CNN: Zelensky Confiscates Viktor Medvedchuk’s Assets

This is a war between good and evil.

This is a war between democracy and autocracy.

Russia is an autocracy because Putin’s nemesis Alexei Nalvany has been sent to prison for six months. Nalvany isn’t a traitor even though he openly sides with Russia’s enemies in NATO and supports their information warfare campaign. Putin is an autocrat who crushes his rivals.

Ukraine, however, is a fledgling democracy. We know this because Zelensky has banned opposition parties in Ukraine, seized control of the media and shutdown independent media, arrested and tortured the leader of the biggest opposition party in Ukraine and has seized his assets.

This, of course, is how democracy operates according to trusted sources and don’t you dare say otherwise because we will demonetize or deplatform your channel for spreading misinformation.

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  1. Communism or like they say in the West, liberalism is science and science can’t be wrong. Because of that, when communism or liberalism fails, then someone is guilty. Witches, public enemies, Kulaks, Nazis, racists, homophobes, Kremlin agents.

    When outside enemies run out, then there must be inside enemies. And because of that, at the very end, communists or liberals start ripping each other apart.

    Ze himself will end up like Robespierre. Traitor of revolution. Lot of other liberal leaders too. Their own supporters coming after them. Wise Trump knew this and took care that his supporters stay far and away when the system collapses and knives come out.

  2. Zelensky is probably going to be liquidated by Dimitri Yarosh, or other members of the “Ukrainian government,” under orders from the Anglo-ZOG intelligence services.

    If he ends up in prison in Russia, or is exiled to Florida, he’ll be real lucky. There’s a movement in Russia to bring back the death penalty, however, for capital crimes. Like murdering pows, or one’s own citizens, for instance.

    • for Zelensky to be sent packing, Ukraine has to lose – definitively lose – the war to Russia.

      and so far, that’s not happening.

      • “and so far, that’s not happening.”

        The Russians are winning spectacularly. What’s left of the Ukrainian army is on foot, and rooted to fixed positions. They can’t even retreat to anywhere, much less mount offensive operations.

  3. All you are really doing with this line of reasoning is reinforcing why nobody here should care about any of them.

    Being as they are all corrupt, all slavs, all either secular or orthodox, I see almost nothing I have in common with them.

    Average citizens of all of these countries are being screwed by the power politics of oligarchs on both sides and some from our own oligarchs.

    The distinction between autocracy and democracy is, all the more meaningless in light of this analysis, leaving little distinction between Russia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Britain, France, Mexico, Germany…. everywhere, since oligarchy is now the dominant societal model (neo-feudalism really) . Whats left then, when you discard all the ideological bullshit people like to blog about?

    Race, Culture and Ethnos and soil.

    We only have a little of this in common with Slavs. I don’t think enough to warrant spending all pur political capital on saving them at the expense of ignoring our own failing regime at home.

    Ally seeking is a sign of weakness. We have no allies. We should be looking out for ourselves only.

    • There is only one side which wants to pick this fight and escalate it all the way to a pointless war with Russia which is a vortex which will consume everything and from which we are unlikely to ever recover

    • Since you probably aren’t a Christian, yes, I can see why you would have such a myopic and bigoted viewpoint….even as you are totally wrong.

      Orthodoxy is CONCILIAR Christianity; which is the bedrock of all Europe. And the White Race.
      ROME is a disgusting cult, and all of protestan-schism merely her whoring daughters.

  4. 1) Canada is a democracy.
    2) Canada seizes assets of people of whom it politically disapproves.
    3) Ukraine seizes assets of whom it politically disapproves.
    4) Ergo, Ukraine is a democracy.

    – QED

  5. Look at all the property that was stolen from German civilians that nobody gives a shit about. Whole cities ethnically cleansed. Meanwhile, any Jew can show up in Poland and claim pretty much anything and get free money or property plus citizenship.

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