1. The saying has never been more true: “See your tax dollars at work!” As Biden bragged yesterday “We gave them the weapons, we trained them.”

    The man being interviewed by Lancaster says the Azov militia are “drug addicts and alcoholics who shoot at children.” Well, some of them also molest the children, and rape women, and some are sodomites, trying to act macho, following the example of their “national” (remember it is a fake nation) hero Stepan Bandera who preached homosexuality, and was so lecherous and degenerate that he raped or tried to rape the wife of his chief assistant while he was taking Bandera’s wife to the maternity hospital.

  2. “Claims 1000 Ukrainian Marines have surrendered.”

    “15 to 20 thousand Ukrainian soldiers surrounded and completely cutoff from supplies.”

    When the Ukrainian army is finally crushed in the Krematorsk pocket, Želenský will still be claiming that he’s almost at the gates of Moscow, and going to dictate terms to Russia, and put Vladimir Putin on trial for war crimes. And the Anglo-ZOG media will still be claiming it, too.

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