Lavrov: West Is Demonstrating Totalitarian Intolerance of Different Opinions

This is a war between democracy and autocracy.

While I agree that Russia is an autocracy, Ukraine is also an autocracy. Zelensky has banned his opposition, shutdown independent media and arrested and tortured his political opponents.

The world’s autocracies include Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Austria, the Baltic states, Slovakia, Greece, Germany and the United Kingdom. Germany is one of the world’s leading police states and still uses the same Gestapo and Stasi tactics to crush its dissidents. The United States under Joe Biden is trending toward autocracy due to draconian censorship of social media and the expansion of the surveillance state and is only thwarted from moving further in that direction by the U.S. Constitution.

The difference between British autocracy and Russian autocracy is that you can be arrested and imprisoned in the UK for “misgendering” someone on Twitter.

Note: I’m pretty sure this website is blocked in several European autocracies.


  1. With the stolen elections and executive vax orders I think the US is securely in the autocracy zone.

  2. The west had adopted communism while the Russians have abandoned it after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    • Ironic that but if you call it Bolshevism, which I think is more accurate, and look who the grandparents of the Jews running things are it makes more sense. They literally came over here. I would define Bolshevism as Talmudic Marxism and Communism as nationalistic Marxism (small n). Loyalty to the state vs. loyalty to Jewish psychopaths.

    • The “West” certainly did NOT adopt communism, or socialism. After it was almost completely destroyed in the 1990s They finally had full reign to do as They wish and began to double-down on usury, austerity and imperialism.

  3. Well, this is war and you can not let enemy run amok on the wartime.

    1917 in Russia, 2014 Ukraine Maidan and current situation in the West demonstrates that we can not let shitlibs run amok so 100 % liberty is just impossible and some kind of communist control and removal measures must be in place.

    • Juri has been a strident anti-communist, calling for the death of communism, and the mass murder of an entire segment of the White population, since the day he first started plaguing this site a couple of years ago. He calls this segment of the White population that must be eliminated, Genetic White Liberals.

      First he was shilling for Trump, ignoring all his failings. Then suddenly, for no reason earlier this year, Juri turned on a dime and said, Trump is useless, and Putin is the leader we must follow.

      Now Juri is suddenly saying, we need Communist control. Are you kidding?

      Juri has said in the past, he is Eastern European, but I wonder. Is Juri, a Russian intelligence officer?

      • Note that he says “some kind” of communist control is needed. He is not saying Bolshevism or Stalinism is needed. I think he is quite consistent in opposing whatever he means by his use of the word “communism.” He seems to apply it to liberals, who are definitely not communists!

      • I am not officer. I attended Soviet Military high school for a year but kicked out with the rest of the foreigners after Soviet Coup failed and Russia became independent.

        Trump is not useless but one of the greatest statemen white people ever had. He pushed entire Jew World Order into self destruction. with very little patriots suffering. Russians in the 1917-1922 civil war, also Hitler tried to stop Jewry but after millions of deaths both lost. So at the moment we are winning big.

        Genetic white liberals who are known as communists or liberal democrats are cancer and we can not co exist. What do do with them is up to every nation but with them white race is going from one madness to another. From Medieval witch hunt to modern racist hunt to Ukraine “nationalist” Russian agents hunt and when we don’t stop white genetical madness then we just go to the next round until self destruction.

        Ukraine is great example how easy genetic white liberals can transform into nationalists, Christians and take over every word and institution and turn this into madness. Nothing else than physical separation will not defend normal people from those lunatics.

        • “Genetic white liberals who are known as communists or liberal democrats are cancer and we can not co exist. What do do with them is up to every nation but with them white race is going from one madness to another.”

          I completely agree. There are measurable differences in the brains of leftists and rightists. We need separate societies, or the leftists will destroy everything.

        • There’s no doubt, just like the homosexuality, liberalism is a mental illness. What can be done with these people? They want anyone who disagrees with them simply — eliminated. The Left consists of the worst, and craziest people on the left side, all voting DIMocrat. Autists, Feminists, nutters, niggers, homosexuals, trannies, cat ladies, and other mental defectives, all voting in favor of the (((“Party”))) (communists) that promises to take care of them when the natural results of their mental deficiencies and shortcomings become all too obvious.

