Washington Examiner: Bad Blood and Clashing Interests Fuel Orban-Zelensky Feud

Supposedly, NATO was created to contain communism.

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and the communist threat no longer emanates from the Kremlin which has done a 180 in its official ideology. NATO, however, didn’t dissolve like the Warsaw Pact. It expanded to the south and east into a cauldron of long repressed and simmering nationalist conflicts. Russia isn’t the only country in the region with a complicated history with Ukraine.

Washington Examiner:

“The Hungarians have always resented [that at the end of the war] they lost two-thirds of their country,” former special envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker, an American diplomat whose career included a stop in Hungary, told the Washington Examiner. “Several million Hungarians were, all of the sudden, no longer living in Hungary — they were living in other countries. So that’s just a point of reference for Hungarian mindsets. They have, for the most part, reconciled themselves to the fact that — that’s life.” …

“There are about 130,000 ethnic Hungarians who live in the trans-Carpathian province of Ukraine,” Kent observed in 2019. “And ahead of next year, which is the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon, post-World War I, which resulted in more ethnic Hungarians living outside Hungary than inside, this issue of greater Hungary is at the top of Orban’s agenda.” …”

Is this our business and our problem?

Should Americans be ripping away Kosovo from Serbia?

Are Albanians the Autobots and Serbs the Decepticons in the Balkans?

How about the status of Transcarpathia? Does Transcarpathia belong to Hungary or Ukraine?

Is Crimea part of Russia or Ukraine? How about Donbas?

What about the Poles? Do the Poles have designs on Galicia?

If we are really going to go down this road again, does Northern Ireland belong to Ireland or the United Kingdom? What about western Poland? Are Pomerania, Silesia and East Prussia part of Poland or Germany? What the hell is Bosnia–Herzegovina? When are the Greeks getting Constantinople back?

In theory, Article V of NATO was intended to provide collective defense against Soviet aggression during the Cold War, but now it looks like it is most likely to get triggered over some purely regional ethnic conflict in eastern Europe of utterly no relevance to Americans.


  1. NATO was not created to contain communism. It was created to perpetuate American/British/Jewish dominance over Europe and to prevent nationalism in Europe.

    • The saying about NATO was: “To keep America in (in Europe), keep Germany down, and keep Russia out.”

      Socialist Russia was threatened existentially (in many ways, not only by NATO) and responded by signing the Warsaw Pact with a buffer of socialist satellites.

    • When NATO was formed after WWII its existence had credibility. Since the fall of the USSR, that’s no longer the case. NATO has been nothing but a positive evil for the past 30 years.

      • Not really. NATO was always anti-european, designed to destroy Europe. That’s why America used it to flood Germany with Turks as soon as they possibly could.

  2. The Southern states should send representatives to Russia, China and other associated Asian countries to make trade agreements with them on a whole range of items and cut this globo-homo-transo corruption led by the Ukraine-compromised Joe/Hunter Biden with their handlers regime in Washington out of the equation. Time to get states’-rights rolling again in prep for secession from this godless Yankee Empire who likes to kick their enemies down once they know they can’t fight back as they did to the South in Sherman’s war-crimes riddled rampaging romp through MS, GA and the Carolinas waging war on civilians at the end of Lincoln’s War to Prevent the Southern States from Leaving the Empire. Sherman especially enjoyed beating down SC since this sovereign state had the gall to be the 1st to leave the Empire and incur the wrath of all the Yankees up North. And about 80 years later they pulled the same stunt on Japan by dropping nukes on Japan targeting thousands of civilians at the very end of WWII. This final beat down of Japan as Sherman attacked SC, the 1st to leave the Empire was surely for Japan’s “surprise” attack at Pearl Harbor who were attacking the Yankee Empire bringing them into the war because of sanctions the Yankee Empire had imposed on them. Both cases involves cowardly attacks on civilians — the only “soldiers” Uncle Sambo (who is too scared to fight Russia because Russia might kick his transgender a**) feels safe in fighting because he knows they can’t fight back.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  3. Russia is the only hope to reclaim Orthodox Constantinople. However never rule out the second coming of the lord!

  4. There are no stable borders in Europe. Almost every country in Europe has a secessionist problem or unresolved border issues with its neighbors.

    • “Almost every country in Europe has a secessionist problem”:

      Even little Belgium has a north and south divide (religious and ethnic) and so does the Netherlands (mostly religious). Southern Germany has strong Catholicism. Some divisions are natural but others are entirely artificially created. Elitism and class inequality always did rule by dividing, while people fight each other for the scraps left over. Endless Balkanization and brother wars are possible when most people can be fooled by the clever propaganda.

  5. The US leaders should have said the same thing. We are Americans, not Russians or Ukrainians so leave us out of your troubles.

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