Aleksandar Vucic Wins In Serbia

Speaking of NATO humanitarian interventions and the misleading, emotionally charged atrocity propaganda used to justify them, old times are not forgotten in Serbia either.

New York Times:

“BUDAPEST — Overshadowed by the war in Ukraine, elections on Sunday in Hungary and Serbia appear to have extended the tenures of Europe’s two most Kremlin-friendly leaders, both populist strongmen fortified by their overwhelming control of the media and cheap energy from Russia.

With more than 60 percent of the votes counted in Hungary, preliminary results indicated that Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister since 2010, and already Europe’s longest serving leader, had won a fourth consecutive term despite accusations by the opposition that he has enabled Russia’s military onslaught by cozying up for years to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

“We won a victory so big that you can perhaps see it from the moon, and certainly from Brussels,” Mr. Orban told a jubilant crowd of supporters late Sunday, taking a dig at the European Union, which he has long accused of pushing L.G.B.T.Q. and migrant rights in defiance of the democratic will of Hungarian voters. …

President Aleksandar Vucic of Serbia, also Moscow-friendly, has governed Serbia since 2012, and was expected to win re-election after rallying his nationalist and pro-Russian base by refusing to join the European Union in imposing sanctions on Russia. Serbia hopes to become a member of the European bloc, but its application has stalled.

An unusually high turnout in Serbia of nearly 60 percent forced officials to keep polling stations open late into the evening in some areas. Amid complaints of foul play by the opposition, the central election commission in Belgrade, the capital, said it would not issue results until Monday morning.

But exit polls indicated that Mr. Vucic would win a new term as president and that his Serbian Progressive Party would retain its hold on Parliament, albeit with a reduced majority. The opposition said it had won control of the municipal government in Belgrade. …”

The elections in Hungary and Serbia both had large turnout and in both cases “autocracy” (i.e., opponents of liberals) won a resounding victory at the ballot box.

Liberals have been lecturing us for the last month now that “everything changed” on February 24. We have entered a “new paradigm” and have returned to the Cold War of the 20th century in a renewed global conflict between “democracy” and “autocracy.” And yet, we don’t see much evidence at all that the world has changed whether it is in Joe Biden’s poll numbers, the issues Americans care about or on the world stage. It is more like Twitter sharply pivoted from Fauci to Zelensky thirst.

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  1. Victor Orban in Hungary, the Polish Law and Justice Party and now Serbian nationalists/populists do so many basic things right – that somehow we in the English speaking White Anglosphere just can’t seem to do.

    Things like:

    Taking control of local, national media – like Duhhhhhhh.

    Nobody that thinks remotely like us in Hungary, Poland Serbia wants to allow a “free market” to allow a J/Homosexual Black Hate White people media monopoly to take hold in their societies. None.

    There are no Christian Zionists, or Libertarian Koch brothers of influence in these societies.

    Victor Orban and his party in Hungary do very good political propaganda – they personalize the conflict which is a page out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” :


    Orban made this J comedian Zelinski one of the main enemies of Hungarians. Before that Orban and his nationalist party made George Soros dressed as the Star Wars old evil Emperor the enemy.

    American conservatives my entire life have always just bitched and moaned about supposedly all powerful, impersonal institutions:

    The Liberal Media
    The big Banks
    New Yorkers
    The Globalists

    None of our enemies or traitors ever get named, or doxed, or punished.

    Good for Hungary, Serbia, Poland.

    • It all comes down to the creation and use of effective propaganda. Other than the late Bob Whitaker’s “Bugsters” no one on the right has a clue as to how to create and to use effective propaganda.

    • Liberalism is genetical. We are not smarter that you, we just slaugtered communists in 2 revolutions and 3 wars, including two World Wars. Plus Stalin purges and other communist reduction events, currently bullying them out. All this lowered liberal gene carriers below certain number, so we can take out ciuntries back.

      West has too many genetical defects and separation secession or other physical distancing must be figured out. You may squeeze election victory out but communists remain and bully and destroy your culture 24/7 so there will be permanent civil war like in Donald first presidency era. You may also press them into the silence for a while but when they remain, they coming after you and your children few years or decane later. Or turn into nationalism like Ukraine Azov Batallion.

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