Brian Kilmeade: Why America Must Lead The World

Brian Kilmeade’s views on foreign policy are the opposite of my own.

The United States had a good run for about about a century after the Founding because Atlanticism was rejected in favor of Jefferson’s vision of westward continental expansion or Hamilton’s vision of internal economic development. Even though power swung between the two major parties, the foreign policy consensus in the 19th century was that the United States should not seek to emulate the British Empire or the other European empires. It was a point of national pride that we had rejected this model.

European immigrants came here to escape from all the dumb imperial and dynastic wars of Europe. The United States expanded through the 19th century from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic, but our idea of expansion was adding new territories which became new states which were settled by our own people and incorporated into the Union as the equals of the older states. In such a way, Kentucky was an organic extension of Virginia and Alabama was an organic extension of Georgia. American growth wasn’t like the growth of the British Empire with the notable exceptions of Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Unlike Nigeria, the British settler colonies around the world remain extensions of Britain to this day.

By the early 20th century, this model of national development had strengthened the United States into one of the richest, freest and most powerful countries in the world. Instead of participating in the Napoleonic Wars, we bought the Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon who was the evil dictator of his time. We bought Alaska from Tsar Alexander II for only $7 million. Russia had been weakened by the Crimean War which drew in all the Great Powers of Europe and which we wisely avoided. President Andrew Jackson established good foreign relations with Russia and we traded with a far more powerful Russian Empire in the 19th century which included Central Asia, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Finland and Poland.

The United States of the 19th century was like China in our own times. Americans didn’t go abroad to squander our wealth smiting and vanquishing evil doers in Eurasia. We focused on our own industrial development and material prosperity and enjoyed the natural security provided by dominating the North American continent which is shielded from Eurasian conflicts by three oceans.

The downfall of this country was not knowing when to stop. We had accumulated so much wealth and power through the wise choices of previous generations. The temptation was always there for our elites to aspire to become a “Great Power” on the world stage by emulating the British Empire and the other European empires. After the Confederacy, the only thing that was really holding them back was tradition. The American self image and self understanding was that our ancestors had revolted against and won our independence from the British Empire and had consciously set out to create a republic. The idea that Americans would become an arrogant bully on the world stage and the imperial masters of foreign countries was repulsive to our national DNA which is based on the ideal of self-government.

The first step in this direction was Hawaii which was seized in 1893 and became a U.S. territory in 1898 and only became the 50th state in 1959 during the Cold War. As with Oklahoma and New Mexico, Americans were long conflicted about incorporating Hawaii into the Union due to the presence of so many non-Whites there. The Hawaiian Question was ultimately solved by incorporation. It eventually became a state like the other states with equal representation in Congress (blacks and American Indians also became U.S. citizens), but Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippines which were seized in the Spanish-American War and became the Inner Empire never made this journey to statehood. The United States acquired American Samoa in 1900, the U.S. Virgin Islands in 1917 and the Northern Mariana Islands after World War II.

Cuba stands out on this list as one of the countries which we have the worst foreign relations with on earth. It ultimately circles back to the American intervention there in the Spanish American War. The country jumped into the arms of Castro and the Soviet Union during the Cold War to escape from the clutches of American imperialism. We have been punishing Cuba ever since. Nearly every country in the Caribbean and Central America (the exceptions are European possessions) is a case study in the long term devastating effects of American meddling and mindless interventionism. Progressive social engineering spectacularly failed in Haiti before it was tried here at home in the 1960s.

American interventionism in World War I to “make the world safe for democracy” begat the Soviet Union and the conditions in Weimar Germany that made World War II possible. American intervention in World War II begat the Cold War. America’s victory in the Cold War begat the expansion of NATO which begat the current war in Ukraine. American intervention in Afghanistan begat the Taliban and al-Qaeda which begat the Global War on Terror (GWOT). American intervention in Iraq and Syria begat ISIS. We have repeated the same mistake that we made in Cuba over and over again. We never learn anything.

Having sown the seeds of imperialism and militarism for over 125 years now, we have reaped the harvest. The United States is merely the “Homeland” of the Global American Empire which is presided over by a globalist elite which has effectively seceded from the nation and cares nothing for our formal territorial borders. America’s elites care deeply about the borders of the Empire … in Ukraine. We debased our currency and diluted our national identity like the Romans long ago. We are lorded over by a set of all powerful oligarchs and multinational corporations which escaped our control long ago. The president of the United States answers to unelected Deep State bureaucrats. The “intelligence community” now intervenes in our elections to overthrow our government because it has spent so many decades practicing these arts abroad. The Pentagon balks at following the orders of the president.

