Ruble Bounces Back From Rubble

Gas prices and inflation sure haven’t gone down a month into this.

Yahoo News:

“(Bloomberg) — In the days after the Ukraine war began, the ruble’s collapse was a potent symbol of Russia’s newfound financial isolation.

International sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s regime sank it to a record low of 121.5 rubles per dollar, triggering memories of the battering it took during the 1998 Russian financial crisis.

Things looked dire enough that U.S. President Joe Biden said the ruble had been reduced to “rubble.”

Now, though, it sure hasn’t. The onshore ruble has surged all the way back to where it was before Putin invaded Ukraine, closing Thursday at 75.75 per dollar in Moscow. …”


  1. The Ruble rises while the $ tanks. If the Europeans want oil they have to pay in Rubles, not the dollar. It seems Putin hold all the aces not Biden and his incompetent administration.

    • You know, the USZOG has one of the highest dept/GDP ratios in the world, very dangerous. While Russia has one of the lowest.

      The blowback from these sanctions could be like a drunk playing wi matches while standing in a pool of gasoline, the results being sudden and catastrophic.

      The consequences of this financial Mexican Standoff could be completely unforeseeable and contrary to the schemers anticipation. J3vvs are noted for their ability to massively botch most things they touch.

  2. In the Trump days, there was that QAnon conspiracy that said we need to “Trust The Plan,” and that Trump was playing “4D Chess.” Turns out, Putin anticipated every move the West would make, and had countermeasures in place. He anticipated the West would try to cancel Russia, and that if he just rode it out and trusted his own plan, eventually, the tide would turn in Russia’s favor. Which is exactly what’s happening. He’s winning the 4D chess war, while the West is reduced to manufacturing atrocity porn hoaxes.

    I’m not tired of winning yet. We won the culture war over Covid-19. We will win this culture war over Russia-Ukraine.

    • Nobody won on Covid.

      Even our own big brain types sleep walked right into the psyop and rolled up their sleeves like good sheep, while bleeting from their high edifices about the merits of lockdowns to save mostly fat boomers and niggers from a bad version of the flu by being injected with a vaccine that causes all the symptoms of a bad case of flu (twice!) and then kills the fat boomers and niggers and healthy young White people with Myocarditis and bloodclots.

      Thats 2020 through today in a nutshell.

      A complete surrender of any White civil liberties (but we are all about muh civil liberties right HW?)

      A total sacrifice of the economy that supports White working families and their businesses.

      A complete failure of resolve in the face of overwhelmingly obvious propaganda.

      A total lack of understanding of the nature of our enemy

      A total repudiation of any credibility the Right in the West ever claimed to have.

      The dissident right is a sham. At least Trump didn’t win 2020 though. Boy we sure showed him.

      • Propaganda works because it isn’t obvious to the masses. Propaganda becomes in their minds the perception of their very own thoughts. Two years ago, we were seeing hero hearts everywhere. Now it’s Ukraine flags. The masses are ruled by propaganda and are completely unaware of it.

        As far as Covid goes, don’t think for a minute they’re done with that.

      • ISA,

        I actually agree with most of your bulletpoints. Where I think a victory was scored on Covid 19 is this: If everyone followed the media and went along with the lockdowns – not just liberals, but conservatives and libertarians as well – then those anti lockdown protests in April 2020 would have never happened, twitter would have never censored “disinformation” because nobody would be sharing any disinformation to censor, and we would have probably been living under some sort of brutalist totalitarianism by now that Stalin would have recognized.

        Instead, this is how things went in my state of Michigan, where Gretchen Whitmer was in charge:

        March 2020-June 2020: Everything locked down. Restaurants reduced to take out only. Non-essential businesses closed. Everyone layed off. Permanent closure of many small mom and pop businesses. Only grocery stores opened. The Stalin stuff.

        June 2020-November 2020: Restaurant’s reopen at 50% capacity. Non-essential businesses reopen, and their workers return to work.

        November 2020-April 2021: Restaurants forced to close again. Non-essential businesses stay open. No lay offs. Movie theaters and gyms open again in December. Stalin stuff receding.

        April 2021-today: Restaurants reopen, this time at full capacity. Critically, the sports stadiums also reopen, at full capacity and without mask requirements, at least at Ford Field and Comerica Park. Things were literally back to normal in that regard. Whitmer outright says there will be no new mandates or lockdowns, at least until after the midterms. Stalin stuff over.

        This timeline looks different and darker if no one in March and April of 2020 says anything to oppose the lockdowns. There was a huge uproar on twitter by conservatives such as myself. There was also a civil war in the White Nationalist movement, with Alt-MSNBC types like Richard Spencer firmly coalescing in one camp, and Right Wingers like me highlighting what you said from the start.

        I feel like we’ve won because, slowly but surely, things have returned to normal. Those sanctions on Russia were imposed not just because our enemies don’t like Putin and the Russian people, but because they knew gas prices and food prices would skyrocket, which was a perfect excuse to stick it to the White Middle Class in America and Europe, thus furthering their Great Reset agenda.

        Covid 19 policies failed to usher in the Great Reset over the long run, and they mostly abandoned it at the beginning of this year. Go back to late January and see the media headlines. This Russia-Ukraine war is their latest hoax, their latest excuse to move us to a world where “you’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.”

        Just like with Covid 19, everyone was on board with the lockdowns in the first two weeks, then the revolt began. With this Russia-Ukraine war, I’ll use a conservative friend as a case point: In early March, he asked me if I thought Putin was going to try and take all of Eastern Europe, and what “we” could do to “stop him.” Last week, he told me he supports Putin because Putin stands against the Rothschilds (he doesn’t, but that besides the point).

        Conservatives and Right Wingers are divided over Ukraine. The Boomercons all drink the Hannity kool-aid, but the younger ones have turned skeptical, just like they did over Covid. Ukraine is manufacturing new hoaxes by the day (this train bombing being the latest), and the Americans and the British are covering it up and preventing international investigations. The CIA and MI6 know that Zelensky is ordering all these atrocities, and they are making sure any information revealing the truth is censored from the internet. Thats the bad news. The good news is, no one is buying their narratives except for the same old PMC shitlibs who discredit themselves by the day.

        Look, of your goal is still some form of “White Unity,” just drop it and give it up. Its not going to happen. White Unity is both impossible and undesirable. At least half of the White Race has devolved into either insects or monsters. It is what it is. There’s hope from an ideological perspective. The White PMCs wont win because they are too degenerate to win. There’s zero hope from a racial perspective because the White Race has too much trash in it that must be erased from existence. I’m hopeful from my perch as a Right Winger, but I gave up on White Nationalism because “White Unity” and “White Identity” means supporting the EU, Ukraine, Zelensky, Soros, Gates, Fauci, etc. I know where my bread is buttered, and it aint with Aryan Globalism.

  3. Ruble is actually worth more than the Yen now. That’s not a common event. Coach Redpill, who is pretty good on economics, thinks the current value is based on the fundamental strengths of the Russian economy.

  4. @Exalted Cyclops

    Yeah, a commodity super cycle is about to take off, and the Russian economy is heavily commodity based, whilst the West/USA can only export debt, which, as we speak is being repudiated as countries in the East make deals with Russia that completely cut out the need for dollars.

    The West is fucked. Thanks jews.

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