1. The Holy Irish Roman Catholic Kirby guy who is Biden’s sometimes spokesperson, does not have a clue. Kirby should stick with inserting his tongue up Irish assholes in Ireland. Holy Mary and St. Patrick too.

  2. If, and it’s a big if, this conflict is to settle some old scores, than these Whites killing other Whites over Hatfield and McCoy-esque generational feuding make them seem like a bunch of stupid niggers, the Ukrainians seem to be going full nigger with their brutal POW murders but I can’t confirm. If Ukrainians are really pissed about the Holodomor shit, the Soviet perps are probably long dead, it really comes off like mainstream niggerdom bitching about the Civil War I wished the South won from 200 years ago. Are Russians and Ukrainians like White niggers?

  3. A waste of time to watch. It is just another example of the Anglo-Zionist Khazarkrainian anti-Russia propaganda campaign using very subtly inaccurate maps and cherry-picked historical facts to “prove” that “Ukraine” existed long before Russia, is entirely different from Russia, and was always oppressed by Russia, and that Russia oppressed the Jews in Galicia, Odessa, Kiev and Crimea.

    The all-powerful and supreme Anglo-Zionist victors (up to now) get to write the history, for now….

    • For all its landmass, Russia has a lower GDP than several poor countries in Eastern Europe. Its reputation in the West has been trashed by Putin, so it won’t get economic help, or the technical help it needs to exploit its resources in the Artic, as long as he is ruler. Also, Islam will soon be the majority religion in Russia, which will hasten Russia’s decline into third worldism. So Russia won’t be writing history books, as most Russians will be illiterate Muslims in 100 years.

      • “Islam will soon be the majority religion in Russia”:

        That “Muslim demographic takeover” canard comes from the Talmudists. It is not true. Islam will never supercede Orthodoxy, which is growing in Russia. The two religions will continue to coexist in peace, as long as (((a third religion))) is not allowed to confuse, frighten and pit one against the other.

        “Islam (…) will hasten Russia’s decline (…) most Russians will be illiterate Muslims”:

        How about those “illiterate” Muslims in Iran who design and launch satellites into space, who rank among the world’s most brilliant and capable scientists, engineers, mathematicians, etc.? Ditto for the thousands of “illiterate Muslim” Pakistani, Syrian, Egyptian, Turkish and Iraqi geniuses and their real, undeniable accomplishments.

        Illiteracy is directly associated with class inequality worldwide, not with religion, although extreme superstition such as we find in Catholicism is harmful to learning and science.

        • Its just copying. They are riding on the coat tails of the Western university system. If they were cut off from that system, they would not be able to build any of those things.

          All of the inventions of the modern age come from the Western tradition, which comes from the question everything tradition, that was first established in Ancient Greece.

          When Rome was overtaken by Christianity, the Christians turned their backs on the empire and retreated to their fort monasteries in the mountains. They wanted to worship their god and return to questioning nothing. Thus the empire fell to ruins, and Europe to illiteracy for 1000 years.

          Maintaining civilization requires a lot of effort. Pushing it forward, takes extreme effort.

          Only when the Catholic Church destroyed a liberal Muslim city (if you can believe it) in Spain, was the knowledge of Ancient Greece and Rome rediscovered in their libraries. It took 120 years to translate it from Arabic to Spainish, and then to Latin, from there it was spread to the rest of Europe.

          The liberal Muslims did not create that knowledge, they stored it. If those books had not been rediscovered, Europe would still be starving and illiterate, and the rest of the world would still be in the starving, slave, and rowboat stage.

          I always assumed Whites reinvented that knowledge. But no. We were lucky enough to find it again, and pick up the thread we lost after Rome fell.

          Putin’s little buddy Dugin plainly states he wants to destroy the West. They want to return to the question nothing tradition, that led to illiteracy in Europe for 1000 years.

          Class inequality has nothing to do with illiteracy. The mindset of your ruling class has everything to do with it.

          • …but the “West” is already in “question nothing” and “don’t believe your own senses” mode.

          • You seem to believe that (1) real inventions come only from the West – and (2) they come only when the West is being skeptical, questioning everything, instead of being dogmatic – and that (3) all non-Western peoples including the Iranian inventors I just mentioned, are really only capable of copying, not really inventing anything.

            I say: Be skeptical, question that belief. Open your eyes to reality and it will shatter that dogmatic WN belief because you will see many non-Western inventors.

  4. The video really is useless.

    I’ve binged on Russian and Ukrainian and other Slav films over the last few years to get an idea of situation before this invasion happened. These people are much more warlike and bloodthirsty than we comprehend.

    The nearest it got to being informative was the moment of the 1917-24~ fighting.

    Obviously it can’t cover everything but surely the analysis should have been about how this country that’s the biggest geographical entity in Europe appears for a few months after ww1 then gets folded back into the USSR, gets starved…ahem, then in ww2 after Germany arrives has a series of pogroms of Jews and massacres of its Polish neighbours then gets granted provinces that are by all rights Polish, Hungarian, Russian as a result of the USSR battling specifically through the bloody steppe of Ukraine. This massive ungainly country provided the world with Khrushchev (Possibly a Ukie) who almost started ww3 and Brezhnev (he was a Ukie) who armed every black and brown on the planet with tanks, RPG7s and AK47 assault rifles. After the Cold War the Ukraine comes back and ships more guns around the world than almost anyone else in history through shapeshifters like Leonid Minin, serves as a “Bribebasket” for the world, then starts getting its military trained by Britain and US…suddenly it provides the world with Zelenskyy who manages to spectacularly embroil the EU in a trade war with the Russian Federation.

    It’s a mysterious dangerous country.

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