Coach Red Pill: Bucha: More Lies

Who knows?

We’re in a full blown information war.

I don’t trust any of these atrocity stories coming out of Ukraine. Russia is saying it is a hoax and is demanding a UN Security Council meeting over it.

Note: I’m going to present both sides of the issue and leave it at that.

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  1. This is the false flag we all have been waiting for, no gassing of childrun this time

    If they were shot by Russians it was Russia afilliated partisans or guerilla since all Russian regulars had left the area

    There is no reason for a winning power to do atroticies! not here and neither was it for Assad in Syria

  2. The Russian use of the word “provocation” doesn’t work because most Americans would NOT know what the word “provocation” meant. LOL.

  3. NATO claimed Serbian atrocities as a pretext to attack Serbia. It was all a pack of lies. They keep using the same playbook.

  4. Here’s a 24 second video clip (no sound) from a ‘Ukraine atrocity news report’, the media journalist posing before rows of filled body bags

    Starting at about the 5 second mark, the wind blows back the top of a body bag, in the front row to the left of the journalist

    The man INSIDE the body bag, reaches up to grab the body bag plastic, and pull it back over himself

    • Remember that false flag chemical attack video, where the corpse of the Syrian child opens its eyes too soon when it thinks the camera has passed? Hilarious, except that many people still believe it was a real chemical attack.

      The Talmudists don’t really care if a few people recognize Their mistakes, as long as They can fool the vast majority with Their media-amplified sloppy propaganda. If They wanted to They could expend more effort and more money to create a perfect false flag that can’t be disproven, except by logic and common sense.

  5. What first sealed the deal for me on this was that western journalists and units of the SBU (Ukrainian secret police) arrived first after the Russians left

    If the SBU arrived you know the CIA is right there along with them and that should tell you all you need to know

    • The mongols (yes actual mongols) got into the suburb and got to fuck up a white population. The Russians used their Khans.

      • Nonsense. The Anglo-Zionists and their proxies the Talmudo-Nudelmanistas are the only “Mongols” to appear in Bucha. It took Them four days after the Russian troops left to finish preparing Their latest false flag masterpiece. Anglo-Zionists and Talmudo-Nudelmanistas are actually more barbaric than Genghis’ Mongol Horde. Unlike the Anglo-Zionists and Talmudo-Nudelmanistas, the real Mongols were forthright about what they were doing, whereas the Anglo-Zionists and Their Talmudo-Nudelmanista proxies are extremely devious.

  6. Anyone see the irony of a demon-eyed jew acting shocked at dead bodies in Ukraine?

  7. These so-called atrocity photos from Bucha in the Ukraine look posed. Some like they were dropped off of a truck at regular intervals.

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