2022 French Presidential Election: Round One

No surprises so far.

A quarter of the French have voted against democracy as usual. Macron is also attacking Le Pen for being an anti-Semite who opposes the Africanization of France.


“He also harshly criticized Le Pen’s party, which he called a “clan,” for deploring the “Africanization of France.” Macron didn’t miss the opportunity to point out that he “wasn’t the one who sought financing in Russia.”

Macron’s fate now depends on the willingness of leftists to vote for him solely on the basis of urban cultural affinities.


  1. Le Pen 24% plus Zemmour 7% is that barely 30% of people consider immigration and Islam a problem. So how to save those high IQ white people ?

  2. If their elections are as dishonest as ours, it would be a surprise if Le Pen gets in. But France needs this change now and their media is pushing Macron as hard as they can so they can keep ruining France with more and more nonwhite immigrants.

  3. Macron accuses Le Pen, but Macron and Le Pen are both anti-Semitic. I mean: they are both against (anti-) the indigenous, REAL Semites of Palestine!

    The most intelligent, committed Yellow Vests are committed to not voting, because there are NO good presidential candidates in this election. The system would not allow it.

  4. Zemmour + LePen is 1/3rd

    Voting is along hormonal / neurological lines, there are only so many that can support Order which is why we have the cycles of history. The breakdown of Order under democracy leads to Chaos then rule by force.

  5. “Pecresse, who polled at just 5%”

    That’s what happens when you brand yourself as 2/3 Merkel, 1/3 Thatcher

  6. For a chess great, someone who is presumably rather intelligent, Kasparov’s rhetoric is surprisingly formulaic and infantile — but he is a Jew.

    If forced to do so, I could name two positives:

    One is that Zemmour, using plain language, directly addressed the preeminence of the demographic threat to France and all of Europe — while of course his statements were widely condemned, at least many people heard them.

    Likely outcome of the runoff: Macron will win — that will be a very sad day for France and the French, who will be stuck with Macron for another five long years — it may turn out that his ten years in office will have damaged France as much as Merkel damaged Germany.

    Assuming the above runoff scenario unfolds, another possible positive is that the Rassemblement national will dump (now multiple time loser) Marine Le Pen, and finally take a big step toward becoming a serious political party instead of a weird entity that’s part political party, part personality cult, perhaps merging or collaborating with other political parties on the identitarian Right in France — Marion Maréchal, niece of Marine Le Pen, recognized the weakness of the party when she left it — during this campaign she appeared at a rally for Zemmour (link).

    • … it may turn out that his ten years in office will have damaged France as much as Merkel damaged Germany.

      From a translated version of Zemmour’s concession speech (link) — I have plenty of disagreements with Marine Le Pen. I addressed them in the campaign. I won’t go back through the list. But against Marine Le Pen there is a man who brought in two million immigrants.

      Assuming the number of immigrants is correct (it probably also includes asylum seekers and refugees, but it is rare for them to go back or be sent back in significant numbers, so they are roughly equivalent to ‘immigrants’), to this point Macron has probably been, per capita, more harmful than Merkel, since the population of France (approx 65m) is smaller than that of Germany (approx 84m).

  7. It is a great disappointment that Eric Zemmour didn’t make it to the run off. Hunter Wallace, I remember you went on TPC and said Zemmour’s campaign speech was the best since Wallace’s inaugural address! It is a shame we never get what we want through electoral means. Deo Vindice!

    • In the end, Zemmour moved the Overton Window and helped Le Pen look more moderate for the second round. He has endorsed Le Pen.

    • Reading his latest book right now (“France Has Not Said The Last Word”) and it’s dynamite. He knows what’s at stake. A pity too many French do not.

  8. So is it just Marseille and some of the suburbs around Paris where the Africans and Mohammedans are breeding like rats?

    • 100 years from now they’ll all be various shades of black and brown, but it’s all cool as long as the French language survives!

  9. Kasparov is an unrepentant juden. Bobby Fischer I consider the greatest jew in history, somehow chess made him grow a conscience.

  10. The man doesn’t say that she sought financing in Russia because all French financial institutions closed their doors to her. Some chutzpah on his part.

  11. Macron did a troop withdrawal from Mali just n time for the election. But the truth is that the forces were moved across the border into Niger and the endless war in “French West Africa” goes on. The “republic” has never given up on re-subjugating and looting Algeria and Tunisia either.

  12. Deploring the Africanization of France? Anyone who would vote FOR such a thing deserves to live in misery and savagery.

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