We’re the Global American Empire now. Every aspect of American life takes a backseat in Washington to foreign policy which has been effectively removed from democratic control. The devastating consequences of deindustrialization, for example, can be laid at the doorstep of the State Department because the need to appease our European and East Asian allies by granting them generous access to the American market has trumped the interests of the American worker for generations. The dollar is kept afloat by Middle East oil transactions and the willingness of foreigners to finance Uncle Sam’s national debt. We have lost our sovereignty and independence too, but a lot of people got rich off of these decisions.

The United States is a global financial empire, a marketplace, a petri dish for social experiments and a military that occasionally pretends to be a country in times of crisis although our elites increasingly just dispense with that fiction these days. We have spent the last century fighting and vanquishing evil doers in Eurasia to no end. American soldiers have died everywhere from the shores of Normandy to Italy to North Africa to Iraq to Afghanistan to Vietnam to Korea to Iwo Jima to the Philippines to the Solomon Islands. The burden and responsibilities and sacrifices of imperialism will continue until the inevitable collapse.

For what? For this?

What good will come out of a Second Cold War, a trillion dollar military budget, an even more reckless and unaccountable foreign policy establishment, an even more empowered surveillance state? Are we going to vanquish “autocracy” or will the United States itself become more degenerate and autocratic?

Note: We’re not even leading the world anymore in this conflict.

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  1. Castro shut down the casinos and sex slavery. That must be a Talmudic “Great Sin”. Shlomo never forgets. The irony of Cuba becoming closer to USSR after the creation of Israel suggests a nationalism vs. Bolshevism struggle that eventually collapsed the USSR. As for immigration, my ancestors fled serfdom in Europe and never looked back. Now we have the same system, if not worse, here. Robin Hood and Musk with Twitter shows our “free market” is anything but.

    • Americans are/were exceptional entrepreneurs. I think we have much higher risk tolerance than the euros we left behind. The Brits aren’t bad here either. The rest of Europeons are more sheepish. That’s exceptional. Can’t think of much else.

  2. America can no longer lead the world, except to continue to lead it into oblivion. Brian Kilmeade is so arrogant and stupid he doesn’t even acknowledge that America is controlled by an alien people who hate him and all White Americans. They hate traditional and historic America. America’s own government, controlled by these alien creatures, has destroyed America’s own manufacturing base – America makes nothing, while also openly discriminating against the race of people who created and established America, while, at the same time, empowering the nonwhite dregs of humanity who never wanted to be Americans in the first place and don’t know the meaning of the word. On top of that, America is more than broke. ITZ $30 trillion in debt. The American populace of whatever race is dangerously dumbed down. The military is devoid of the people who made America great in the past, and is now populated by all sorts of misfits and sexual degenerates, who will, if we engage in a major war, become cannon fodder, and the jew overseers will have no problem with that.

    What the stupid and dumbed down FOXjews viewers need to understand is that the main danger to liberty and peace in the world isn’t in the Kremlin, or Peking, or North Korea – it’s right here in these United States of America, in the global epicenter of evil otherwise known as Washington, DC. The Founding Fathers of this country are rolling in their graves as the jew usurpers in Washington sully the good name of America with the blood of innocents worldwide and defile the Constitution in the process. True Americanism means opposing these antiwhite monsters as they rampage over the earth and destroy our civil liberties at home, while engaging in endless wars of aggression in other countries.

  3. Sodom and Gomorrah has a cheerleader.

    Sir, you hate God and the Word of God. You want to spread this Yankee Empire filth all over the world. The kind of sins we are committing requires our destruction and it is coming. These invaders crashing our borders with over half the country wanting them to come in and destroy/replace us — there is a reason for this! God drove the inhabitants out of the land that ancient Israel was to inhabit because those inhabitants were filthy/unclean committing sins that God said would require those sinners to be spewed out of the land. God’s Word says the land itself will vomit you out if you commit these sins and in Leviticus 18 the Word of God, the Spokesman of God who later came in the flesh as Jesus Christ listed these sins that include sins such as homosexuality, adultery, etc. Just filthy unclean sins that this dumpster of a nation has been promoting/tolerating for some time now. There is no minister of God to stand up and turn this nation around morally/spiritually. We are DOOMED to go through all this hell we have brought on ourselves because of our personal sins.

