fall for it.

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