1. Can we get away from news reports where the reporter looks like he’s doing football X vs O play by plays in front of a screen, or a weather forecast? I don’t need him standing there and pointing at things that are in front of my face.

  2. Dude looks like he’s doing an X vs O play by play for a football game. Sleeves rolled up like he’s about to wash some dishes. Seriously this crap is so phony

  3. The poll shows how stupid and evil the U.S. population is. They are waging global hybrid war on most of the rest of the world, destroying many nations, but all they care about is keeping the prices of gasoline, cars, Walmart goods, and other things they selfishly want as low as possible while they rape and loot the world (using mostly proxies and financial sanctions). These polling results do not reveal a “Christian nation.” It is anti-Christ and not even a nation.

  4. Ppl think the economy is bad now, just wait.
    This national economy is so fragile that any measures to reduce inflation will plunge us into a severe recession. Any talk of “soft landing” is total gibberish.

    The days of deficit spending to stimulate business are over.
    Any attempt at such Keynesian tricks will cause inflationary chaos.

    Meanwhile, USZOG puts trillion plus into Black rock , so they can buy residential land, even trailer parks, driving up rents , making most Americans ‘rent slaves’.
    (See today’s NYT).

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