TAC: Liberalism’s Two-Front War

I distinctly remember this.

For years, I had been highly critical of Donald Trump and I refused to vote for him in the 2020 election, but Joe Biden wasted no time upon arriving in office in singling out and declaring war on “domestic extremism.” You can watch our coverage of Biden abruptly change in January 2021.

Do you remember 2021? I spent all of 2021 writing about Joe Biden’s assault on our civil liberties. I even created a new category to cover it. I also created a separate category to cover the escalation in censorship. The war against the internal enemy has been a major theme of the Biden administration. We were told every night for over a year that Trump’s base was the threat to “democracy.”

From my perspective, it seemed like the 1/6 coverage went on for a solid year and hit a crescendo in January on the first anniversary after the publication of Barton Gellman’s cover story in The Atlantic. We were on the verge of Civil War 2 and Joe Biden was standing in the breach against the “dagger” that was aimed at “the throat of democracy.” The peak was during the debate over the John Lewis Voting Rights Act when Joe Biden came down to the pariah state of Georgia, a place where “Jim Eagle” or “Jim Crow on steroids” is practiced, and attacked his domestic enemies who he accused of being enemies of democracy who are on the side of George Wallace, Bull Connor and Jefferson Davis.

As Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border in late January, the 1/6 hysteria on Twitter and MSNBC began to give way to renewed Russia hysteria. Jim Acosta had a show on CNN which we mocked called “Democracy in Peril.” During the transition, the national spotlight was on the campaign to get Spotify to cancel Joe Rogan and later the Canadian truckers in the Freedom Convoy.


“I will not yield. I will not flinch. I will defend the right to vote, our democracy, against all enemies both foreign, and yes, domestic.” This was President Biden in Georgia earlier this year promoting two voting-rights bills, which have now joined the graveyard of half-accomplishments and near-achievements that has come to characterize his administration. The speech presented the “insurrection” of January 6 as one of the “before and after” events in American history—in an American democracy healing from the trauma of having “a dagger held at its throat,” the battle lines between the allies and enemies of democracy have never been more stark.

The rhetorical thrust of Biden’s speech stems from his univocal use of the word “enemy.” The enemies of democracy do not differ in kind but only in number. There is no essential difference between the protesters who entered the capitol on January 6, the authoritarian regimes in Moscow and Beijing, and the Republican state legislators aiming to curb voter fraud. Each is an example of the same enemy, separated only by time and space.

Biden’s speech is instructive in revealing how liberals perceive themselves in the post-Trump era. In the Year of Our Lord 2022, to be a liberal Democrat is to be conscious of yourself holding fast athwart the enemies of democracy. This posture is largely reactionary. As the right began to shift (at least ostensibly) from a fusionist conservatism to a post-liberal nationalism, the liberal-left responded by further entrenching itself as the party of the status quo. By placing themselves in polemical opposition to the domestic enemy (i.e., Trumpian nationalists), they have recommitted themselves to fighting liberalism’s enemies both at home and abroad. …”

It was Vladimir Putin, of course, who did all of this.

Putin forced American liberals to spend a whole year on the 1/6 witch hunt and branding their domestic opposition as enemies of democracy. He also caused inflation and high gas prices.

New York Times:

“Russia’s war on Ukraine has for the moment led many Republicans to rediscover their inner Cold Warriors. But pro-Putin sentiment — or, at least, anti-anti-Putin sentiment — remains strong on parts of the right. As NBC’s Ben Collins and Kevin Collier reported, “The biolab conspiracy theory has taken over as the prevailing narrative on pro-Trump and QAnon websites like The Great Awakening and Patriots.” …

The ability of Ukraine to elicit international solidarity has been among its most potent weapons in this war. Against it, Putin needs some solidarity of his own, and the natural place for him to look for it is among liberalism’s enemies. He is working to cultivate cynicism about Ukrainian heroism, and convince those alienated by Western culture to identify with Russia. If he’s going to visit further atrocities on the Ukrainians, it helps to have Americans claiming it’s their own fault.”

This is a war between “democracy” and “autocracy.”