    May the South repent!

    May God Save the South!

    • But remember the overlooked message in the Sodom and Gomorrah story, Lot deliberately chose Sodom despite knowing it’s wickedness. The “bright lights, big city” is so alluring people over rule their better judgment to seek it out. EXACTLY what I experienced in the late 90s with this conservative Sihk guy at work. He railed against the degenerate sexual mores of America and lack of marriage and family, he even was about to send his kid in middle school back to India to go to School to avoid having their mores warped by what at the time seemed “as bad as it can get” liberal Clinton school brainwashing…no one imagined at the time that “gender theory” CRT and climate change hysteria was on it’s way. So in other words America is this really wicked place according to this Sikh guy yet he still chose to live here the same way Lot chose Sodom? Yes, much of the world claims to still have all these values, yet they will gladly compromise all of that given the opportunity to come to the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah and embrace a pocket full of Sodomy Bucks$$$

  4. I saw part of Kilmeade’s show last night on mute as I talked to someone on the phone. It was insane. The level of simplistic, puerile propaganda he was spewing (highlights in the screen crawler that I could read) was at elementary school level. It reminds me of Popeye cartoons about Japs during WWII, or that puppet movie a while back, “Team America World Police.” Fox has noticeably dumbed down its content over the past few years as its core audience of Boomers reaches senescence & it tries to attract blacks & Idiocracy level younger whites.

    • Yeah, he is not for the thinking man. I have the same impression of this guy. It’s awful. He appeals to people who can’t think and use the media to form their opinions.

  5. Re: my first comment. Come to think of it, the best way to understand the mindset & presentation of Fox News is to watch the movie, Idiocracy. They are one & the same.

    • @Wilburn Sprayberry

      “He tried taking water from toilets, but it’s Secretary Not Sure who finds himself in the toilet now.”

      • ” taking water from toilets”

        Sounds better thsn our current Energy Secretary, who doesn’t know how much oil the US producces.

  6. Kilmeade is an Irish Roman Catholic O’Asshole. But, by his physiognomy, my guess is he has more than a touch of Jew in him too.

    • @Krafty—–The Irish and the Jews, they both want power. But they never tell us why they should have power, only that they want more and more.

      They question I have for them is how can they lead and rule over us without Christ. How do you do it? Where do you derive your moral authority from? If it is not Christ then what?

  7. I actually tried to watch that idiot, but not possible more than ten seconds. If he had more than an ounce of wisdom, he would not be inside the talmud box anyway.

    I agree with you, Ametica prospered greatly under British rule, and under the freedom of the Articles, and even after we lost our Independence in 1789, and continued to proper some years after.

    The prison of industrial society and its necessary concentration camp for children called schools captured Yankeedom first. After 1840 their prosperity began to wane.

    It took a war to subdue the free and prosperous South, which only gradually yielded its freedom and prosperity.

    After 1860 it has been all downhill. The only groups here that are not outright slaves are the Amish, some Mennonites, and the Hutterites.

    Obviously, it is impossible to righly discern our history while ignoring the JQ. And now all this massive and degrading technology is in the hands of the yids.

    No election will fix anything. Nuclear war might do it.

    • His radio show is on in the morning on the way to work. I usually have to turn it off. He represents everything I am against.
      His hatred for Russia is bizarre. But then he loves Israel.
      He really does represent the Republicans.

    • Antifa is the goon squad of misfits, meth addicts and mercenaries that the FBI uses to terrorize White conservative activists. Other ZOG regimes like the one in Germany use them for the same purpose.

  8. Incompetent losers don’t get to lead the world.

    The world is looking to level-headed people like the Chinese for leadership, not to insane, retarded, and morally deficient child grooming White libtards like Kilmeade or his ilk.

    • The Covid tyranny in China is several levels beyond what the worst democrat mayor ever could pull off. I don’t see much of the world aspiring towards China other that out of pure greed. The covid crap is pointless. You could lock everyone in their closet for the next 6 months and the minute someone goes abroad and come back the whole thing will start all over again. It’s here to stay unless nature itself makes it go away.

      • Chinese aren’t retarded like Americans are, so they do not view effective public health measures as “tyranny.” The West, due to it’s stupidity and greed, lost many orders of magnitude more people than China did to an easily preventable disease. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, since we are better off if western boomers choke to death and end their malicious influence on the world.

