Joe Biden Agrees To Accept 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees

What’s the big deal about taking in 100,000 Ukrainian refugees?

We already have at least that many illegal aliens flooding across our nonexistent border every month. At least these people are White Christians. We kind of owe them this for allowing Lindsey Graham & Co. to destroy their country. Soon, there will be nothing but illegal aliens and refugees here.

Seriously though, if this feels like déjà vu, it is because the same people are in charge. The same policies are constantly creating new refugee crises. The same people who wrecked Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya and who create these war zones always import refugees from their conflicts. The same jingos like Sean Hannity who sold these wars to us and who spent months on his show saying that we should reinvade Afghanistan because our “allies” had been left behind and we couldn’t get out until every last one of them was brought here repeat the cycle over and over again.

Los Angeles has its Vietnamese refugees. Minneapolis has its Somalis. Nashville has its Kurds. St. Louis has its Bosnians. Afghans are being resettled in key swing states like Wisconsin and Michigan to change the demographics of the local population. You’re a xenophobic bigot for noticing.

Note: The humanitarian thing to do would be to stop electing people like Ben Sasse and Lindsey Graham. If it were not for them, we could stay out of these wars, fix the border and avoid endless refugee crises.


  1. It will be many times more than that from brown countries soon. Even president Brandon is admitting that food shortages will happen, which means millions from food insecure countries fleeing to food secure countries. The joys of the America-led rules-based international democracy order.

  2. “At least these people are White Christians“

    Don’t be naive, they are already calling African migrants to Europe “Ukrainians” to get reluctant officials to except them based on war sympathy.

    A significant proportion of these “war refugees” will be non-white

    • The US is getting the new fangled Ukrainians: Somali-Ukrainians, Ugandan-Ukrainians, Nigerian-Ukrainians, Pakistani-Ukrainians. The overlords are not getting to lose a chance to continue stepping on Whitey.

      (I don’t even want white Ukrainian refugees. The needs of our own people are being neglected, and these people are going to be moved to the front of the queue.)

    • @Cornpop my buddy is a nationalist in Ireland who tells me the country has even more drastically changed politically and socially than the United States. We atleast could see this coming over the past few decades but there it was overnight. Abortionists, immigrant activists and trannies just showed up in force within the past few years. They just got their Ukranian migrants.

      More than half were blacker than coal with families bigger than eight people. The US will do the same aiming for mostly Africans and activist gays coming here using the excuse of Ukraine

  3. The US is full as people say. Exactly right. Illegal Immigrants included. However I really have no problem with people from say the Ukraine and other White Nations coming here if they benefit our country. Still the problem remains…..the country is full of people. When the rich see a piece of dirt…they wanna sell it. Never ending cycle. It’s only a matter of time before the US runs out of farmland and America runs out of food. Sounds extreme but it’s only a matter of time. We can only have so much population before Freedom, Privacy, and Security is long gone. Take a look at every City and Town in America and you’ll sure figure it out. Deo Vindice !

  4. I’m sure the Left will be opposed to these particular refugees if they’re mostly white. They only want incompatible low IQ welfare leeches. I’m yet to hear a leftist speak out for more Ukrainian intakes. They’re not brown enough.

  5. I’m sure priority will be given to homosexuals, Jews, and African “students” who had allegedly been in the Ukraine.

  6. Khazarkraine was pretty diverse. Even the Nazis are diverse, including Orthodox Jewish Nazis who said they never had a problem with the anti-Semitic Gentile Nazis. All the Khazarkrainian Zio-Nazis regardless of race or religion are united in hatred for Russians.

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