Tucker Carlson: Elon Musk Puts Everything On The Line

We will see what happens.


  1. I don’t trust Musk at all. He may believe in speech but speech he agrees with. Call out the jews and Israel and I bet he would ban you as fast as the moderators today at twitter.

  2. Zero chance he gets twitter. But he might come up eith something interesting.

    Btw, the New York subway shooter was described as 5’5″ and 150 pounds based on the videos. This jogger who called the cops on himself is 6’2″ and weighs 300 pounds. Not the right guy. Not him.

  3. Lol! “ Parik” is the westernized version of “Parikshit” a not uncommon dravidian name.

  4. Brother Elon has still not come to terms with the historical situation: we are in the midst of the rise of an evil New Religion that will midwife transhumanism and the Abolition of Man.

    But soon he will.

  5. Seems that Musk is upsetting the right people. Maybe this will be good for free speech going forward. Just reserve your praise until he proves himself.

  6. This whole ‘woke’ Talmudic (see Rothschild, above!) fear of ANY honest discussion of the Jews’ control of the West, is just so much Kosher theater… until it isn’t.

    As Jazzhands McFeels has been saying over at FTN, the two factors of Jews in the world today, HAVE to keep flirting with White Nationalism, in their attempt to divert any REAL WN from happening.

    Trouble is, once you have a DJT, you have to go FURTHER, and then you get even closer to WN/REAL.

    Same idea, here.

    How can you have ‘free speech’ …if ALL speech is not tolerated? You have two options: ONE- the current model. Liberal Leftist Loonies determine just ‘whose’ (((whose?))) speech is ok, and which ‘hate group’ THEY will not tolerate, and act accordingly. (This is the model Jazzhands is talking about)

    Second model: This is a hallmark of White American discourse, and all others must submit to OUR modes and models. “Pre-woke Amurrica” (overt WN/Real).

    I think the vast majority outside of [Fag/Tranny/Obese Purple Lesbian Whore/JEw] “FTOJ” circles, would prefer the latter. Why? Because the concept of ‘Free Speech’ comes from the Western, Christian, English tradition. IT WAS NOT MADE FOR ANY OTHER RACE/GROUP/CLAN.

    By the way, Torba over at Gab offered Musk a ‘deal’-

    Personally, I think Andrew T is insane. Unless and until Musk converts to some form of historic trinitarian Xtianity, he’s just a loose, pot-smoking, egotistical billionaire… Trump, twenty years younger.

    I’m so over rich Egos….

  7. Jim Stone and Andrew Anglin separately make the same good point about the possible Elon Musk Twitter takeover –

    What’s to prevent the establishment from using the same censorship / banning techniques they use against other dissident sites, against a re-formed Twitter? It’s foolish for Musk to assume Twitter would retain its current media-promoted status

    Musk should remember how almost overnight, once-huge MySpace became a faded property, collapsing after the establishment went all-in on Facebook … MySpace itself replacing ‘Friendster’ LOL

    Above all, the big dominant search engines Google and Bing could ban or restrict Twitter in search results … Facebook etc could ban all links to Twitter, payment providers block access to the site etc

    Musk is rich enough to have his own servers, create his own Cloudfare type operation etc … but if big tech is shunning / disallowing links to Musk-Twitter, it’s not clear Twitter is worth much

    Musk would have done better throwing a mere few milion to Torba at Gab to upgrade his site, and moving his own postings there

    But Musk would likely try to be ‘in between’, less free than Gab, some but fewer ‘hate speech’ rules in place … and then be subject to only half a shadow-ban from Google etc … Musk repeating the Gettr – Truth Social – Parler failures

    Lefty poz billionaires would create, and Google would promote, some new Twitter, maybe called Glitter, with maybe Zelensky as honorary new board chairman, burying Musk Twitter just like they did MySpace

    • Even if some new site is created by the Left to “replace” Twitter, it would just become their own echo chamber like Gab. Twitter has built a reputation since 2007 as a sort of “public space” for online speech. They can tank Twitter if Musk buys it and unbans everyone, but I doubt they can actually replace it. Short burst spaces like Twitter will simply cease to exist as a major force, leaving us with Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok as the major social media platforms, with the short burst space evolving into a decentralized, feudal field of different echo chambers for different commenters (Gab and Twitter for Right Wingers, whatever comes next for Left Wingers, etc).

      Conquering Twitter is a worthwhile goal in itself. Imagine the cultural ramifications if we took over Twitter and either kept it going or caused the Left to abandon ship. Even if Twitter went the way of MySpace, that’s a W for the good guys. Twitter has devolved into a Left Wing source for misinformation and disinformation. We probably aren’t ever going to get a social media platform shared by everyone where Right Wingers and Left Wingers compete on equal terms. Twitter could have become that, but they went the way of censorship in 2015-2016, and the rest is history. Taking down Twitter, one way or another, is a most desirable goal.

    • What is the story on the demise of My Space and the sudden rise of Faceberg a decade back? I remember they hyped it up endlessly and even made a movie about it a year or two after it came out and showered it with academy awards. Then they told you not to even bother visiting independent sites, the “internet would all be on faceberg” even McDonalds told you not to go to McDonalds dot com anymore but McDonalds faceberg page. Was this all just because faceberg was jew owned and the jews wanted to centralize and control the internet like the gig they had with the big 3 TV networks 30 years prior? What I suspect?

      • I remember facebook was viewed as higher status at first because it required a college email address for sign-up. So it was the college educated millennial social network, whereas myspace was open and viewed as lower status.

  8. I am liking ELON more and more, I wonder what his thoughts are about southern nationalism ? That would really be something too have someone of his stature, too agree with us publicly , on certain political, cultural issues and express his personal understanding, of our basic concerns……………… rothschilds, the name, the very word, speaks for itself…………..On this day long, long ago, we thru him, won this war……………….

  9. I’m guessing Shlomo Ted Turners Musk. When Turner tried to buy CBS the tribe pitched in with their dirty money and out bid him lest CBS fall under goyim control.

  10. I honestly feel like he is wasting his money and all that money could be put to use better through other initiatives. If he somehow buys out twitter and makes it a private company and free speech website, the media, twitteratti, and the globalists will just ban it on the internet. Free speech twitter would be deplatformed on payment processors, it would be banned on google and apple. The globalists would probably go full nuclear and ban Elon Musk from accessing banks and credit cards, go full cancel culture on him. They could paint him as a neo-nazi sympathizer and make his brand toxic and all of a sudden he’s broke and powerless.

    Out of everything he could do with those billions of dollars, buying a toilet website for 10’s of billions of dollars seems like a stupid move.

  11. All of the usual Jew suspects like Max Boot were frightened by his take over! I am very happy by it! I hope Musk takes over Twitter and brings everyone back from David Duke to Hunter Wallace to Donald Trump to any and everyone else!

  12. I never got into twatter but briefly used it in 2019 to try it out and al it was was a bunch of name calling and fart sniffing consumers/narcissistic “celebrities” taking breaks between consuming products to spew their 2 cents on bullshit. It’s hardly a “town square” of any meaningful debate. It’s really sad people waste their time with this useless garbage.

    Elon Musk is not an ally or anyone to be celebrated, he’s just another weird self-serving opportunist and obscenely rich monopolist. Musk is and made the bulk of his wealth as a “climate change” gangster. Climate change is a scam.


  13. Musk is torturing pigs and monkeys for some brain control project. He is one of the globalist elites. He’s performing a role–they love to play act and push their nonsense on the public. More tricks and lies.

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