This is what Joe Biden said in Poland to describe the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It was the exact same language which liberals had been using for months to describe their domestic opposition in the United States and to justify their persecution by the national security state. In fact, there was a seamless transition between Canadian finance minister Chrystia Freeland weaponizing the financial system to cancel the Canadian truckers and the use of the same methods to boot Russia out of the SWIFT system.

Vladimir Putin also didn’t restore the “Iron Curtain” in Russia. This was something fundamentally different. The whole herd of Western corporations stampeded out of Russia. McDonald’s left Russia, not because Putin kicked McDonald’s out of Russia, but because McDonald’s and other Western corporations joined forces to use their corporate power to punish Russia. The West has declared Total Economic War Against Russia (TEWAR). This is neoliberalism flexing on Russia, not Russia restoring communism.

Is it conceivable that such concentrated corporate power could be used by liberals to blacklist and punish Western dissidents? Could it be used to punish conservatives?

A year ago, the pariah state of Georgia found itself on the wrong side of “democracy” when the Georgia state legislature passed its election integrity law. The MLB All-Star Game was pushed out of Atlanta. There was relentless pressure put on Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines by liberals on Twitter to put their foot down and “do something” to show the Georgia state legislature who is boss.

Just so you understand, American liberals are “democracy” now. The term “democracy” doesn’t mean what you think it means. It has nothing to do with elections or the will of the people. Volodymyr Zelensky can shut down opposition media in Ukraine and ban his political opposition and be the second coming of Winston Churchill in the struggle between “democracy” and “autocracy.” When the CIA overthrew the government of Ukraine in a color revolution in 2014 and a mob seized power in Kyiv/Kiev, this was also “democracy.” When Joe Biden calls for regime change in Russia, this is also “democracy.”

We’ve had plenty of experience with “democracy.” The same people who say you have “no place” in American society stand for “democracy.” The term “democracy” is nothing more than a euphemism and a cloak for PMCs wielding absolute, despotic, unconstitutional power against all of the perceived enemies whether at home or abroad whether it was on COVID or through our foreign policy. Who voted to start a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine over Donbas? Was there ever a debate and a vote on any of that or did the CIA and the State Department and a bunch of senators just do it on their own?

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  1. The Democratic Party wants to crush all White Resistance to post-1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigration…..

    For The Democratic Party believes that the Chinese….Hindus….Sikhs….and Pakistani Muslims have a Constitutional right…….to vote the Historical Native Born White American Working Class Majority into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of “America”…

  2. The Democratic Party’s idea of Democracy is this:

    Hindu Legal Immigrants and their US Born Hindu Children have a Constitutional Right to racially nullify the Native White Vote in the the voting booth on Nov 3 2024….and beyond….

  3. ZOG/Globohomo wants Putin out and replaced with a liberal pro-West stooge like Navalny. Will they try to make this into a multifront war against Russia by stirring up trouble (again) in the Caucuses and Syria?

  4. In the Europe is the same. Jews and communists have difficulties to put down global uprising. First time in history entire world has united against common enemy. Putin is new attack word. If you don’t like communism, then you are Putin supporter.

    Good news is that magic words, Big Lie and screaming start losing their influence. Even in Europe magic words what once were career enders, have become common insults.

    Thanks to Trump who proved that magic words and media is not almighty so now lot of people and politicans dare to ignore or fight back.

  5. It’s always the same with people on the right. Refuse to vote for any politician who can actually win an election. In this case you refusing to vote for Trump. Right wingers can feel superior while neo communists laugh all the way to the white house, the SCOTUS, and every other seat of power.

    Perfection is never on the ballot. Unless you yourself are running, no candidate will ever think exactly like you. Stop with the childish protest votes. Oh well never mind. Its too late now anyway. We already virtue signaled our way to extinction.

    • Yeah, that would be because there isn’t a choice, especially on Russia-Ukraine where Trump simply went along with Lindsey Graham and the Republican senators who wanted to flood weapons into the country. There has been a constant escalation through the Obama, Trump and Biden presidencies.

      • I seem to remember a great deal of chaos and racial/political violence across the country when Trump was president. At one point that old orange fool was forced to hide out in the White House bunker, no different from Hitler in his bunker under the Reichschancellery. I have no desire to live through that again.