          Treacherous White leftists are both homos and race traitors. These people believe “no platform for *Nazis”, that is, *anyone who disagrees with them, because it is self-evident that they cannot defend their insane positions. Leftists are the least functional people in our society, and yet they are also the people that demand the restriction of free speech, censor ideas they don’t agree with, and enslave you to paying for their social welfare programs, as well as the wars being fought overseas, not in the interests of America, but for the benefit of Israel.

          The only thing holding them all together is their hatred of the White Man and their collective efforts to undermine him.

      • It seems pretty obvious that a large portion of the White population is iredeemable. Maybe 40-50% of Whites are a liability, and it is a genetic problem IMO. Every White person who kneeled for George Floyd and put a BLM sign in their yard, for example, would be better off dead.

        Lucky for us, most of these people aren’t having kids, and the ones who do are sterilizing their own children by turning them into trannies.

      • James,

        Juri is one of the best commenters on this site. He even types in slightly badgered English, a loveable and redeeming trait. Also he beat me to the whole “Genetic White Liberal” tag. I go back and forth and what to call those insects. They are a plague on the White Race and a plague on humanity. I’m learning that in even more detail now that I finally got around to binge watching “The HandMaid’s Tale.” I’ve learned a lot about what Genetic White Liberals fear.

        If you are offended by Juri’s takes – or mine, as I’ve called for the elimination of Genetic White Liberals myself in a number of different places – then it’s because you instinctively sense that you’ve been “Found Out.” Let me make a list of the various trash ideologies, values, and ideas of Genetic White Liberals such as yourself:

        -Rehabilitating murderers and rapists
        -Releasing murderers and rapists onto the streets
        -Releasing the mentally ill onto the streets
        -Abolishing the Death Penalty
        -Giving criminals rights, such as Miranda rights
        -Mass immigration from non-white/shithole countries
        -Promoting miscegenation and race mixing
        -Open borders and demonizing all those who propose measures to close it
        -Denying heritable differences between races and population groups
        -Wasting trillions of White taxpayer dollars trying to close the “education gap”
        -Supporting affirmative actions, disparate impact, forced busing, “fair housing,” and the 1964 Civil Rights Act
        -Promoting second wave feminism and its agenda of no fault divorce, abortion, birth control, corporate careers over motherhood, and the destruction of the nuclear family. All so women can go “drinking.” (Season 1, Ep 9)
        -Promoting free love, modernism, cosmopolitanism, illicit drug use, party culture, and all sorts of other highs and social ills
        -Running interference or otherwise making apologies for homosexuals, gays, lesbians, and now, trannies. Pedophiles will be normalized by the end of the 2020s
        -Supporting economically ruinious environmental policies under the guise of stopping global warming/climate change, which is a scientific myth
        -Zero respect for individual adults to make their own decisions about their health, what they eat, what they drive, where they live, etc. Everything must be collectivized, with individual treated as interchangable robots. The racist ones call this “supporting our racial interests.”
        -Demonizing rural dwellers and promoting degenerate cities.
        -A weird aversion to sentimentality even as you pursue this mythical notion of “true love.”
        -Supporting Continental Philosophy over the Analytic school.
        -Garbage tastes in food and beer

        This list is by no means exhaustive.

        Blue Americans are cancer. You guys are a disease. Your existence is a threat to Red America. You must be subordinated or otherwise reduced to second class citizenship. We need to punish you people, take away your power, and lord it over you the same way you intend on lording it over us. You are White Trash. All of you.

        Also, IPA’s and their imports will be banned. Piss in a bottle

        • Thanks for that DP84. If you think about it, just about every one of these upside down trash ideologies you have listed have been laid on us by the jews. We have the thoroughly and totally antiwhite jewdicial system that the jews use to coddle niggers and other nonwhites while they persecute unmercifully any White who doesn’t understand or thinks he can get away with the same shit blacks do. All this insanity comes directly from the jews and with censorship, imposed by these same jews, it’s impossible to out these vermin as the culprits to uniformed Whites. And White liberals have adopted all of this insanity as their own, and there is no going back to sanity allowing any of these leftist groups power of any sort.

