Coach Red Pill Has Gone Missing

I’m praying for him.

I had hoped he would resurface after a few days. The internet is full of rumors that he has either been captured by the SBU like Viktor Medvedchuk or that he is dead.

Note: Seriously, it never made any sense to me that he was talking so much shit about Ukraine inside a war zone. I assumed he left the country when he went dark.


  1. Indeed. This should be a lesson to everyone in light of possible future events- when a jewish occupational government is under threat and lashing out at anyone telling the truth against it, the fact that you aren’t a combatant but just a guy telling the truth isn’t going to be protection.

  2. I saw a comment where they said, he couldn’t get out of the city he was in.

    The Russians say they are exterminating the Nazis, and I believe them. So if they catch a Ukranian with a swastika tattoo, there is no trial, no POW camp, just torture and execution. This is a war with no rules, and is a fight to the death, so when Ukranians catch an enemy propagandist in their country, they will do the same to him, as the Russians are doing them.

    I wonder if he regreted going to Ukraine close to the end? They say, he used to be a goofy libertarian up until a few years ago. Perhaps he got carried away by all the propaganda, and got himself in too deep before he realized it?

  3. The Nudelmanistas (the U.S.’s proxy fighters against Russia) have formally announced that they are holding hundreds (at least) of civilians, mostly women and children, hostage as human shields somewhere in the steelworks in Mariupol. Now Russian soldiers must proceed very slowly and at great risk, and cost of soldiers’ lives, to cleanse the steelworks of the Nudelman terrorists without harming the hostages.

    The Nudelmanistas have been trained by the U.S., Israel and UK to commit monstrous acts of terror, just like the U.S., Israel and UK trained the Al Qaeda/ISIS proxy forces to commit monstrous acts of terror in Syria and Iraq and other unfortunate countries. As President Biden bragged recently: “We trained them. We gave them the weapons.” See your tax dollars at work! I know that “you all” secretly love imperialism because it destroys, subjugates, enslaves and robs the rest of the world so you get things cheaper and don’t need to work as hard.

    • You are preaching to the wrong crowd to be accusing people on this site of “loving imperialism”. It’s also telling that us Americans who are still working are working more for less.

  4. He was planning on going to Russia or the DPR i´m sad to see he didn´t made it

    I will be praying for this truth teller and for the demise of the enemy

  5. Russia’s most important ship of the Black Sea fleet was sunk with an unknown loss of life, and Turkey, the U.S. (of course) and possibly Romania were directly involved. Turkish rescue of some of the sailors does not absolve it of direct involvement, an act of war. Turkey is also preventing Russian ships from moving through the straits between the Black and Mediterranean seas, arming the Khazarkrainians, and waging war against Russia in Syria and the Caucasus.

    • The loss of life was minimal. Nearly all the crew was rescued and have volunteered to serve on other vessels. It was also a 40-year old vessel that had not received much updating in terms of EW capacity. There was most likely UK, US and Romanian (e.g. NATO) involvement the attack. 404 could not have accomplished the feat on its own. It was a great propaganda bacchanalia for the empire and its lackeys but strategically means little. At the end of the day it has strengthened Russias resolve to take the entire Black Sea coast.

  6. There’s a telegram entry by the Kraken division of Judeo-Nazis basically acknowledging they caught him. It could be just more Judeo-Nazi puffery, but it’s pretty evident that the Daily Beast is a CIA-run operation so they could have provided intel to the SBU and its Judeo-Nazi goons.

  7. “I assumed he left the country when he went dark”:

    Trying to cross the line to get to safety in Russia would have been almost certain death, especially for a middle-age male. Much less risky to blend or hide in the diverse population of a big city. He didn’t even speak the Russian language or the Galician dialect.

  8. I don’t know anything about Coach Redpill except from a few of his long, discursive YouTube videos. Was he depressed? Did his wife leave him or something? Maybe he just wanted to end it all by disappearing into the smoke and fire of an armed conflict in a faraway country?

