1. Bwahahahaha. Brandon has really lost it. (He’s talking out of his podex again.)

    Howz about we first put on trial Bush the lesser, Cheney, Rice, all the neocons, Mrs. Rodham-Clinton, half of the leaders of Israel and countless others for war crimes first there, Brandon?

    Whom the gods would destroy, they first drive insane, it is said. Well, it sure looks as if the gods now have it in for the US of A.

    • When this evil empire falls I think it will be like Carthage – barely a trace of it will remain.

      • Amen to that spahnranch…the evil empire will fall and the world shall rejoice!!!!! America delenda est!!!!

    • Agreed!

      As a great man among us “Granpaw Lampshade” now known as Granpaw Dan have said

      “God Bless America they say, well i´m sure God have something in store for America but i would not be so sure to call it a blessing, even if to the rest of the world it will sure be”

    • Don’t most people get it by now, what the deal is? How could the majority of people be missing it? Don’t they get the whole OBVIOUS tribe thing? They try to take down anyone powerful who won’t dance to their tunes.

  2. Every nasty, childish and undignified comment Shitpants Joe makes about Putin is really being directed at himself. Biden is nothing more than a pathetic old fool whom no one likes, respects or believes. But there won’t be any revolt at the Pentagon because Slick Willie and Bathhouse Barry purged all the decent generals and admirals years ago.

  3. I’m guessing Srebrenica was all or mostly bullshit now that I understand how Globoshlomo operates. Even if true is that worse than bombing wedding parties in Syria? White phosphorus in Gaza? Biden is already a war criminal as are all his living predecessors except maybe Jimmy Carter.

  4. I like to see you try Brandon!

    By all means go for it

    This old cretin do not understand that with this war the world have changed for ever

    For “america” the movie is over and the credits are soon to roll! Southerners should now chose their own way or go down with the ship as the good Dr Hill have said for about 15 yrs now

    As always Deo Vindice

  5. Every day the indigenous people of Palestine are being murdered (genocided) and the media ignores it. (Once in a great while a case may be mentioned just to prove that they do cover it, and make it appear to be an exception when in fact it is the rule.) Those who are doing the war crimes and genocides are crying out against their victims. Someday there will be an honest war crimes tribunal (not in Nuremberg or New York!) with justice on earth as in heaven.

  6. First Biden, along with Barry Obama and Hilary Clinton, should be tried for war crimes in the illegal Libya invasion. Then Brandon will have the moral standing to demand Putin be tried for war crimes.

    • Libya had the highest standard of living, in Africa, under Khaddafi, until the US went in and “destabilized” them.

      • Libya also served as a geographical barrier to migration from Black Sub-Saharan Africa. A barrier which ZOG deliberately destroyed.

        Have you thanked a serviceman today?

  7. How about trying and executing Lindsey Graham, etc for arming Ukraine to challenge Russia with promises of more weapons, etc and their constant baiting warmongering anti-Russian rhetoric? The blood being spilled both Russian and Ukrainian is on their hands — those representing the West. Execute all those who set Ukraine up for this conflict including the Bidens and force the Yankee Empire to be neutral.

  8. Boom!


    Fuck Afghanistan. This is the best reason in the world to have given this shithole back to the Taliban. God willing they keep this in effect forever.

    This was one of the only reasons we ever went there to begin with, to secure a corner on the heroine trade for the CIA’s black budgets.

  9. Some of the spontaneous (not orchestrated) mass demonstrations in FAVOR of Russia that you might otherwise never hear about:

    There were an estimated 30,000 anti-NATO protesters in Athens, Greece, and a large street demonstration in Thessaloniki: https://www.reddit.com/r/UkraineWarVideoReport/comments/tva2bu/prorussia_rally_in_thessaloniki_greece/ The protesters’ slogan was: “Greece! Russia! Orthodoxy!”

    A 5,000-car rally to support Russia was held yesterday in Berlin, Germany: https://t.me/orda_mordora/11167

  10. Hey Brad, it appears the Russians deployed Mongols of some sort in Bucha. A Mechanized Brigade of some kind from the Far East/Central Asia

    • LOL, you believe anything the jewish media says?

      If they did, whatever.

      Seems like Ukraine is paying for their insanity of vooooooting for a jew comedian as president to own the Russians. The jews killed tens of millions of them mere decades ago, but they’re cool with putting them in power openly.

      Seems like Russia is finally paying for having hoaxed )))Hitler & Germany((( as neo-Satan & the rest.

      Atrocity propaganda must now be directed at the originators, the jews (& the Island of Cuckoldry). And the bigger island of Cuckoldry, America.

      Its an atrocity to be born in America. We ostensibly “have it all,” but in fact have nothing (worth a damn).

  11. The coming evolution of the Russian fan-boy club:

    1. The rape, robbery, torture, and executions didn’t happen.
    2. Okay, but the Russians didn’t do it.
    3. Okay, but it was justified or at least understandable (those “Ebil Not-sees” deserved it!).
    4. Change subject.

    Optional step 5. No, I was never really a Russian fan boy!

    Why not get off the Russia bus now before it takes you all the way to hell?

  12. In my lifetime, every US president has been a war criminal with the possible exception of James Earl Carter.

    Do the elites remember what hypocrisy is? They must believe that code of conduct every other nation and its leaders/elites are solely eligible to be brought before The Hague.


    How about charging the entire Yankee Empire with war crimes for the death and destruction they caused the American South 160 years ago for daring to try to become independent and dare ruin the North’s economy which depended upon ripping off the South? How about charging the entire Yankee Empire for practicing genocide against the American Indians? How about charging the entire Yankee Empire with war crimes for murdering Japanese civilians who got their brains nuked out by Yanks eager to try out their new nuclear toy just before WWII came to an end?

    The Yankee Empire has refused to admit to any war crimes or genocide! This stubbornness is part of what is known as YANKEE HYPOCRISY! The whole world should understand this by now.

    “…after this Union was formed, those States which now insist upon restricting slavery, now most vociferous for abolition, were the same that extended the period to which slaves were introduced into the United States…This property, after it had ceased to be connected with the slave trade, and no longer served to employ shipping and gratify the avarice of those who had sustained the policy of that trade, became the subject of popular declamation; and those who grew rich in the traffic have been ever since making public demonstration of their horror of the crime… But, whatever be the curse or the blessings of the African slave trade, it is a thing which was never introduced or engaged in by the South, and one for which Southern men never were, and their descendants are not responsible…”–Jefferson Davis.
    — Abbeville Institute: Article “Jefferson Davis on Slavery in the Territories”, 08-26-2021.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  14. George W Bush and Tony Blair must be tried for war crimes. Can’t wait forever………. there’s probably only ten years left in each of them.

  15. I heard on NPR the other day on the Neil Boortz show that the Russians were raping and torturing women and children in the Ukraine …

    How sick are these disgusting kikes who make up this crap and better yet, how dumb are the (mostly white) American conservatards who believe it???

  16. Country 404 National Police report on Faceberg the day before the bodies were filmed by Jew lie-machine:

    “Today, on 2 April, in the liberated city of Bucha, Kiev region, special units of the Ukrainian National Police began clearing the area of saboteurs and accomplices of Russian troops,”

    They killed everyone in the town who distributed food when Russians took the suburb, exchanged fresh food with Russian troops in the month of occupation or was not overtly hostile (neutral) to Russian forces. Russia’s serious error here was in not evacuating any civilians in the town who was neutral or who helped distribute food.

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