Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed To Supreme Court

I don’t really care about this.

This was one of my easiest 2022 predictions.

Sure enough, Joe Biden nominated a black woman, there were charges of “racism” in the confirmation hearings and Ketanji Brown Jackson was unable to define a “woman.” The votes were always there. The only surprise in the whole affair was that Biden didn’t pick Michelle Childs.

Note: The war in Ukraine actually came as a surprise and will have massive unforeseen consequences. I’ve spent a lot more time on it because it is more interesting. I thought it was going to eventually happen at some point like China taking Taiwan, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.


  1. When the names of your Nation’s leaders are the same as a basketball team in Detroit or similar, you can rest assured we are close to the end of the Republic.

    “ Ketanji, Kamala, Barack, etc”

    We really should have picked our own cotton.

    What will be interesting for our children and grandchildren in the coming decades is once they’re a minority, will they assimilate into the dominant black culture. (Rhetorical question.) Just look at any whites in a majority black area or school for the answer.

    • nigger loving is far and beyond whatever I could have thought it meant long ago. As dysfunctional and violent as these black retards are, Whites are so dumbed down they can’t see it. Just today my wife commented with disgust two young white guys in a pick up shucking and jiving to rap. How disgusting can you get? THEY ARE gonna get what they deserve!

      • “wife commented with disgust two young white guys in a pick up shucking and jiving to rap.”

        Another one of a billion examples of the awesome power of media.
        America didn’t start its precipitous decline until the widespread adoption of TV.

        Again, our desperate need of WHITE media.

        • @BROWNSHIT You are really a fucking idiot. Your repeated namecalling and insults proves without a doubt, that there’s something wrong with you. YOU are a troll. “Idiot” is a far too gentle term for you. You should aspire to work hard enough to become an idiot, you asshole. To point out that you’re stupid, which anyone who reads your comments already knows is far too generous an observation. In fact, considering the high level of your ignorance and confusion, I’m sure you consider being called stupid, a compliment. But, it is quite clear, mere stupidity is a level that you will never reach.

    • “our children and grandchildren in the coming decades is once they’re a minority, will they assimilate into the dominant black culture.”

      The fortunate will immigrate.
      The unfortunate will struggle to subsist.

  2. Whether the appointed judge is black, white, brown or yellow, they won’t be on the same page as the common man. They’ll fall short of expectations. They’re never in tune with public sentiment, and are rarely held accountable. It’s a waste of time even covering this.

  3. >I don’t really care about this.

    You should, if only out of concern for all the white people who explicitly weren’t considered, and how this is representative of what goes on throughout the country (affirmative action), adversely affecting the lives of many Whites in contexts that get very little or no attention.

    Whites have been conditioned not to care about other Whites, while group identity in other races is encouraged and promoted.

    Not caring is one of the main reasons Whites are in their current predicament.

    The Republicans should have boycotted her entire nomination out of principle, which may have been enough to kill it — if not, then out of the same principle they should have voted as a bloc against her.

    Instead their stand on principle consisted of promising to give her fair consideration (despite the gross unfairness of the way she was selected), and then three of them voted to confirm her, joining Democrats who voted for her as a bloc — the principled losers spent the hearings looking for dumb gotchas, which everyone knew was not going to cause a single Democrat to vote against her, no matter what they found.

    • If the three who were permitted to voted for her (yes they all wanted to) had been neutralized in some way, TPTB would have found another three or four to cast the votes for her (Lady G and Mr. Tim, Mitch the Bitch, McCarthy just for starters) – und so weiter. There is not a damned thing any of us can do about it. Voting moar harder does not work – since (((they))) choose who will be allowed to run. As has been noted countless times, the GOP is a totally fake-and-gay opposition party. It wouldn’t matter even if the Gay Old Pedos had a 2/3 majority. They would have still approved someone picked by “Biden” – even if it was a genuine white female. Nobody unapproved by the usual suspects even gets to the short list regardless of who is nominal president.

      Only when the empire collapses completely – and all the EBT, Section Ape, SS, SNAP, etc. grind to a halt and all the police and military pensions plus all the 401Ks are sucked into the maw of Blackrock will things change – ugly reality will hit many across the face like a 2 x 4. As far as this monster sitting on the court, worse is better. Her outrageous arrogance, evil and stupidity will cause yet more who are presently refusing to wake up to do so. Maybe she’ll be blinded enough by her insane ideology that she’ll end up bankrupting Disney or another own-goal.

