WSJ: The Right’s Russia Temptation

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is alarmed by our lack of hostility toward Russia.

In the 19th century, the United States had good relations with the Russian Empire. We bought Alaska from Russia. We traded with the Russia of the tsars. This was at a time when the Russian Empire controlled Ukraine, Central Asia, the Baltic states, Finland and partitioned Poland.

President John Quincy Adams was once our first ambassador to Russia and Secretary of State. Adams was a friend of Tsar Alexander I. He famously warned Americans against the temptation to go abroad in search of “monsters to destroy.” We had better relations with Russia before NATO which was ostensibly created to contain communism and to deter the Soviet Union from advancing on Western Europe. The mission was accomplished. The European Union is more than a match for Russia.

There is no basis for any conflict between the United States and Russia, particularly over Ukraine, which isn’t purely ideological. It is liberals who are at war with Russia. It is liberal internationalism which is the cause of the present conflict. The United States and Russia are separated by three vast oceans, Canada and the European Union which ought to be more than sufficient as natural barriers to avoid any collision between the two powers. The fate of Donbas should be of utterly no interest to Americans.

The European Union can fight for Ukraine. It is the EU that Ukraine wants to join, not the United States. The war in Ukraine should be their problem to solve. It is on their eastern border.


“I served in the Trump administration and fiercely defended the former president. During his administration, no dictator dared do anything close to what Vladimir Putin is doing in Ukraine now. But the things some America-first conservatives are now saying about Mr. Putin alarm me.

I noticed this after I condemned Russia’s invasion in a group chat with Trump appointees. One replied with a Z, the pro-Russia war symbol. One made a vulgar suggestion that President Volodymyr Zelensky was crooked. Others supported Ukraine, and it was clear our group was splitting into two factions.

That split within the right has emerged publicly as well. “Putin has laid out what he wants in Ukraine—a decent starting point,” congressional candidate Joe Kent said March 31, speaking at what was styled an “emergency” conference called “Up From Chaos.” Mr. Kent, who is challenging Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R., Wash.) in a primary, called Mr. Putin’s demand that Ukraine cede Donetsk and Luhansk “very reasonable.” Helen Andrews, a senior editor for American Conservative magazine said, “Ukraine is a corrupt country. Come and get me.” …

Still, that so many leading America-firsters are parroting the Kremlin’s narrative suggests the movement has taken a dangerous turn. The reasonable goal of reducing military adventurism has regressed toward extreme isolationism, producing a self-described antiwar movement that preaches peace while callously ignoring war crimes.”

“Extreme isolationism” has gone from an unwillingness to fight Britain’s wars to an unwillingness to fight Russia over Donbas. We’re actually suffering from extreme globalism, militarism and imperialism.

Note: BTW, if you are wondering where I got a positive impression of Russia, it is from Russian YouTube. Why should I be at war with people like Dan and his family? Over Donbas?


  1. Reading the comments on the WSJ piece, it really is true Putin has become a new Hitler in the mind of the libtard; they’re calling for killing, sanctions, immiseration, etc. Imagine what they would be like in a Civil War 2 scenario and against people they really hate.

    • These people are full of shit, they’re tough on twitter but would run away when they first heard shots in Civil War 2. Most have never been in the military, had to carry something like an M-60 MG (+ammo +extra barrel +tripod) as part of of a group such as a squad or platoon. All their military knowledge and experience comes from TV, movies, books and video games. They would be shocked at real life in wartime. It’s not a video game, there is no pressing ‘restart’.

  2. Re: “There is no basis for any conflict between the United States and Russia, particularly over Ukraine which isn’t purely ideological”:

    The idea or ideology is the ideology of greed. The basis for this “conflict” (and many others like it) is the greed of the elites. It is an imperialist war being waged against Russia in order to subjugate the Russian people and loot their wealth.

    Re: “It is liberals who are at war with Russia. It is liberal internationalism which is the cause of the present conflict”:

    Liberalism is a nicer, polite, evasive synonym for capitalism. Use capitalist instead of liberal in those sentences and the meaning will be clear and correct.

    • But how many “progressives” really realize that the end game of this conflict is to enslave the people of Russia and to steal their wealth? Based on my casual questioning of family members and leftist friends whom I have not yet disavowed, it seems damn few.

  3. The jews have been moderately successful in portraying the Ukraine as a victim of Russian “aggression”. But they are having a lot more difficulty in getting the stupid gentiles worked up into a frenzy for a military confrontation with Russia. Putin is not someone whom the jews can turn into a cartoonish villain the way they did with Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo.

    • Some of us jews have the ability to hack your IP and have military training from Israel, so you better stfu

  4. So, not wanting to go and serve as muscle for the Globopedo empire while our own border is wide open to an ongoing invasion supported by not only Joey Shitpants but the entire Gay Old Pedobear hierarchy is now defined as “extreme isolationism”. Note the subversion of rational definitions of words here. Using this perverse definition of the term, John Quincy Adams was an “extreme isolationist” since he warned about looking for “monsters” to destroy. There’s also some serious inversion at play here.

    Who are the real monsters? The folks who have been using this total wreck of a fake-country as a base for their massive money-laundering, human-trafficking, outlawed bio-warfare experimentation and training Judeo-Nazis in better and more efficient ways to kill Russian civilians in Dombass, or the Russians – who tried to arrange a peaceful settlement of the Dombass and Lugansk issue since 2014 only to be rejected by the puppet-regime in Kiev – who finally intervened to save fellow Russians? The true monsters are those who rule over us – the ones advocating for adding to the troops already illicitly in Ukraine, even a US general now believed to be in Russian hands. We don’t need to travel halfway around the planet if we are in need to destroying monsters. There are plenty of them located right here in Chiquitastan. They are not going to be removed by voting moar harder this time. Not in the French gulag or in the Chiquitastani one.

  5. Alarmed by our lack of hostility toward Russia? Jeffrey Scott Shapiro ?? Bwahaha. Enough said.

    If Shapiro wants to be alarmed about something, he should contemplate the growing number of people who now recognize how instrumental he and his other dirtbag tribesmen have been in spreading death and suffering to countless millions.

    He and his tribesmen are more of a danger to the US than Russia now is, and when Russia was a threat to the US, it was primarily because it was manipulated into an aggressive stance by the Trotskyite yids, some of whom, I suspect, could easily have been relatives of Shapiro.

    • I need to physically confront this sheenie and ask him if he and his co-religionists are deliberately trying to get themselves pogrommed.

  6. ‘extreme isolationism’…………..if it’s something they don’t like, regardless of how reasonable it is, just place the word ‘extreme’ at the beginning of the title.
    It beats being an extreme militarist.
    And this lot preach diversity whilst totally ignoring non white crime, rape and murder.

    • They preach diversity very intentionally because they know it leads to White genocide.

      • Lying neo nazis like you will experience ACTUAL genocide when my jewish ass blows ur asses up at the next right wing gathering u have.

  7. I met a very nice, intelligent young Eurasian woman yesterday from Khazakistan. It used to be part of the Soviet Union. She was very interested in architecture.

  8. I spoke to my first Kazakh the other day. He was working as my company’s account manager for a major international oil company. Impressive fellow. I think he said he spoke seven languages.

    My company’s largest JV is/was in Russia, so I’ve had regular contact with them over my years at the company. Salt-of-the-earth people, most of them are.

    It astounds me, though, how many people continue to judge other peoples by the actions of their elites, even many who would hate to be judged by the actions of the Biden administration as if they were their own.

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