1. Happy Easter, Christ has risen! If he could arise to rebuild the temple, we can rebuild ours also known as our race. May we take this day to reflect and honor the Lord in his work and teachings. Let us also be blessed that to have our first Easter without Russel Moore leading the Southern Baptist Convention. Let’s hope his cohort J.D. Greer and Ed Litton are also kicked out of the ranks! Deo Vindice!

  2. The Cross of Christ, a few miles north of the Mason Dixon Line at Jumonville, PA. It can be seen for 50 miles.

  3. When we see the cultivated stupidity of Aryans, those who prostrate themselves before a book of Semitic nonsense, a foolish compendium scribbled by Jews, then you don’t care anymore about the racial destruction that is coming their way.
    The only path to the salvation of Aryans – among them the pinnacle of evolution i.e. the Nordic ephebes – is the rejection of the Semitic cult, the transvaluation of all values, and the crossing of the Rubicon

    • @César Tort—-How do you deal with sin? We are all imperfect human beings. We are all sinners so what is the best way to deal with harm we cause others, the way God would want us to?

      Should we transfer all of our sins to a goat or a sheep once a year then banish the goat into the wilds to ride ourselves of sin? Or should we perform a sacrificial slaughter of the goat full of sin to our God. Is killing an innocent animal a good way of ridding ourselves of our sins?

      Or should we admit our wrongs, admit we are sinners and ask for forgiveness and try to repair the damage we have done?

      Which way Cesar?

      • vicarious atonement/salvationism (blood magic) is immoral… take responsibility for your own actions!!

  4. Happy Easter! Christ will return to start His eternal reign! No King but Christ. Thank you Father God Almighty for sending our Blessed Savior, our Glorious Redeemer. Blessings on all who love Him.

  5. Gonzalo Lira has been missing for about four days, possibly caught by the Khazarkrainians, possibly with CIA or MI6 assistance. Lira’s U.S. passport (he was born in California) will certainly not protect him from torture and death, no more than Julian Assange’s Australian citizenship helps him.

    Watch this Russian movie (with English captions) on the one-month-long Battle of Brest, June 22 to July 23, 1941, that heroically delayed and helped to defeat GPO (Generalplan Ost):

    • Commie,

      Everyone other than you know that National Socialist Germany were the “white hats” in WWII. It is safe to say that it even the most zealot Southern Nationalist would side with fascist Germany over the marxist-leninist brutal and soulless regime of Stalin.

      There is still a lot of ignorance in regard to the eastern campaign to save Western Civilization from the jewish leviathan known as the Soviet Union. The masses of asses that are only semi-literate to who actually mistreated the Slavs that the areas Wehrmacht and Waffen SS personnel came into contact with them,

      Stalin’s Oder #0428, otherwise known as “Torch-Men-Order,” which has been confirmed by the current Russian government.

      Oder#0428 commanded on November 17, 1941 that partisans were to take German battle dress from KIAs, but with particular emphasis on the uniforms worn by the Waffen SS, and they were to destroy all settlements, and kill the civilian populations that were within a swath of 40-60 km from the main lines of battle lines. It was also made clear that a few survivors were to be left at each false flag atrocity, so that they were able to voice these “German inhumanity.” This method of warfare by deception was also confirmed by droves of German soldiers on the Eastern Front who had captured many Russian jews wearing German uniforms.

      Along with the jewish blood libel of the “holocaust” lie is the bullshit stories about Germans treating Slavs with brutally on orders from Berlin.

      Frohe Ostern.

      • There might have been some of that (false flags) occurring in conjunction with the regular, officially-ordered scorched earth resistance to the invasion, but it can’t whitewash over the well-known plan, “Generalplan Ost” (look it up) to genocide most of the Slavs of eastern Russia and replace them with Germans. Hitler explained: “The Crimea must be cleared of all foreign peoples, as must the parts of Galicia which formerly belonged to the Austrian Empire (…) We must make a Garden of Eden out of the newly won eastern territories; this is important for our future existence (…) All of the Baltic lands must be annexed to the Reich. Similarly, the Crimea, and a significant adjoining region (the region north of the Crimea) must become Reich territory. The annexed territory must be as large as possible (…) The Reich must also annex the Volga Colony and the area around Baku (…) There is only one task: Germanization, through the introduction of Germans to the area, and to treat the original inhabitants like the Indians (of North America) I intend to stay this course with ice-cold determination.” The original strategy of Generalplan Ost was to deport the indigenous people (Slavs) to make room for German settlers, but from 1941 on, it appeared that extermination instead of deportation, would be necessary. Food supply became very scarce even in the beginning of Operation Barbarossa, and millions of Slavic “useless eaters” would have to be starved or exterminated to allow enough food for the German invaders.

        • Hitler’s plans also included blowing up the Kremlin in Moscow and turning the city into a giant reservoir. There may have been some hostility towards Stalin among parts of the Soviet population but the “Fascist” invasion of the USSR turned him into a heroic national leader.

      • Re: “This method of warfare by deception was also confirmed by droves of German soldiers on the Eastern Front who had captured many Russian jews wearing German uniforms”:

        Undoubtedly there was a lot of that going on during Operation Barbarossa, just as it had been going on for many years BEFORE O.B. During the late Tsarist Empire, Orthodox Russians in areas with high concentrations of Jews (Galicia) were brutally mistreated and sometimes killed by the very well-armed and militant Jewish population which constituted as much as 20% of the total populations of Galicia and Malorossiya, and some other parts of eastern Russia. Hence the pogroms, that were a reaction. All three ethnicities (the Jews especially and also the invading Germans and indigenous Slavs) were “reducing each others’ numbers,” when they had the opportunity to do so afforded by war, and famine and anarchy in the midst of war. Note that the medieval Khazars (aka “The Name Stealers”) were infamous for their mastery of all kinds of deception, including war by deception.

  6. Regardless of whether celebrated today (west) or in a week (orthodox), we should never forget: Christ is Risen! As for those who consider Christianity a Jewish invention – they should understand that the Talmud (the Jew holy book) postdates Christianity by at least 500 years. Talmud is the creation of the Pharisees who Christ named as the Synagogue of Satan. The fact that Christianity is now scarcely a memory in the west, and even that which calls itself by the name in Chiquitastan mostly consists of worshippers of a Satanic skinsuit (the Judeo-Christ), or are branches of the Church of Woke does not negate the truth. Solzhenitsyn left us the finest description of why those who seek the destruction of nations are followers of the evil one trying to rebuild the Tower of Babel. Like St. Antony of Padua preaching to the unhearing fish, Sozhenitsyn said this to the hopelessly cucked Swedes:

    “The disappearance of nations would impoverish us no less than if all men became alike with one nature and one face. Nations are the wealth of mankind, its collective personalities; the very least of them wears its own special colors and bears within itself a special facet of God’s design.”

    – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    Those who have taken a quote from Galatians and twisted it to serve their globalist agenda of extermination serve the devil.

    OT: Gonzalo Lira is missing in Kharkov. He stated in earlier videos that the SBU (Country 404 Gestapo) was after him. Pray for his rescue.

  7. I was gritting my teeth in anticipation of a lot of Russia bad/Ukraine good banter at my Easter family gathering. Thankfully, nothing political at all was discussed.

  8. Happy Easter? Reports indicate the Nudelmanistas are preparing a massive false-flag provocation to take place on Easter Sunday, April 24th (Orthodox Easter).

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