1. At this point in my life I hope to live long enough to see a major secession organization arise dedicated to red state secession (and not just red states but red counties and red congressional district held hostage in liberal blue state America) and the formation of a White Heartland Republic. It is time to get off the USS Titanic before she drags us to the bottom with her!

  2. I hope to live long enough to see the war criminals responsible for dragging us into this mess publicly executed.

  3. Didn’t Scarborough murder his secretary/sexual assault victim? Just a coincidence a twenty something just dies in a congressional office under undisclosed circumstances. Maybe it’s leverage?

  4. I know I am just preaching to the “Southern choir” here but the South was taken captive (literally with bayonets, canister, etc) by a foreign nation the Yankee Empire about 160 years. The Yankee Empire was/is not/can never be a democratic institution but rather an “Orwellian” totalitarian dystopia as long as the South is being held as its abused and scorned prisoner.

    We, the South, need a secession party not just to secede from this godless institution but we need to take our case before the world courts and reprove this wicked Yankee Empire for all its war crimes perpetrated against the South in taking us captive and all the money they have illegally/unjustly taken (from the antebellum period to now) to enrich individual Yankees/carpetbaggers and the greater (in scope) North while impoverishing the South. Their whole “moral”/physical beat down/capture of the South justification was/is based on their false doctrine of abolition which is not found in the Holy Bible. If there are any reparations to be paid it is money to compensate for the stealing of the slaves of the white and free black slave owners in the South that had their slaves illegally/unconstitutionally stolen from them by the godless Yankee Empire that at that time was run by the man who was practically an atheist — Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln had no protection from God and was killed by a pro-South assassin before the war he started against the South was even over.

    I know Southerners are not Yankees so we tend to be independent minded but we do need to come together at least in mind/purpose in this crisis situation and work together to fight a common foe — this godless Yankee Empire — and be free from this satanic system that worships homosexuality, transgenderism, the right to murder unborn children, “their right” to destroy the history/heritage of the Southern people, etc at this present time. But really it can all be summed up in the fact that these godless Yankees and their followers worship SATAN THE DEVIL!!!

    Secede now and pray that God will spare us from the nukes and other weapons of mass destruction!

    May God Save the South!

  5. The unelected kike/billionaire/corporate globohomo rulers and their shitlib media whores must be butchered like hogs in the gutters. Nothing else will ever do. I yearn to hear them squeal & scream.

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