1. I do not watch any of these Olga videos, that are evidently being posted to be “fair and balanced” or “show both sides of the story.”

    I do not give any of that sort of thing even one single view. I am open-minded to truth and facts.

    • These “Olgas” are all young, attractive, cosmopolitan types who speak English with a delightfully amusing accent so that you will find them and their pro-ZOG propaganda irresistible.

  2. “Vhy do you vant to vatch Patrick Lancaster, dahlink? Am I not cuter to look at and more fun to listen to vith my Zsa Zsa Gabor accent?” No, dahlink, you should vatch my youtube channel instead of his so you can enjoy my pro-American, anti-Russian takes, da?”

    • @Spahnranch1970

      Yep. That’s about the size of it. In Russia, these people are considered fifth columnists, or Atlanticists. They’ve lost a lot of their credibility and influence, since the present war.

  3. Russians don’t listen to these ukie whores who are one plane ride away from a multi-year employment “contract” in a Tel Aviv brothel, but they do love their grandmothers.

    Hero of the West versus Hero of Russia https://twitter.com/Angelo4justice3/status/1512865960134610945?s=20&t=vjY8JjVTpa24AGJnEQWlvg

    P.S., expect to start seeing more and more Soviet Red Army Victory banners being flown by Russian forces going into battle, and country 404 flags being thrown into the mud and being replaced by Victory banners over the ruins of flattened 404 cities. After the videos of the torture and murder of Russian POWs, video game “combat footage” and laughable (but eagerly believed by idiots in the West) false flags, the Second Great Patriotic War is now personal for more than enough Russians. I suspect Europe is going to soon begin regretting loving their precious Jew$A approved ukie nazis so much.

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