Arnab Live: Russia Denies Ukraine’s Bucha Genocide Claim. What’s The Truth?

UPDATE: Arnab is going hard on Bucha.

The Indian media has the best coverage of the Ukraine war.

India, of course, is putting India First. India stands “in its own corner.” India is very proud of its non-aligned, independent foreign policy and is constantly dunking on Western libtards.

Note: I will give some credit to Andrew Anglin for finding this.


  1. When there is a war and one side is communist we know who commiting all the crimes. After 2 week this lie will be in the memory hole like all previous ones.

    • I think we are using two different definitions of “communist.” I generally prefer to use the more accurate term: socialism. Khazarkraine/Nudelmanland and the U.S. you call communist are as capitalist as can be. Unfortunately Russia is capitalist too, but might come to its senses through this experience, by breaking free of global capitalism through sanctions, and by exiling all the disloyal capitalist oligarchs, it is possible that, in the future, the care of the state will be for the health and welfare of the Russian people instead of the profit of the elites.

    • Ukraine is a country illegally occupied by zionists, not communists. Just like the US, Germany, and Palestine.

    • Indians hate muslims and generally support Israel not being smart enough to understand the larger pucture.

  2. Traditionally India and the USSR got along pretty well. I guess Pakistan has been a ZOG vassal state for quite a while, especially under “Harvard educated” (CIA trained) Benazir Bhutto.

    • “Traditionally India and the USSR got along pretty well”:

      That was because India was moving in a socialist direction for a short time after independence from Britain, but it has long since returned to being the epitome of a CLASS structure, and it really belongs to the U.S.-UK-Australia camp. The religious division between Hinduism and Islam is a useful distraction to rule the masses. India is also extremely ethnically diverse, quite the opposite of China that is about 90% Han and Russia that is about 75% ethnic Russian – so it will be difficult for ethno-socialism to appear.

        • “Indians all look the same”:

          Very genetically diverse and a wide range of colour. Some Indians and Pakis like Imran Khan who the U.S. is trying to remove, look entirely Caucasian. See his great speech:

          • There is talk of a federation being created, uniting Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan in a common economy and for mutual defense. China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran are helping to rebuild war-ravaged Afghanistan now, while the U.S. is still sanctioning Afghanistan and has stolen billions of much-needed dollars that belong to the starving, suffering people of Afghanistan.

            The outcome of the U.S.’s current ongoing coup attempt in Pakistan is actually more important than the elections in Hungary and France. If the U.S. succeeds in removing Imran Khan and installing a puppet in Pakistan it can continue to threaten Iran, Afghanistan, India and China. If the U.S. fails, all these countries could make peace with each other and integrate around China’s Belt and Road Initiative. China has already invested billions in Pakistan in building new roads and other infrastructure to facilitate trade.

          • Nowhere near as diverse as Whites, but Whites are forced to accept all this black-haired, brown-skinned, dark-eyed “diversity”, which has the potential to erase White genes forever.

  3. I commented several times yesterday on the “Bucha massacre” false flag operation before it hit the mainsteam news, and it was clear to me immediately. As I wrote last night, if this one flies with the public, the big CHEMICAL false flag will be next.

    See what your Tucker Carlson will do with it. “Fair and balanced” means mixing lies with facts. Rotten Murdoch Media (Fox News, Sky News, etc.) was the first to break this fake story.

    • Who? You know who!! They can’t have anyone working outside their banking system and rules. That’s why we went to war with Hitler.

  4. “The Indian media has the best coverage”:

    Don’t overlook the Pakistani and Iranian coverage, which are just as good. I noted here yesterday that the U.S. coup failed in Pakistan. The U.S. even had the Pakistani secret police and military on its side (on its payroll) so I suppose a bald-faced coup is still possible. Imran Khan has spoken out many times and harshly against the U.S. war on Russia, and he revealed leaked evidence of plans for the coup to the Pakistani legislature, and for the first time in history an entire national legislature chanted “Death of America.”

    Pakistan and India have finally found a point of agreement, after both were bullied to vote with the U.S. against Russia at the U.N., and to break off relations and support the U.S. sanctions against Russia.

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