Thomas Main: Illiberalism and Its Challenge To American Democracy

Yes, I wasted my time watching Professor Thomas Main and Karen discuss the rise of illiberalism for about an hour this weekend in the hope that these two would cover new ground.

The funniest thing about this is that I am more liberal by temperament than either of these two. I enjoy arguing with people. I have always liked seeing a clash of perspectives. I spend most of my time reading or watching people who I disagree with. I am notoriously light on comment moderation on my own website because my general preference is to let people say whatever is on their mind so long as they are making some kind of argument and don’t get too vulgar. I don’t support censorship which I see as weak. If I was running a social media platform like Twitter, I would allow socialists and communists to make their case in the public square even though neither of these groups tend to believe in free speech. We would ban pornography as obscenity, but we would protect political speech and debate.

Thomas Main is an illiberal authoritarian. He wants monopolies and gatekeepers to censor the internet. He appeals to authority figures to “do something” because ordinary people are sharing their opinions online. He is an intolerant bigot who can’t stand anyone who doesn’t agree with his own point of view. He feels far more threatened by people who disagree with his point of view than I do. Thomas Main and Karen are upset that too many people have their own platforms. This is a threat to “liberal democracy.”

Isn’t this ironic? The “illiberals” are far more comfortable with freewheeling debate while the “liberals” who style themselves as the defenders of “liberal democracy” don’t really believe in their own bullshit about freedom, equality, tolerance, democracy and so on, but instead beg elites to SHUT IT DOWN.

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  1. If you watch old Firing Line episodes , people could have decent tolerant conversations. And yes Buckley did have his problems.

  2. “while the “liberals”…. don’t really believe in their own bullshit about freedom, equality,”

    That’s the reason they are so very despicable.

    • They never have. It’s always been a lie. Orwell – who even fought with them in Spain – eventually saw through them and penned both 1984 and Animal Farm after his falling away from the doctrine. The killer line from Animal Farm is uttered by a pig named Napoleon: Some of us are more equal than others. Equality does not exist in life. It’s a utopian lie. The only place one will see equality is in a mass grave with no visitors. Pol Pot and his followers created lots of equality.

  3. I despise “democracy”, “equality”, “nonviolence” and “human rights”. Those are extremely dishonest concepts that liberals use to push their tyrannical agenda.

  4. Hunter Wallace, correct me if i’m wrong, these “liberals” and “peaceful” have destroyed or intend to destroy even the monuments which rapresent the peace between unionists and confederates, because they don’t want the peace or a freedom debate, they want that all people agree with them. Look and think how they’re able to brainwash a lot of people on the right political spectrum to create the formers. And these “formers” are really out of extremism and start to think rationally? Of course NO. These formers are trained to become lefty woke intolerant who spread a different kind of extreme perspective. Liberals call hate what is not hate, but we have simply to understand this and continue to believe in what we stand for. They persecute dissident? i don’t give a fuck.

  5. Coastal shitlib scum like Main constantly scream for the silencing of White Nationalists – their only real opponents – because they know they simply cannot win against us in open debate. When the internet was still free before Charlottesville, all the comment sections of online jewspapers & other “mainstream” political sites were strewn with the scrawny corpses of crushed kikes, neckbearded soyboys, fags & muds.

    The (((arguments))) of these “expert” vermin have less than zero appeal to the normal & the sane. They censor, deplatform & financially ruin with the power of their fed & globohomo CEO allies because they MUST.

  6. No democracy worth having can exist without free speech. No free speech worth having can exist without a White, homogenous population. Democracy and free speech are Western, aka White, ideas and values. The non-White world knows nothing or cares nothing about them.

    Our ruling Anti-White traitors and open enemies are committed to turning planet earth entirely non-White. Our ideas of democracy and free speech have no place in such a world.

  7. Restricting pornography would do much good. Having a christian only homeland without censorship would do the same. I don’t think images of naked people are necessarily harmful but it is twisted to be harmful by the Shlomos who promote it. Are there any gentile pornographers? I doubt it but would be curious. Magritte and Dali did suggestive art but I would still call it art.

  8. the inversion of everything, especially l-ang-uage toward despotic autocracy …

  9. These college educated PMC’S, Liberal elites, fake Leftists, whatever you wanna call them, have the same thought process as takfiri ISIS Islamists. They hate and want to destroy everyone they disagree with, even if its the vast majority of people. They’re chosen to rule over others. Banning any kind of Nationalist thought is what’s moral to them. Criticizing illegal immigration, black crime, Globalism, and wars is domestic terrorism, aka “hate speech”.

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