        • That was all done by the Dems/Deep State to get rid of Trump — you missed that? I don’t like him much but your comment is moronic and Biden is light years worse for everyone in the USA– to write that you are either a total partisan loon, ignorant or just a degenerate liar.

      • Why vote for the greater evil?

        Indeed. At least the D-jerseys carry their Hate YT flags openly. Kang Cyrus pretended to be our friends and proceeded to stab us in the back at every single opportunity on behalf of his devil-worshipping daughter and her lizard-mate.

    • The picture is getting clearer everyday ever since Trump left WH and Biden took over. If there is one good thing Trump did is this https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2022/03/the_hostile_takeover_of_the_republican_party_will_continue.html We are awake. and with Covid mess, gloves are coming off. Not just reality of uniparty, but also the reality of WEF.. Global fooking reset. We no longer believe this is some conspiracy. We see it for what it is. This is truly the fight between Good and Evil. https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/uncovering-the-corona-narrative?s=r

  6. “Democracy of the people,by the people” is also billionaires, elite Jewish law firms, and multinational corporations being used to relentlessly crush middle-class nobodies.

  7. The US has become a country for rich oligarchs that care nothing about life and liberty but money and money.

      • Not in the very beginning. It took a turn after the civil war and it got worse each decade after. The founding fathers never envisioned niggers and jews would have this much control over the majority. That is in big part because of the jews.

  8. OT


    Speaking of ‘liberal hysteria’, at the moment there is also some due to fear of what the Supreme Court may decide about abortion — here is a typical article about it:

    Colorado braces to become refuge for abortion access if ‘Roe’ is weakened

    Look at the people featured/pictured: Colorado Governor Jared Polis, a homosexual Jew (link) — Colorado Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, also a Jew (link) — and Majority Leader Daneya Esgar, a lesbian (link) — while the rest of us were busy doing productive work, these marginal freaks have captured political power and cultural influence in America — they now largely control/set the agendas, and backed by the media they posture as being ‘tolerant’ and having superior secular morals.

    Note this about Colorado:

    Colorado is one of the few states without any restrictions on when in pregnancy an abortion can occur …

  9. As soon as I read this part….

    “For years, I had been highly critical of Donald Trump and I refused to vote for him in the 2020 election, but Joe Biden wasted no time upon arriving in office in singling out and declaring war on “domestic extremism.”

    …it told me everything I need to know about you, that you’re going through life completely clueless while pretending to be a know-it-all. No need for you to change course now. Stupid people completely deserve to reap the rewards of their own stupidity. Just know I’m mocking you for whining about the consequences of your choices in life.

    • You must have missed the part where Trump caved to Lindsey Graham and armed Ukraine or when all the arrests of “extremists” of people like Jack Corbin actually began under the Trump DOJ. Obviously, you don’t see the continuity and the lack of any choice that I do. We have a different president, but the same policies.

      • Two possible differences: (1) If Killary had been elected instead of Trump, the U.S. would have gone full force against Russia in Khazarkraine four years sooner, and Russia was still too weak then and would surely have lost Crimea and the rest of southwest Russia. The unexpected Trump win confused the Neocons and temporarily removed Victoria Nudelman from her position of authority. (2) But if Trump had been elected in 2020 instead of Biden, the U.S. might not have withdrawn from Afghanistan. The withdrawal from Afghanistan is the great anomaly of the Biden presidency. (Of course I know was not a real withdrawal, just a strategic step back. I know the Empire will never cease trying to destroy, subdue and control Afghanistan or any other victim.

        • The only 3D chess motive I can see for the Afghanistan withdrawal would be to fund/train radical groups, like the so-called ISIS-K, and smuggle them into Xinjiang to commit terror attacks in China. Then when China responds to these attacks, use that as evidence of their “ethnic cleansing” in Xinjiang. American occupation and puppetization isn’t necessary for this plan, and might have actually made it more difficult.

          I do believe the American establishment was genuinely caught off guard by how quickly their puppet government fell, due to the general incompetence of the American military and intelligence leadership. The USA threw out any merit-based promotion long ago, and these leaders live inside an echo chamber of yes-men and fart sniffers, so they are just really out of touch with reality. They probably thought they would have more time to build up more ISIS-K or similar groups beforehand (assuming that is the 3D chess motive behind Afghanistan withdrawal).

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