Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden’s Information War

Tucker Carlson covered the weaponization of disinformation by the Biden administration and “journalists” last night.

Note: If you look far enough back in American history, you will find that there used to be lively debate about our foreign policy before liberal imperialism won out.

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  1. Good thing we didn’t elect Trump tho. It could have been so much worse.

    Anyway, here is good news.


    Pair this with the Ukraine thing, with companies increasingly wary of Chinese “neutrality” on the subject, this continued destruction of their manufacturing base should help drive companies out of there and back home to the U.S.

    There’s already been a huge increase in tech manufacturing here since this all started.

    Best case scenario, a new cold war will force a wedge between us and China, (hopefully India too) and all the business people that sold out the middle class here will lose tons of money.

    Its past time all the critical manufacturing was brought home. They can keep the plastic non essential goods. We don’t need those things anyway.

    Fuck China.

    • Trump’s plan was to bring back all those jobs from China to India. Did you miss the big rally he had over there in early 2020?

    • China’s war on the virus is a GOOD war, and also a convenient excuse for China to hold back vital supplies from the U.S. (Also note the number of Chinese ships that have conveniently run aground lately, delaying deliveries – another nonviolent method of resistance.) China’s Covid case numbers and death toll are minuscule compared to capitalist countries, and it would have eradicated it completely if it were not being re-infected by capitalist countries that let it run wild. I fully approve, as all the Chinese people do, the Zero Covid Policy.

  2. Here is a picture of “white nationalist” Greg Johnson in Kiev with the “first lady” of Azov Olena Semenyaka.



    Is Greg Irish? I am picking up a vibe here. Why can’t the Irish mind their own goddamned business? Banned4Life I am ready to entertain your inane banalities. Bring it boy.

    Is John Spencer Irish? I am getting a vibe there too.

    • _right-off_

      I see you are still picking up demonic “vibes” causing you to attack the Celts again (and again…). You need to learn how to turn your “vibe mode” off. Must be an inherited “defect”.

      As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.

  3. The Fox News top star is dis-informing as usual (I didn’t listen to it but I’m sure he is) and entertaining his target audience of conservatives with what they want to hear about “Joe.”

    It is not figurehead Joe Biden’s information war. It is THE SYSTEM’S “information” (propaganda) war, which can never stop as long as the System exists because it is essential, integral, to the system. The system is always at war to keep the people in bondage, and deception is its most important weapon among many others such as bribery, blackmail, and violent physical force, police, military and mercenary – and the endless war must escalate year by year, decade by decade, as the empire inevitably expands to cover and extract as much wealth as possible from the entire planet. Without the constant barrage or fog of lies known as “information” or propaganda war, the light of truth would emerge and truth would make the people free. There cannot be a successful revolution without widespread, well-developed class consciousness based on true information, so the system must censor truth, silence truth tellers, and keep the people dis-informed, confused and divided, to prevent that from happening.

  4. Only certain protected groups have free speech. The rest of us (Whites) have to self censor or face the free speech police.

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