Chris Hayes: Putin’s War Is The First Conflict In a New Global Era

We don’t see it that way.

Allow me to explain our point of view on Ukraine.

1. First, Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe. Zelensky is the puppet of the notorious Switzerland-based Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. It was Kolomoisky who owned the television channel that produced the series “Servant of the People.” Zelensky was cast as the star of the show which revolved around a school teacher who called out corruption and who became president of Ukraine. The show was about joining the European Union and NATO. It was sort of a fairy tale that was sold to Ukrainians. In the show, Kyiv/Kiev has become a wealthy, futuristic European city by the year 2049.

In 2018, Kolomoisky started the “Servant of the People” party. Zelensky ran as its candidate and became president after winning the 2019 election. After Kolomoisky’s puppet Zelensky became president of Ukraine, he installed a bunch of his Jewish allies in power in Zelensky’s cabinet. What’s more, it is also Kolomoisky who financed the creation of a spider’s web of Neo-Nazi militias across Ukraine, most famously the Azov Battalion which just got slaughtered by the Russians in Mariupol.

Kolomoisky’s spider’s web of influence in Ukraine extends to the United States and other NATO countries like Poland. Hunter Biden sat on the board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings where he earned $50,000 a month for doing nothing. Who controls Burisma? None other than Igor Kolomoisky. It also wasn’t just Hunter Biden who had these sweetheart deals with shady Ukrainian companies owned or controlled by Igor Kolomoisky. It was all kinds of powerful people in the West.

Ukraine under Kolomoisky’s puppet Zelensky is like ZOG on steroids. Zelensky has outright banned opposition media. He has banned opposition parties. He was doing this long before the Russian invasion. He was also waging a war with Russia in Donbas that was backed by the United States.

2. Second, the United States isn’t a “liberal democracy” either, nor are many of our NATO allies. There is no free speech in countries like the UK, Canada and Germany. Germany is a totalitarian police state. Greece and Belgium ban political parties. The United States is more accurately described as a managerial oligarchy where politicians are bought, sold and traded by Jewish oligarchs in much the same way as in Ukraine where it is done more brazenly. American foreign policy has nothing to do with “democracy.” It is controlled by billionaires, unelected bureaucrats and powerful interest groups like the military-industrial complex.

3. Third, it is worth observing here how so many of the key players in Ukraine – Zelensky the puppet, Zelensky’s cabinet, Kolomoisky the puppet master, George Soros, BHL, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland – ALL OF THEM are Jewish.

Sorry, I don’t buy this nonsense that Ukraine is some kind of grand ideological struggle between Liberal Democracy and Autocracy. The history of Ukraine for the last thirty years has been synonymous with corruption and sex trafficking and being looted by gangsters like Igor Kolomoisky. That’s what Kolomoisky is … a Jewish gangster like Meyer Lansky or Arthur Rothstein.

Note: There are people like Professor Cohen who were on the other side of this issue. We recognize this. It doesn’t change the fact that the Kolomoiskys of the world have plundered Ukraine.


  1. The first conflict in the “New Era” was Charlottesville. Now Shlomo wants to deplatform all of Russia.

  2. Unfortunately this is first war. Jews and communists must be routed out from everywhere and they do not go voluntarily. Of course when USD loses it’s position, then Jews lose xapability to finance hatred but some sort of war like thing is unavoidable.

  3. He isn’t exactly wrong. It is the beginning of the end of his world. The civilized world (led by China) vs the uncivilized horde ruling over the decaying corpse of the West.

  4. Chris Hayes doesn’t care about democracy.

    His idea of Democracy is this:import the highly racialized Democratic Party Voting Bloc from China and India……..

    Chinese and Hindu Legal immigrants produce a Chinese geneline and Hindu geneline on US Soil……Chinese “Americans”……….

    And Hindu “Americans” racially nullify the Native White American Working Class Vote in the voting booth on Nov 3 2024…

    Liberal Democracy=Totalitarian Homosexual Pederast Rule backed up with thermonuclear weapons….

  5. There is no such thing is Jewish morality. There is no right and wrong to them only what is good for the Jew and what is not good for the Jew. Ditto the Irish, right Jerry?

  6. This has to be the goofiest timeline ever.

    The narrative shifts are indicative of people who’ve completely lost it. Dangerous people who have decided to fight to the bitter end to prevent the inevitable. The good times are over for these “powerbrokers”, “kingmakers” and “middlemen.”

    It’s over. Let normal people live their lives in peace.

  7. I’m afraid our government is encouraging Zelensky to keep fighting, and the talk about a truce is just a delay tactic while new arm shipments are snuck in.

    So unless he is completely cornered and out of options, he has the hope of resupplies from the West. Not to mention, the human cost. It’s just Slavs and not his fellow precious Jews he’s sending to their deaths, and the dislocation of millions from their homes.

    On top of that, will he go down with his ship? Is he even in-country? If his own skin will be safe in the West or Israel in any outcome, that’s another disincentive to compromise.

    • ZOG is just rubbing its dirty claws at the prospect of maximum casualties. This is a proxy war to weaken Russia and keep Europe in the globohomo embrace. Germany cut off from Russian gas, and American producers winning bigly at everyone else’s expense. Whites killing each other, once again. America most certainly is at war with Russia in its backhanded way, and Putin can’t do anything about it besides winning quickly, or lighting the world on fire. Winning quickly is already off the table.

  8. If Hayes was honest he would say Biden’s war. He started it by pushing Russia into a corner by putting another NATO country on his border.

  9. Putin is not squashing the forces of freedom and democracy. He is chasing the moneychangers out of the temple…for his and Russia’s own benefit, of course.

  10. Remember Rick Wiles and his segment in November 2019 on the Trump Impeachment “Jew Coup?” As Rick said, Ukraine is “infested with Jews.”

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