Poll Watch: Marine Le Pen Surges Ahead Of Emmanuel Macron


Everything changed in this race since Macron’s new look.


  1. France actually pulled out of NATO in 1966 but unfortunately rejoined many years later. Restore the Franc and death to the EUSSR.

  2. Marine Le Pen is to Jean-Marie like Keiko Fujimori is to Alberto. The bourgeois and capitalist class in France and Peru will vote for both, never for a socialist like Castillo or Poutou. The Le Pens and the Fujimoris belong to the system just as much as the banker Macron does.

  3. All politics is theatre, and the producers and directors of the production sit offstage, unknown to most, and their name is ZOG.

    • French elections are completely rigged. The second round is where the electoral fixing is accomplished. Same is essentially true for all so-called “liberal democracies”. It might be different in Hungary, but we’ll see if Orban actually has the balls to leave the EUSSR and NATO. If not, he’s just marking time for when the Sorosites replace him with someone more to their liking.

  4. Every election cycle Marine Le Pen gets boosted by the MSM before the first round of voting and then portrayed as Adolf Hitler before the second round. Last time, Macron went to visit a Holocaust memorial a few days before the final vote; the message was less than subliminal: if you don’t elect me France will see a Holocaust. It’s stupid, grotesque, and detached from reality but it works every time with the idiot voters. It’s particularly ironic since Le Pen has backpedaled on every single issue of significance. She stands for absolutely nothing. Outside of her person her party represents a total vacuum. There’s nobody, everyone of any weight has left or as expelled. I’d personally vote for Zemmour (by the way, she pushed the ignominy to an absurd level by saying that people advising him were neo-Nazis). Her dad is a giant, she’s an empty pantsuit. Women make terrible political leaders.

    • I’m a pro Holocaust voter. Maybe don’t use time release bug pellets this time. They just walk back outside if you don’t put a lock on the door.

  5. Speaking of Catholics (which Marine and Macron both are), the Pope blessed the Khazarkrainian flag today that belonged to “the martyrs of Bucha.” The superstitious believe the “revelation” of the “massacre” is evidence that his holiness’s curse (“dedication to God’s mother”) that he put on Orthodox Russia is really working.

  6. Marine Le Pen is an old fag hag who bows and scraps to her Jew overlords.She’s useless.Her niece Marion just might care about Whites though.But I have no trust in any political figures.

  7. Macron’s got his kneepads on. A real test would be who can lick the most fermented Jew jizz off the “wailing wall” in 20 minutes. Ready, set, go!

  8. Even if she wins, I’ll bet she bends over backwards to “prove” she isn’t an anti-Semite or a “racist”. Just like the useless GOP.

  9. It does seem horrible.

    My Russian great Aunt that lived in France (Paris and a weekend place in the countryside) from ~ 1925-2000 predicted all this. She was one tough, smart Russian woman.

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