  9. Gonzalo Lira was a US citizen, but after he did videos like the one on jewpigwoman Victoria Nuland, does anyone think the US regime didn’t urge the Judeo-Satanist Ukrainian thugs to go after him?

    Judeo-Satanist cockroaches (liberals) have taken to mouthing “Glory to Ukraine!” I say, “Death to the Ukraine!” and also to the US and to all other Jew-controlled regimes.

  10. I hope he’s still alive but if Ukraine govt is involved with the cooperation with the US govt he is probably dead or in prison. Leftists are celebrating his capture or death.

  11. @BoneyBoy on Gab is doing a good job trying to figure out what happened to Gonzalo Lira, who apparently was living in the Ukraine for several years and knew he was an enemy of the Jewlenskyy regime.

  12. Good job Ukraine! That’s how you deal with commie fucks on the payroll of the Russian barbarians!

  13. This so called Grayzone website you are referring to is not gray at all, the financing for those leftwing jude comes directly from Russia. Whatever Azov is doing there, I am sure they have very good reasons for it!

    • You are saying Nazis like it is a bad thing. Let’s on this day all raise glasses to the Man who almost defeated the evil in the world.

  14. Now he’s Coach Dead Pill… Too soon?

    Seriously, I am sick of hearing about Ukraine, Russia, and China. What else is on the televitz?

    • For your desired change of pace:

      Hear something different about the Empire’s new front being opened in the Caucasus, using Georgia and Azerbaijan to threaten Russia. Think about Alaska, where the Empire is moving a hundred F-35s and F-22’s to deploy against Russia. The U.S. boasts that “whoever controls Alaska controls the world.” The U.S. is pouring even more weapons into the fake nation of Kosovo to threaten what remains of Serbia.

      Lots of variety for you here:

  15. As I predicted the Empire, that makes the rules (as in “rules based order”) regardless of is taking JULIAN ASSANGE to prison in the “homeland”:

    It doesn’t make any difference that he has done no wrong, only good, and does not deserved to be imprisoned, tortured and possibly executed.

    When They were determined to kill Jesus, it didn’t matter that Jesus who did no wrong, only good, and spoke the truth, was innocent of all Their charges. Pilate still gave Them what they wanted. Now the Indian Hindu female British Home Secretary, Priti Patel, will do whatever They want. She is much worse than Pilate however; she will never admit that Julian Assange is innocent, and she won’t try to wash her hands.

    • I’d love to see this revolting little queer getting mercilessly pummeled by Russian, or better yet, Chechen soldiers.

  16. Watching basic boring CRP videos in 2016, I would’ve never guessed that he would’ve turned into a Slav war casualty.

  17. I’m very sad about Gonzalo as all of you are. He is a very humane, thoughtful, man whose commentary is always treasured. I say “is” because I read on, a post came that Lira may be alive. It came from Gonzalo reports he escaped, and is getting out of the country. Also, that the big news must be the Biden laptop and the supporters of Zelensky. That is the crucial thing to follow. He also said the CIA marked him for assassination.
    This could be Gonzalo or an imitator. You can judge for yourself, but it’s obvious Biden can be destroyed, and must be. I think the whole western system could fall,,,if these leads would be ruthlessly followed, but, sure…ruthlessly? With our media?

  18. Prayers have been answered, he’s alive! The best I can figure he was picked up by the Ukrainian govt and held for almost a week. They confiscated his computer, cell phone and forbidden to leave the city or speak out anymore. He’s physically fine but understandably very rattled..

  19. He has, or had, some powerful connection in the U.S. and/or Ukraine that preserved him. The international attention could not have been enough. Chile would do nothing for him. The Ukrainian woman, the nanny/au pair who cares for his children that he lived with in Kiev may be connected somehow. It is bizarre. I understood he was only allowed to appear to show that he was still alive and unharmed, but now he is back to doing almost exactly what he did before, and again he is saying if he disappears for more than 12 hours assume that he has been taken again.

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