1. That is indeed good news. I hope Russia’s inevitable victory in the Ukraine thoroughly humiliates Biden and puts an end to the evil Anglo-American-Zionist world order.

  2. The Russian flag waving from the center of Mariupol is not quite as dramatic as when the Red Army hoisted the Soviet flag atop the Reichschancellery in Berlin. But this was a limited military operation, not the conquest of the enemy’s capital.

  3. Lancaster should be praised by the establishment press for his work in covering this conflict. But I’m guessing they will either ignore him or try to dismiss him as a “Putin apologist”. My hatred for the establishment press knows no bounds.

    • “Lancaster should be praised by the establishment press”


      You know very well who controls the press.
      They have complete hatred for anyone who deviats from their narrative.

  4. One reason the Russians are transferring some of its troops from the Kiev area southward, besides finishing off the 60,000 Nudelmanistas in western Dontesk, is to re-open the water supply (a canal) to Mariupol that may have been cut off by the Khazarkrainians, if I understand the report correctly. Water has become extremely scarce in Mariupol lately, and in other areas of Donetsk served by the canal. You may remember that Khazarkraine cut off the water supply to Crimea a few years ago when it returned to Russia, but Crimea has managed to get by.

  5. “Ahmad Zilah”

    The pockets are beginning to close upon the forces of liberalism

    Sadly the Ukranians became the pawn of Washington this time and i hope for nothing but the best for them in the future

  6. The coming evolution of the Russian fan-boy club:

    1. The rape, robbery, torture, and executions didn’t happen.
    2. Okay, but the Russians didn’t do it.
    3. Okay, but it was justified or at least understandable (those “Ebil Not-sees” deserved it!).
    4. Change subject.

    Optional step 5. No, I was never really a Russian fan boy!

    Why not get off the Russia bus now before it takes you all the way to hell?

    • Another commenter on OD, I see, that failed 11th grade world history. What an ass!

      May God grant total victory to Vladimir Putin & Russia!

  7. Mariupol was mostly liberated 15 days ago. So they finished that in a slack manner and abandoned most of Kiev area, Azov now controls that again.

    Putin is a half way fighter. Same as in Syria, he always pursues half way measures, then sends in Lavrov for talks on how to give away what the army gained.

    Abandoning Kiev may be Putin’s worst mistake. Russian nationalists in the government are completely sick of him cucking. My sense is that Putin will soon be out, replaced by a stronger President.

    All Putin got so for for abandoning Kiev is the false flag. It is a simple operation. Jews always accuse their enemies of the things they themselves do. So they shot the ones who refused to wear the blue armbands, tied them up, took pictures, and blamed it on the Russians. They were under orders from their Jew masters to do this, of course.

    Putin is to be blamed. He knew full well the Russian civilians would be massacred after he abandoned the area to Azov, yet he did it anyway.

    Even now the Russian army is outnumbered more than 2 to 1. Putin refuses to send in enough troops to win. I say, let someone else be Putin.

    This is going to be a long war, because Putin refused to pursue a quick victory. Now a quick victory is impossible. NATO is preparing to escalate.

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