CNN: Former Oligarch On Renouncing Russian Citizenship

This is a war between democracy and oligarchy.

This is why we are featuring all of the Jewish oligarchs who looted Russia under Boris Yeltsin in the 1990s, who have fled the country and who are Putin’s enemies.

Putin controls Russia. Ukraine is still controlled by people like this.

Note: Tom Cruise should go into acting in Ukraine and run for the Servant of the People party.


  1. Russia is better off now. The entire anti-Russian Fifth Column inside Russia should leave. If Russia would become truly socialist, they would not be able to “own” more property than they need, and collect their rents and make their profits, and pull their scams.

    Rootless cosmopolitans are a curse on any real nation where they settle and do their “work.” But they are the backbone and soul of a fake “nation” like Khazarkraine (aka Nudelman Land, aka Ukraine) that needs all the entrepreneurs (capitalist gangsters) it can get.

  2. ” oligarchs who looted Russia ”

    Always, it happened in spain, italy, poland, latvia, portugal etc. Always the same patterns.

    Oligarchs, my a– ! They are just mobsters.
    Mobsters of the lowest nature.

    ( remember all the car bombings and machine gun hits, on the streets of moscow ?)

    >Former Russian Oligarch

    I’m a bit confused: does ‘former’ apply to being Russian, an oligarch, or both? — or is the oligarch part covered by ‘EX-OLIGARCH’? — how does one become a ‘former’ or ‘ex-‘ oligarch? — by simple declaration? — is it like being transsexual?

    >Former oligarch

    Being democratic, that looks like two votes for being a ‘former’ (or ‘ex-‘) oligarch, and (maybe) one vote for being a ‘former’ Russian.

  4. Russia is still controlled by Jews. They have a special council of Jews just for Russia. Putin passed very strict laws to protect Jewish power in Russia. The denazify the world meme comes from them. I read RenegadeTribune for that kind of info.

    All governments are oligarchies including Russia, and the Chinese Communist Party.

    Years ago, I read about a very senior CCP member sending his kids to Ivy League schools. One of his kids made the news, when he got high on drugs, and crashed his Ferrari. Also Putin has many palaces in Russia. These oligarchies get lots of money as a perk of the job, and hold blackmail files on each other to ensure group loyalty.

    George Carlin told us about them a long time ago:

    George Carlin – It’s a big club and you ain’t in it

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