  4. Hunter Wallace i think that western, especially USA, has become an autocracy or a reign of autocracies since 2011-12: from this date we have faced the spread of political correctness or wokism, monument destroyed, censorship, far-left or left-wing activist’s attacks and other sad things. We’re hostage of this kind of system. In USA things ard going worse than in Europe but even here, in Europe, we are facing the spread of woke undemocratic system for 10 years now.

    • The Woke are just communists who have evolved to become sexually perverted. They introduced new rituals on top of communism, like demanding people use their pronouns, and not dead name them, after they have sex change operations.

      They have run their liberal cities broke with leftism, and now they are doing away with the grading system for university admissions, because blacks and other minorities can’t pass the tests. They call it a leveling to make everyone equal. That sounds very Communist, does it not?

      Largest Four-Year University System Drops SAT, ACT Requirement to Fight Racism

      Political correctness not like a religion, it is a Religion! How do you know if something is a Religion!? When no one is allowed to question it. You are required to Believe!

  5. Lavrov is right. It’s no use of trying to view politics/international affairs from a left or right lens anymore. The worldwide threat is not from communism or Islam, but instead from Jewish/Western elites, PMCs, and heads of state pushing for neoliberal technocracy, inversions of social orders, mass censorship, endless imperialism, rigged elections, coups, and erasures of national borders. We’re dealing with Talmudic tyranny, not mere leftism. Just look at how western liberals support those Azov nazi-queers. The dummies on the right, even those who oppose war against Russia, will still vote for the same war-mongering Israel-first shitheads called Republicans in the November elections, just to pathetically “own the libs”.

  6. Interesting to see gaslight media resurrect the old term “autocracy”. It’s another term for monarchy really. While there is no question Putin is the big boss in Russia, he does not literally rule alone, nor does he even rule without the consent of the governed. The word does have a deep connection to Russian history though. The official title of the Tsar – it even appeared on the coinage with the Tsar’s portrait – was “??? ????? ????I????? ????????I ???????????” (Tsar Pyotr Alexeyevich Autocrat of all the Russias) from before Peter the Great (Peter I). Peter added “Imperator” later on so it was ‘Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias’.

    In reality, Russia nearly always had strong rulers – those who weren’t strong enough tended to be removed in short order. It was not really very different in the Soviet era: Lenin was the first Soviet Tsar (General Secretary), followed by Stalin, Kruschev, Brezhnev, then a succession of dying old Central Committee types (Andropov, Chernenko, Gromyko), finally Gorbachev (an autocrat beloved by western shitlibs). After 1918 the Tsars were not hereditary but those who proved to be the most ruthless in the greased-pole of Russian politics. There were great tsars and terrible tsars. The 18th century after Peter I was particularly odd in that the rulers were mostly women.

    Putin’s regime is less totalitarian than those controlled from Sodom-on-Potomac and London. Even the regime in China is less totalitarian in most respects to the average Han Chinese. Xi, unlike Joey Shitpants the drooling ventriloquist-dummy for the actual rulers, does not regard his own majority population as an enemy to be exterminated. I think more appropriate comparative terms would be “authoritarian” for Russia and China and “totalitarian” for the so-called “liberal democracies”, which is very much in the vein of a laughably bogus description a la Voltaire’s classic takedown of the Holy Roman Empire (neither holy, Roman, nor an empire).

    • Yes, the west is less autocratic, but more totalitarian. That is typical. Oligarchies, like the USA and other western countries, are usually more totalitarian and tyrannical than autarchy is.

      The reason western oligarchs oppose most autarchy is because autarchy tends to be less corrupt and the leaders harder to buy off than “democracy.”

  7. ALL White-created Western nations are now kike-usurped autocracies. Only their collapse & the slaughter of the jews & their goy race traitor whores can restore our freedom & save our race

  8. Nice picture of the Tommy wearing his checkered Masonic hat. The picture showed the real, but you missed it.

  9. Foreign Minister Lavrov is an adult who comports himself with dignity. Imagine if we had officials like that in “our” government.

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