Justin Trudeau Ridiculed After Slamming Putin’s Authoritarianism

In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, “liberal democracy” is a code word for the neoliberal professional class wielding absolute, arbitrary, unconstitutional, despotic power over everyone who doesn’t toe the line of the establishment. Trudeau’s politically correct dictatorship is anti-White and anti-Christian. Trudeau is the pretty boy face of progressive autocracy in North America.


  1. FYI the EU parliament is for Democracy theater. The unelected Commission holds all the power.

    • Indeed. Like the Poliburo (power) as opposed to the Supreme Soviet (theater). That’s why I refer to it as the EUSSR – the structure is nearly identical. The “member states” are no more independent of Brussels than the 15 Soviet Socialist Republics were independent of Moscow. Retarded ‘conservatives’ who act as if Poland and Hungary are somehow truly independent are clueless. They handed over sovereignty when they joined EUSSR and NATO. Elections in EUSSR are a sham, same as in USSA.

      In the USSA the congress and president combined are the theater, while real power is wielded by an invisible politboro who orders actions of theater, the military and appointed judiciary.

  2. Can’t believe these European parliament members are spreading disinformation and undermining our democracy like this.

  3. What a woman. A modern German with balls er I mean conviction, I like her. It will be a cold day in hell hearing an American politician talk this way.

  4. Do these people actually think the people are that stupid? I guess so because they have no shame in their hypocrisy when they violate the rights of their own citizens.

    • Jews and communists have used their attrition tactics with Big Lie all the time. They lie 24/7 until normal people get bored and exhausted and quit arguing. Then the Big Lie becomes common truth. Patience is the key for spreading lies.

      Once I fought with communist online, I put 42 times link to the souce. Communist deleted my comment 42 times and kept lamenting that I do not have sources. I needed to go out and quit commenting. Online communist won.

      Uncle Whitacker with his mantra was genius. Take something and hammer it until it becomes general knowledge.

      • @juri debating online is like pissing in the wind. All that effort you put in would have been better spent flicking yourself in the balls. I dont say this as an insult to you my friend just as a learned experience years ago. Social media is the biggest waste of time that exists. Most people are either too dumb or too wrapped up in their own beliefs. The best you can hope for is an echo chamber.

        Things have changed a lot the past six or seven years

        • People with like ideas and world views like to communicate. That’s all it is, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

      • Only a very small handful of people using Whitaker’s mantra yet still able to hammer Anti-White and White Genocide into our vocabulary. This despite endless censorship, defamation and threats of violence.

      • @Juri:

        Thank you for sharing your very concise, well-illustrated example showing how the Big Lie keeps its staying power. The patience and persistence of the liars promoting it.

        Or the saying attributed to Mark Twain, “Never argue with an idiot; he will only wear you down to his level and beat you with experience.”

        The best thing White Advocates can do is quietly show what liars the Usual Suspects are by ignoring them and doing the exact opposite of the agenda the liars are attempting to impose.

        They advise you to indebt your children by getting them into college or putting life and limb on the line for veteran’s college benefits?!

        Encourage them to get a skilled trade instead. The more the better.

        There are so many alternatives to arguing with or wasting time researching the Big Lie to provide evidence to expose it. All your arguments and research will be memory-holed by the liars who control the media.

        Again, thanks.

    • Yes they do, and they are correct for a significant percentile of the population. They have controlled public education for at least 70 years now (100 years in large cities), which – along with Jew-owned media and ‘entertainment’ – have literally stupefied large masses of whites. Driving down by largely white suburban street, I see quite a few Country 404 flags. Most of these idiots could not find the place on a map. They’re literally as dumb as a herd of sheep, which is of course literally how the (((overlords))) view them.

      Stalin was correct when he noted that

      Education is a weapon whose results depend upon who aims it and at whom it is aimed.

      It should be fairly obvious by now (((who))) has this weapon aimed at whom. To paraphrase the old Gary Larson cartoon with two deer (one with a target on its chest): Wow, that’s a bummer of a birthmark, whitey!

  5. LOL

    Yeah, the EU is a paragon of ‘democracy’ and an example to all of how things ought to be — it was so great the UK decided to get the hell out.

    Mehr als 100 Hausdurchsuchungen wegen „Hass im Netz“

    Recently in DE, the homes of more than 100 people were raided by police; their electronic devices were confiscated — their ‘crime’? — insulting a politician — in DE, it is basically illegal now to insult a politician — if you do, and it is reported to the police, especially by the politician, the police will follow-up, and that often includes raiding your home and taking your computer, laptop, phone etc in order to secure evidence — some people may think this is a joke, but I assure it is not (‘Den Tatverdächtigen wird nicht nur, aber schwerpunktmäßig, vorgeworfen, Politiker verunglimpft zu haben’).

    Of course it’s well known that in almost every country in the EU you can and will go to jail for questioning the ‘Holocaust’.

    Current president of the European Commission is Ursula von der Leyen, who was pushed aside after being an abysmal, corrupt failure as Germany’s Defense Minister (link) — but since politicians never pay a price for their incompetence, she was shoehorned into the EU job by Merkel (because it contributes the most to the EU budget, Germany often has de facto say-so about such personnel decisions).

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