The Strategy of Eurasianism

Liberalism and Eurasianism are incompatible.

Eurasianism, however, is genuinely compatible with my own isolationist worldview. I dislike the American Empire. I would like to see a withdrawal of American military forces from Eurasia. I want us to get out of Eurasia because I want nothing to do with all of the interminable conflicts there.

This doesn’t make me a “Putin stooge.” If Putin is a former KGB agent who is nostalgic and seething with resentment over the demise of the Russian Empire, I am seething with resentment over the success and expansion of our own empire. I don’t have a romanticized view of the American Empire. I don’t think we are better off as a “superpower.” On the contrary, I am nostalgic for the White Republic of 19th century America which used to exist before Teddy Roosevelt decided to imitate Britain and take us down the road to Empire. As many warned at the time, it was sure enough the road to ruin. The headquarters of global liberal capitalism shifted from London to New York after World War II.

American imperialism is a betrayal of the republican principles this country was founded on. It is a betrayal of the founding stock of this country. It is a massive burden for the White working class. Imperialism has made us an arrogant, degenerate and domineering nation. It has made a small class of parasites at the top who run everything filthy rich. We have already lost our identity and cohesion as a nation. We are now in the final stages of losing our freedoms. We are being sucked dry and the bill is going to come due soon.

Just watch the Super Bowl half time show. It doesn’t inspire pride. It inspires disgust at what we have become and bitterness of how far we have fallen over the last century. It inspires hatred of our elites who are guiding … whatever this is.

Vladimir Putin considers the collapse of the Soviet Union to have been the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century. In our reading of history, the Spanish-American War and the rise of the monstrous American Empire in the wake of the World Wars was our Original Sin. It was a turning point in history that has led us to the perverted world we live in today.


  1. Putin thinks the collapse of the USSR was a catastrophe, because it stranded millions of Russians in hostile foreign countries.

    He wants the expatriate Russians to come back to Russia. He does not want the return of the empire, but he will take whatever is available, like Crimea, and maybe soon the Donbas and Ossetia.

    • Exactly. You get it. It is not really imperialism as much as it is reunion and repatriation. But Russia needs to move rapidly away from capitalism that necessitates imperialism or it will fall back down into imperialism as it was under the Tsarist monarchy, although Russian imperialism was always healthier, more organic than, and never metastasized globally like the British, U.S., French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Belgian imperialisms.

  2. Eurasianism is where Russia looks eastward, not to the west, for its future. Isn’t this basically what the Duginists are advocating? Germany should dominate continental Europe and everybody knows it.

  3. “Germany should dominate continental Europe”:

    All Germans getting together again, it is naturally and logically so. And all Slavs, north, south and east can join when the religious divider (Rome) between them is removed, because they are all the same people, from a common original stock and one original language. And Wales and England can also unite, when Britain becomes socialist, and Wales is no longer exploited and culturally genocided.

  4. There is a big problem when you get deeper into some of these ‘Eurasianists’ especially Alexandr Dugin, who sometimes talks approvingly of ‘anti-white pogroms on a planetary scale’, claiming that globohomo as a creation of ‘whiteness’, Dugin sounding just like the most anti-white of Jewish figures, tho he is blaming whites for being the ‘liberals’

    In a way it’s hard to blame such lines of thought, given that in these times the world’s worst propaganda shite is indeed flowing out of Anglo nations and Europe, the ‘white countries’, with their arrogant ‘sanctions’

    Tho of course such rubbish is not the creation of normal ‘white people’, but of de-racialised white elites heavily enmeshed with certain other tribals, who currently hold the reins in white lands

    Eurasianism tends to devolve into another version of seeking the ‘civilisation’ form of empire, in which Russia and China somewhat paper over their ethnic dominance with a claim of being a ‘civilisation’ much broader than ethnicity … ditto India, which has huge linguistic diversity but a common religious heritage of the majority

    It’s hard for people to think they don’t need some kind of empire structure, because it seems you need one, in order to not get attacked … And the ’empire-building’ impulse appears to be a regular flaw of human political psychology, tho for many of us it’s quite undesired, we just want to enjoy our own turf and defend it

    • It’s just Alexander Nevsky or Ivan the Great. All their popular culture films about these guys deals with the Tartars and Mongols at their back and the Lithuanians or Germans at their front.

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