Pat Buchanan: Is Ukraine Worth Risking Nuclear War?

No, a thousand times.

Ukraine was part of Russia and the Soviet Union for 200 years of American history. It wasn’t our problem even in the Cold War.


“During the 70 years that the Soviet Union existed, Ukraine was an integral part of the nation. Yet this geographic and political reality posed no threat to the United States. A Russia and a Ukraine, both inside the USSR, was an accepted reality that was seen as no threat for the seven decades that they were united.

Yet, today, because of a month-old war between Russia and Ukraine, over who shall control Crimea, the Donbas, and the Black and Azov Sea coasts of Ukraine, America seems closer to a nuclear war than at any time since the Cuban missile crisis of 1962. Why? Time to step back and reflect on what is at stake.

Exactly what threat does Russia’s invasion of Ukraine present to us that is so grave we would consider military action that could lead to World War III and Russia’s use of battlefield nuclear weapons against us?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly hinted at the use of such weapons, should NATO intervene in the Ukraine war and Russia face defeat, or in the event of an “existential” threat to the Russian nation. …”


  1. The Democratic Party=The George Floyd Party=The Black Lives Matter Party….wants to exterminate Slavic Russian Men……….

    ……So the Negro Beast General Loyd Atkins can have his harem of blue-eyed Slavic Russian Women……..just like the serial rapist from Hot Springs Arkansas…..Bill Clinton did during his Genocidal gang rape of Slavic Russia……

    America will be nuked and blacktopped if it continues to existentially threaten Slavic Christian Russia…

  2. Why have the Israelis bought so much land in southern Patagonia (in both Argentina and Chile) at the tip of South America, which is as far away as it is possible to be (except for Antarctica) from the spread of radioactive fallout after the coming nuclear war? I think I just answered my own question.

  3. Isn’t it pretty Orwellian that the federal government has taken every action other than emotion controlled peaceful diplomacy. Are they still running the 2 minutes hate stories against Russians in general like they’re all in on the war in Eurasia? Putin is a Hitler we were always at war with, how is that not obvious?

  4. The oligarchs that are running this nation into the ground today are far more dangerous and corrupt than their counterparts in the 60s. The politicians in the 60s thought more of the people and the consequences.

  5. Russia would not exist if it wasn’t for America. In WW2, the American government’s Lend Lease program saved Russia from annihilation by the Nazis. Therefore Russia is not a real country.

    I’m using Russian style argumentation against Russian existence instead of against Ukraine. Do you think I will convince the Russians they have no right to exist?

    Putin is not going to end Russia over Ukraine, because if he uses just one nuke, he, his family, his friends, and Russia will be incinerated shortly thereafter. Using a nuke is like trying to win an argument with your wife, by bashing her. She will call the cops, and your life will be ruined.

    Russia is the biggest country in the world, and has a massive store of natural resources. Why did Putin discredit nationalism, by invading a small country, trying to get even more land? The one thing Russia has no shortage of is land.

    Adding a destroyed country to Russia’s collection, will not make Russia any less poor and dysfunctional. Putin has made things much worse for Russia. Russia has been under very bad management for a long time. For all the natural wealth they have, lots of clever white people, a dictatorial government without wacky democracy holding it back, they should be very rich by now. What has Putin been doing all these years?

    Another question. What is in Ukraine that the West and Putin want it so badly? I don’t want to hear intellectual drivel about conservatism vs liberalism. There must be something very valuable under the soil in Ukraine.

  6. “Ukraine was part of Russia and the Soviet Union for 200 years of American history”:

    It was a very small part of the Tsarist empire, and it was not called Ukraine, which simply meant “borderlands” in Russian. And the term “Ukrainian,” up to WW1, meant a separatist anti-Russian rebel from the borderlands otherwise known as Galicia. Not all Galicians were anti-Russian however. Even today there is a lot of Galician Russo-philia, Orthodox brother Slavs trapped behind the Uniate (Catholic) crusader lines.

    One of the greatest mistakes of the Bolsheviks in setting up the Soviet Union was being too generous to neighboring non-Russian ethnicities, making some of the non-Russian ethnic soviet socialist republics including the Ukrainian SSR and the Kazakhian SSR much too large, giving them large historically Russian areas with ethnic Russian majorities, and also subsidizing them at the expense of Russia itself. This was an “export-the-revolution” Trotskyite policy that “in one country” Stalin, despite being a non-Russian (Georgian) himself, did whatever he could to minimize the damage of. He put an end to The Crimea Project.

  7. Lets talk brass tacks. What is under the soil in Ukraine that Putin is willing to risk nuclear war for?

    Would it be better for our country to have access to it, or better for Putin to have it, and hold it over our heads, if we don’t do what he wants?

    Putin hasn’t done much good for Russia. Russia is very poor and militarily weak for its size and resources. If for example, someone like Elon Musk had dictatorial control over a country as big as Russia, for as long as Putin has, Russia would be colonizing Mars by now.

    Putin has made a very strong argument against Christian civic nationalist dictatorship, based on Russia’s very poor performance under his rule.

  8. (((Neocons))) don’t particularly like Americans anyway, and their hatred of Russian Orthodox Christian culture is beyond hysterics, so a nuclear exchange is certainty worth it to (((them))).

