Jimmy Dore: Shanghai Residents Screaming Under Lockdown

We’ve come full circle.

In the earliest days of COVID, the internet was spooked by dozens of creepy videos coming out of China that were posted on Twitter which made it seem like the second coming of the Black Death.

As the West became more familiar with COVID, many of us dismissed those old videos as CIA disinformation. It must have been some kind of internet psyop to undermine the CCP.

Now, it seems like those old videos might have been real and this is just the way the Chinese are handling the stress of COVID lockdowns.


  1. Why would citizens of the model society be screaming though?

    Don’t they understand they are sacrificing for their fellow citizens and neighbors? Don’t they see that they should give up any and all expectations of any kind of dignity?

    Why don’t they conform to our naive expectations about how they should behave in what is undoubtedly a horrendous circumstance?

  2. Dore is an idiot when it comes to the pandemic, and several other things. He is not a reliable source of information, more of an entertainer. I don’t watch him at all.

    To the extent that China is infected by capitalism and susceptible to the outside pressure of global finance to “open up,” it will lack the strength and resolve to continue its very successful Zero Covid national health policy on a mostly capitalist-run planet where the virus is running free. There is immense pressure neing brought to bear on the meritocratic leadership from semi-capitalist industrialists within and full capitalists without to give up on Zero Covid and follow the U.S.’s example of letting the virus run free while making fake mitigation efforts.

    China’s Zero Covid virus eradication public health policy is a GOOD war that saves millions of lives instead of costing lives. Only two deaths from Covid in a year, thanks to Zero Covid. If China stops fighting this war, it is estimated that about 1.5 million Chinese will die of it in one year.

    The new variant is the most contagious one yet and it escapes immunity from vaccination and prior infections, and it is just as deadly as Delta (much more than Omicron).

  3. Even if China finally loses its nerve and fails, it has already shown the world that it is possible, and how it is possible (vaccines are not really needed) to eradicate an extremely contagious disease that is spread through the air. China has already eradicated the virus, several times, but it keeps coming back across the border from the sick societies that breed all kinds of sickness.

    • “keeps coming back across the border from the sick societies ”

      How is it, working for The Peoples Daily, good pay?

      • How do you like working for Falun Gong’s (and the CIA’s) Epoch Times? You insist that China is failing, that China can’t win, that Covid is beating China, like some insist that the U.S. Empire is beating Russia in Khazarkraine and elsewhere.

    • Oh sure….the perfectly hygenic country that breeds the new flu strain every year is being infected from outside sources. Who do you think you’re fooling?

  4. I should add that although a few Chinese may have screamed out of windows on camera, the Zero Covid policy of eradication enjoys overwhelming grassroots approval. The Chinese people are not stupid, and they are proud of their ability to do what the U.S. and other “great” states could never do: eradicate a highly contagious disease within their borders.

    With a real functioning public health system China has had only two deaths in a year, compared to over a half million deaths in this failed state (the U.S.) with a private profit so-called “health” care industry – and a few thousand cases, compared to several hundred million cases in the U.S. in a year.

    • “With a real functioning public health system China has had only two deaths in a year,”


    • Exactly. It’s very true that there has been a failure in Shanghai, and there is going to be a bloodletting- possibly and hopefully literally- against the incompetent, Western, liberalized cadre running the local government there, who have compromised the safety of not just Shanghai residents but the rest of China.

  5. The US govt is probably studying whats happening in China and wondering if they can implement that type of tyranny here.

    • No, it is democracy not tyranny, and the U.S. can never implement that here, and certainly doesn’t want to. A real functioning public health system would require the destruction of the trillion-dollar private profit “health” care industry, including medical insurance! More than that, it would require replacement of capitalism with real socialism, which would never be possible in a racially and culturally “diverse” and divided fake nation with no social cohesion.

  6. Not sure if it’s true however, the elderly population in CHINA has on a large portion not taken the vaccinations and they are the ones mostly on lockdowns?

  7. Here is the archive of a thread on 4chan which reposted a lot of those early ‘people dying from covid in China’ videos from two years ago

    It seems clearer now that many scenes were not genuine, as people notice the anomalies

    In one ‘frightful’ video, there was a huge group of people writhing and squirming on the floor of a large room … but before the scene ends, a group in the upper left simply stops squirming and starts to rise, as if someone had called ‘cut’

    In another video, bodies are going into body bags … but one Chinese chap inside a body bag, can be seen having pulled down the bag edge, and smoking a cigarette

    The agenda maybe was not ‘covid’ but the social control / tyranny agenda … it’s also said that China used covid to cover exterminating dissidents … plus the Hong Kong rebellion was totally crushed by ‘covid’ … and the West quickly found they liked the tyranny agenda too, win-win as they say

    4chan videos are ‘webm’ format and have no sound, just page search for ‘webm’, and click on the picture to see the short vid


    • The Hong Kong riots were a pro-America Antifa color revolution gay op, orchestrated by Woke capitalist Jews in the State Department and CIA. Soros played a hand in that abomination. That said, what the Chinese do in their own country is none of our business. The Chinese have no intent to take over Western nations and turn them into woke, imperialist madhouses. Only the flag waving neocon mouth-breathers wish to spread Jewish democracy. You can take their side.

  8. Covid aside, I have to shudder when I see that first phone video. What an ant hill/hive society. Row after row of apartment blocks with no relationship to human scale. No thanks. I’ll take rural living in the USA anytime.

    • I agree about the rural living. I also don’t like “inhuman” mass housing. But the majority of Chinese still do live in the rural setting, whereas in the U.S. the majority are urbanized or suburbanized now with no roots in the land, no experience of rural labour.

      China’s over-population has stabilized but the U.S. homeland’s overpopulation is increasing, as the U.S. becomes the world’s third-most-populous state after India and China, thanks to millions of immigrants flooding in from every part of the planet.

    • Casper: I just spent a few days in the back country of Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia, so I understand exactly what you mean.

  9. China is using Covid as an excuse to clamp down on Christians, dissidents, etc. It helped them crush the Hong Kong protests without firing a shot.

    Shanghai shows how vulnerable you are if you live in a built-up metropolis.

    Also, Covid (pestilence) is a symbol of the “Mandate of Heaven” being revoked for Xi Xinping/CCP, so it must be stamped out and lied about at all costs.

  10. China is shutting down the supply chain, using public health as the cover. Hard to believe people are falling for these fake videos. We went through this before.

  11. Ralph Townsend’s Ways That Are Dark is an interesting book about what the Chinese are really like. He does not paint a flattering picture.

  12. It looks to me as though China allowed its citizens a couple decades of financial and relative social freedoms. Those freedoms are now coming to an indefinite end as the Chicoms clamp back down.

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