  9. On the bright side, Kilmeade is being eviscerated in the comments section. The people aren’t buying what he is selling. Except for the boomers who will all be dead soon inshallah

    • LOX News treats its stupid gentile Boomer audience of “patriots” with thinly veiled contempt. I can’t fault them for that. Kilmeade-Greenstein doesn’t want America to “lead” the world, he wants it to rule the world – for the benefit of the international criminal jewish conspiracy.

  10. As bad as Hannity is, Kilmeade is even worse. I know this because I listen to this stupid and arrogant neocon on a regular basis. Unlike Hannity who runs mostly political whores Kilmeade runs nothing but the cream of the neocons. Deep staters, warmongers, war profiteers from the “intelligence community” and the Military-industrial complex. if you want to know what they are pushing in the background this is the show.

    I’ll add this as well. Kilmeade in a Southern hating bigot. I believe his only use for Southerners is a source of man power for the military and a source of revenue.

  11. The US fights Wars for Jews, Oil Companies, and the Military Industrial Complex. Money. That sums it up and has been doing so for many years. No friend of anyone. Deo Vindice !

  12. I see many books in the bookstore written by Fox News journalists Brett Bair, Bill O’Reilly and Brian Kilmeade.

    I avoid them all.

    • I’m amazed Kilmeade can even write a book. Maybe someone ghosts it for him.
      “Here, Brian…your book is done”.

  13. We did not enter WW1 because of the Lusitania sinking. We entered WW1 because British Zionist offered to get American jews to enter the war on the side of the allies. They were successful and their reward was the Balfour Declaration.

    We were isolationists in 1937 because we were interventionists in 1917.

  14. We as a Great Nation have a responsibility to fight for EVERYONE’S “freedom”; we can never take off the “crown”…

    FUCK that eyes-too-close-together jew-whore scum and all the rest like him. The sooner the boomers who are the only remaining audience for such laughably empty patriotard jingoism die off, the better.

  15. These boomer blowhards don’t seem to get that the US gave away it’s entire industrial base and that’s a game changer. The old rules don’t apply anymore, this isn’t the superpower of Ronald Reagan, our factories are gone, the civil generations have died off, and the nation is populated by fatherless bastards and nonwhites. The thoroughbred died and now you expect to ride a mule into the Kentucky Derby and have the same results?

    • “the civil generations have died off, and the nation is populated by fatherless bastards and nonwhites.”

      Yes. This country is undergoing Brazilification, and somehow the fools at the top believe that mongrels and rootless, dumbed-down urchins can keep their Empire going.

    • I have recently been all over Dixie and it really is a country in its own right, separate from Yankeedom. The North needs the South because that’s where all its big military bases are and that’s where it recruits its best soldiers and Marines from.

  16. Our rulers constantly tell us that America is rotten to the core, an evil racist, sexist, homophobic hell hole. Then they turn around and tell us that we must be the world’s policemen to enforce liberal values. If we’re so rotten and illiberal, where do they think we get the moral authority to be the cops of globohomo?

  17. Ridiculous and contemptible idiot Brian Kilmeade says the US should lead the world as if that were simply a choice to be made by Americans. The fact is, however, that the US is neither able nor fit to lead the world. The last two strengths of the US had been the status of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and its military might, but both of those are quickly vanishing thanks to the incompetence and corruption of the regime.

  18. I’ve spoken before about Kilmeade. I can take about ten minutes of him. He’s really an airhead, cheerleader for war anywhere. I remember when Trump was defeated, he was almost breathlessly selling the “ticket to win in 2024…Nikki Hailey and Tim Scott…come on, it’s the ticket! It’s the GOP!” On his show, he has every general and admiral you can find, especially Alan West, whom he seems to dote on. Kilmeade has written books, always “with the assistance of”, and loves to pander to blacks. His ‘book’ on Lincoln talks about Frederick Douglass, ‘The black freedom fighter.’
    He’s just really annoying, a rattling drum of Sean Hannity. Note how FOX once had O’Reilly, Ingraham, Savage, and now all they have is this noise.
    It is a record of the death of talk radio.

    • LOX News and Kikefart are examples of kosher kahnservatism. Best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves, you dig?

    • There’s no real conservatives on the radio. They’re always “moderates”, which are left of center.

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