Poll Watch: Republicans Closely Divided On NATO

When it comes to Russia and NATO, age and education are strongly associated with attitudes. Postgrads and Boomers are pro-NATO. Basically, it is the Maddow-Hannity audience.

Pew Research Center:


From January:

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  1. Any institution that can take us to war without the input of citizenslaves is going to abuse that.

    • Gayto now exists primarily as one more reason for the MIC to gorge at the public trough.

  2. But everyone knows Republicans are just as imperialist-warmongering as Dems. I generally refuse to answer the loaded questions asked by pollsters. Instead I try to explain to the poll takers how the poll and the questions are designed. Most polls put words in people’s mouths, telling them what to think, and deal with false or trivial side issues, never the most important matters that should be considered. Furthermore, most people are so thoroughly disinformed and poorly educated that they need information before they can speak intelligently.

    Victoria Nuland praises Turkey: https://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/turkey-playing-pivotal-role-in-ukraine-crisis-us-172757 – because Neo-Ottoman Crypto(Talmudo)Muslim capitalist-imperialist Turkey is fighting a hybrid war against Russia in the Caucasus now, and escalating its actions against Russia in Syria, as well as Khazarkraine, and spreading its malign influence across the entire Middle East and North Africa wherever the Ottoman Port once ruled. Watch what is happening in the southern Caucasus.

  3. This ritual of pondering poll numbers by politicos and the commentariat generally is getting old.

    Polling is biased, results manipulated for the purpose of whoever is taking the polls, and regardless of the result it has no bearing on policy. Its just something that acts as a subject for more clickbait, feeding the perception of this false dichotomy between intellectuals being on both sides of the political schism when in reality this “intellectual” class is parasitic and simply exists to generate bread and circuses, never actually doing anything that genuinely disrupts the status quo since its their lifeblood.

    Ask the real questions.

    1) Who approves of anything happening in Washington D.C.?

    2) Who likes congress?

    3) Would you trust your State government to better represent your interests over D.C.?

    These are real questions. The answers would be illuminating if polled in a neutral fashion without curating of the results.

    • Yeah, like, what is the point of trying to gauge our level of support in Congress and the general population? We shouldn’t even bother trying to convince politicians not to take stands that divide their base on matters like, say, full throated intervention in Ukraine.

      • “Our” level of support? Support for what?

        Do we have a political platform? No

        Do we have a party that represents us? No

        Do we have a caucus in the house that represents us? No

        Do we have a tenable electoral strategy to gain us any of the above crucial components of public influence? No

        Do we even have a favorable reputation with the average normie for representing interests of working Whites? No

        Have we ever built houses for White people whose houses were destroyed in tornadoes? Or done anything useful for anybody ever that would even gain us goodwill? No

        Anybody that knows we exist associate us rightly or wrongly with the most unsophisticated political worldview since organized pacifism was a thing. Even worse than the god damn libertarians. We are the pastafarians of modern politics. Don’t know who that is? Thats my whole point.

        We have no spokeman. No platforms. No talking points. No clue how to organize to support the above.

        Nobody supports “Our” worldview dude. Nobody will ever support us. The Golden Dawn has more chance of ruling Greece than we ever have of electing a single congressman who is woke to the JQ and wants to tell the whole world all about it.

        Don’t mistake people having some of the same ideas as us for actually supporting us in some way. Common sense evolves independently from any sentient two legged animal, and we aren’t the sole source of it. Populist movements never have one cause, one source of grassroots appeal. We aren’t on anybody’s radar.

        Normal people don’t want a thing to do with this dumpster fire of a political fringe.

        Thank fuck for online anonymity and relative obscurity. In any other time in history a regime would have had us all killed by now. We don’t even merit that lol.

        • In this case, specifically, withdrawing from NATO.

          The polls show that about 40% of Republican voters support it. The divide within the party is also a split based on age. The Reaganite Cold War wing are Boomers. A third of House Republicans just voted against a pro-NATO resolution.

          Once again, I don’t know what you are talking about. I support withdrawing from NATO and oppose getting involved in the war in Ukraine. This isn’t a marginal opinion in the populist wing of the Republican Party.

  4. The GloboHomo Pedo Empire is running on empty; Russia, China and India are starting to bypass the USD and use their local currencies for commodities trading. This is a serious threat to U.S. global hegemony and also GloboHomo’s Achilles’ heel. It’s also a self inflicted wound from the geniuses in charge of the GloboHomo Pedo Empire.


    The Imperial commitments of the U.S. Government are unsustainable without a mile wide river of money. Part of the costs of Empire were paid by the rest of the world using the USD as its reserve currency. This “Exorbitant Privilege” as Charles de Gaulle correctly called it has benefited the U.S. enormously but now it’s going away. The USD as the world’s reserve currency is a relic of WWII which has almost passed out of living memory after 80 years have gone by.


    If Saudi starts accepting Chinese and Russian currency on a regular basis as payment for their oil it’s lights out for the USD as the exclusive reserve currency and the U.S. Government’s ability to wreck other countries’ economies through sanctions. Domestically the effects of the USD losing exclusive reserve status will be even higher inflation, shortages and less ability of the U.S. Government to meddle in other nation’s affairs. That is all to the good of course.

  5. I wonder how many of these idiots who have “heard about the crisis” could locate Ukraine on a globe, even after seeing map outlines of the country on tv.

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