1. It was either Biden blabbering or listening to Trump go on about how much he loves kikes and the stock market so it’s kind of a wash.

  2. The English are not satisfied with the job performance of their Irish henchmen. Biden has shown far too much restraint and resistance in the face of nuclear war to satisfy the Crown. The British can not now say Biden is a tool of Putin like they did with Trump so it must be China who the Irish foot stool is in bed with. China, China China, Hunter, Hunter, Hunter. Are you picking up the tune yet?

  3. Scum Zelensky is accusing Russia of conducting a civilian massacre in Bucha. Idiot MSNBC anchor, Ali Velshi, is calling for US intervention in Ukraine based on liar Zelensky’s accusations. Russians with Attitude ask an important question.

    Russians With Attitude
    “Why are some of the dead on the photos from Bucha wearing white armbands which civilians in Ukraine do to show to Russian soldiers that they’re pro-Russian?” is a question that someone should probably be asking

  4. Dementia doesn’t remove pride, jealousy, greed, and grudges, and the unrighteous anger that feeds pride, or that pride feeds on. When all other mental faculties are lost, the sin of pride is still there, always the last thing to go, unless there is true repentance (which is very rare). Pride not a humble desire to serve led him to the Presidency.

  5. Not to belabor the obvious, but it’s very dangerous in times of crisis to have a President whose aides have to continually run along behind him and explain he didn’t actually mean what he said.

    Never thought we’d have a President that made Trump look like a Very Stable Genius, but here we are. On the other hand, I’m convinced the good that’s come of Biden’s administration – actually withdrawing from Afghanistan, and a reluctance to become more directly involved in Ukraine – are 100% due to Biden, not his advisors. So I’d still take a dementia patient who dimly remembers a time when failure had consequences over a PMC who was able to fail upward their entire career. A very scary time.

  6. Hillary c , will be sitting in his chair, pretty soon, they won’t be able too keep this charade up, much longer…..


  7. Dementia Joe is both hilarious and scary sometimes like when he antagonizes Russia regarding nuclear weapons. He can’t compare to Cackling Kamala however. When she becomes Mr. President there will be no end of the howlers, she is as dumb as a stump but without the excuse of dementia. Cackling Kamala is also extremely thin skinned, carries a 100 Lb. chip on her shoulder and will be blaming all her manifest failures on something called “racism”, whatever that is.

    At this point worse is better, heighten the contradictions.

  8. Vlad cucked and got a Jew to convert Euros to Rubles for gas. Usury paid.

    • He’s made the ruble roar back in value, fully countering zog’ s attempt to crush the Russian currency.

  9. ” Biden moments are going to become more frequent and even more hilarious”

    Hilarious to some, terrifying to me.

  10. The affirmative action VP is no improvement over the senile POTUS. It doesn’t really matter because neither of them is calling the shots. They are stooges of the Anti-White, NWO cabal.

    • Yes, and that’s why our overlords select clowns like the current administration to represent us to the world.

  11. Looks like Harris will soon be leading, and Biden will soon be leaving. They’re both incapable of stringing a coherent sentence together and sounding like they’re across their brief. The bar is being set lower and lower.

  12. I wonder if in the not too distant future they’ll make Shitpants Joe read an announcement off his giant teleprompter that says “I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your president.” ????

      • Perhaps better, would be a Republican House and Senate tying him in knots with impeachment proceedings, which would prevent Kamala or pelosi from filling the vacant seat.

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