  9. It’s about maintaining the Petro$. Our Satanic overlords would sacrifice all of us to maintain it.

  10. Did you know? Chris Hedges has been erased from YouTube. All eight years of his videos are gone, not because of any comments he made about Russia (not even one of the videos that were removed dealt with Russia or Khazarkraine) but because he might have made such comments very soon. He had long since been blacklisted for being critical of U.S. imperialism in general, and for supporting the very mild BDS movement against the Israeli genocide of indigenous Palestinians. In my opinion, Hedges is/was not very useful, only a little better than Chomsky who I never follow, but every loss or silencing of another independent journalist is sad.

    • This should not come as any sort of surprise. You-Tube is owned by (((them))) and funded with fake-money from the banking cartel. They will eventually purge all content that counters the official narrative.

    • People should be enraged over stuff like this, but most of them still parrot the lies that we are a free country.

  11. Yeah, but does Pat condemn his own blood for leading the push towards nuclear war? Does he step up and take responsibility for the actions of his own kind, the Irish and denounce and command his own kind to put a stop to this? Fat chance. They are not like us these Irish. The blood is more important than doing what is right, what is morally correct and what is need to protect the innocent. The Irish like the Jews are morally deficient. That Karen Dunn is really something ain’t she? And that Cardinal McCarrick well, let Banned4Life will tell you how great he is.

      • On his father’s side, Pat Buchanan’s ancestors came out of the Ulster plantation. From Northern Ireland “our branch of the family migrated to North Carolina in the late 700s, and from there moved on to the hill country of north Mississippi,” he writes in his autobiography Right from the Beginning.

        It is good to know you are such a reliable sources there Stephen. Why is it the Irish will not condemn sin amongst their own? Is a sin not a sin and not worthy of condemnation if ones own kind commits it? And who are the Irish loyal too, Christ or Moshiach? That Uncle Ted is really something ain’t he Mick?

        • That’s interesting that he is both Catholic and Ulster, or says he is. Anyway he is definitely Catholic. I never looked at his biography since I don’t even read his material.

          • In 1992, after David Duke dropped out of the retardican presidential primaries, I worked inside the Buchanan campaign. While I would have preferred Duke to be the stronger candidate to to primary Bush Jr, but it wasn’t to be.

            Presbyterian sabbos goyZion Don Judas Trump stole Buchanan’s nationalist platform from 1992 and 1996, and rode it to the White House with his zio-koshervatives and jared kushner.

            There are a myriad of policy and ideological differences I have with PJB, but he would have been the most pro-European American president since Andrew Jackson.

            by the way, Buchanan is half German, so Celtic haters on OD can gargle my cajones.

    • Ireland may be joining NATO soon, and it is already supporting the war in Khazakraine against Russia. The only five socialist members (out of 160) of the Irish parliament have introduced a bill to enforce neutrality and stop joining NATO, but it is not likely to pass.

  12. The Ukraine war is reviving old Eastern Europe ethnic blood feuds more broadly, feuds which the commies had kept a lid upon

    The formerly ‘anti-globohomo’ Visegrád 4 alliance is imploding, as fiercely anti-Russian Poland and Czechia, separate from more Russia-friendly Hungary, alongside also Serbia and Bulgaria

    Poland itself is de-stabilised with 10% of its population suddenly Ukrainian and foreign, new millions adding to the 1-2 million who had tricked in since 2015, the earlier group including many Ukrainian men:
    – Talk is of Ukrainian vs Polish street gangs forming and beginning to fight
    – Fear that Ukrainians accepting lower wages are taking Polish jobs, with stories that Poles are being fired by employers in order to profit from govt-EU ‘hire a Ukrainian’ bonuses
    – Memories being revived of 1940s deadly battles and massacres between Poles and Ukrainians, killing maybe 100,000+
    – Talk that Poles are cutting a deal with Putin to slice off Western Ukraine areas around Lviv that once were Polish
    – Whatever one thinks happened in WW2 Nazi camps in Eastern Europe, it’s fact that many guards in those Reich camps were Ukrainian
    – Poland as well now having large groups of Muslims and Africans who entered as ‘Ukrainian refugees’

    • Poland would like Kaliningrad, which was never Polish. Poland already has two-thirds of German East Prussia.

      There is more trouble being stirred in the Balkans, including sanctions, violence and threats against the Serbians who still remain inside the U.S.’s NATO satellite Bosnia-Herzegovina. The U.S. intends to destroy Serbia along with Russia.

    • The Poles are the niggers of Europe no matter what the Anglos say about the Irish.

      See Poles betrayal of the French in Haiti during the negro voodoo uprising.

  13. The psychopaths beating the drums for a direct confrontation with Russia would have been rapidly escorted to lunatic asylums during the Cold War. The usual suspects have never forgiven Russia for throwing off the Worker’s Paradise.

  14. America is indirectly involved in this war right now, if not ‘officially’. How is supplying the Ukrainians with everything they require NOT being involved?
    In any case I love the people on both sides of the conflict, but not their leadership. Zelensky is Jewish and Putin kisses Ching Chong butt. It’s a case of not who’s better, but who’s least worst.
    As a side note, where were all the feminists when Zelensky ordered all males between 18 and 60 to remain inside Ukraine to fight? Always silent just when they should speak.

  15. If a nuclear war should happen the USA would suffer far more than Russia. Russians can survive all kinds of hardships, whereas most Americans are way too soft and decadent. Plus we have 40 million Negroes to take care of. Russian minority groups such as the Chechens and Kazakhs are more than capable of taking care of themselves.

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