  4. Yeah, what could go wrong with faggots ,niggers feminists and race traitors in literally every position of power or influence in this corpse of a country…

  5. Brats are winning war against The Swamp. Brats destroyed Trump who was worse than Hitler and now every hand clapping Antifa want properly rewarded.

    The Swamp pushed brats against Trump supporters but looks like this attempt failed.

    In the 1930thies Soviet Union similar process happened. When Lenin old Bolsheviks finally understood what is going on, they made desperate attempts to direct young brats like Yezhov elsewhere but Soviet brats also kept focused.

    And Lenin and Trotsky and Yagoda and whole Jewry was wiped off.

  6. Affirmative action strikes again. Affirmative action is systemic racism against better-qualified White applicants. It’s a form of economic terrorism.

    • Since Supreme Court justices are now being picked for their physical appearance I propose we ONLY pick Conservative men (and I can define what a “man” is).

  7. If the system can control the supreme court of Pakistan (see what happened yesterday) where the legislature chanted “Death to America,” it can easily control the “homeland” supreme court. It also controls the so-called international courts. These courts are mere rubber stamps, not what we should be focusing on.

  8. These 9 people don’t decide anything.

    If you think they aren’t owned by the same people that own every other official of this corrupt swamp state, ur kidding yourself.

    This is bread and circuses

  9. It’s good that this AA, semi-literate, fugly, dumb-as-a-stump, predator looking thing is now on the SCOTUS, it will further discredit one of the main institutions of the GloboHomo Pedo Empire. SCOTUS was already corrupt and anti-White and has been for decades so nothing is lost by appointing this Katanji thing to the Court. Now her native stupidity and incompetence will be on full display along with that other genius, Sonia “Wise Latina” Sotomayor.

    Worse is better so let all future appointments to FedGov be nothing but ugly, dumb minorities. The sooner this clown show of a country goes off the rails the better. You are not voting your way out of this anyway. Remember: “All Men are created Equal” just like the Bible says, doesn’t it?

    • But what will the consequences be for the world when this clown country with 4000 nukes goes off the rails?

      • Excellent and frightening question. I wish I knew the answer but national disintegration is in the cards now anyway. It’s the logical conclusion of the nation wrecking philosophy underlying U.S. politics and also driving ruling class thinking.

  10. She possessed the only 3 qualifications that matter to our Anti-White overlords: Leftist Black Woman.

  11. The days of the best qualified getting the job or position are long gone. We live in a brave new world. I thought I heard that somewhere before.

  12. The Supreme Court is a joke at this point. An actual ape could sit on the court and it would be all the same.

  13. Does anyone remember that Mitch McConnell teed this situation up in order to get Trump’s nominees through with just a majority vote. Was this the inevitable cost he was willing to accept ?

    • The alternative was confirming Merrick Garfinkle to the Supreme Court. All choices were bad, McConnell made the least bad choice.

    • There is not a single White Protestant male on the Supreme Court. I guess the aim isn’t numerical represenration.

  14. The Supreme Court should be abolished. Even among our set, very few question the concept of an “independent judiciary”. An “independent judiciary” has been empirically shown, both in the US and elsewhere, to be tantamount to a tyrannical judiciary that can override at will the acts of the executive and legislative branches. A belief that nine unelected lawyers in black dresses should have the final say on every matter is incompatible with a belief in a republican form of government. I am personally not a republican but a monarchist, but those who do profess a belief in republicanism beclown themselves if they support the kritarchy that rules the US.

    Having studied the history of the US and other republics, I believe any form of republic or democracy is unworkable and inevitably devolves into a cult of equality, such as the one we live under. The cult of equality might not include, at least initially, women and Negroes, but it will nevertheless breed chaos and corruption to the point of destroying any nation. The essential problem with a republic is that what belongs to all (or to many) in practice belongs to no one and, therefore, is not treated with zeal by anyone except a small number of fools, such as those who enlist to fight in the sandbox wars. By contrast a country with a monarchical regime does have an owner, the king. I submit we would be better off being ruled by a White Christian king—and I mean a real king, one with absolute powers—than by nine lawyers. The reason is simple: absolute monarchs tend to be conservative, while lawyers tend to be liberal.

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