1. In the last video, the Chechen soldier says “They are shaitans (satans)” and he is correct. The Great Satan taught them to be saitans, trained and armed them and directs them. The largely drug-addicted and hate-filled Nudelmanistas are like zombies or rabid animals who cannot be entreated or reasoned with. See your tax dollars at work. Americans secretly love imperialism because it puts them on top.

  2. Sorry Olga and Ellie, but I don’t trust either one of you and I don’t value your opinions. Go back to Paris, Milan and Miami and party with your hip Eurotrash friends. Russia will get along just fine without you.

    Lancaster is one of the very few non-Russian journalists I know of who are providing honest coverage of this conflict. CNN, MSNBC, Deutsche Welle, etc are nothing more than regime propaganda/enemy controlled disinformation. Even their style of presentation looks like something that was produced by the US State Department.

    • @John

      “I hope he watching his back otherwise he might end up like coach red pill.”

      I read that some transgendered U$ZOGling wants him dead, for telling the truth about Ukraine.

    • The same glowies at Daily Beast who targeted Red-Pill also have mentioned Lancaster to the Judeo-Nazis. Lancaster is fortunately traveling with the Russian forces, so the Judeo-Nazis will have a more difficult time in capturing him. The other factory north of Azovstahl in Mariupol was littered with Judeo-Nazi carcasses in the Chechen vids that are posted.

  3. They’re still going to be saying that Russia lost, the day after Ukraine is reabsorbed back into Russia.

  4. The slaughter of civilian hostages in Mariupol (Lancaster counted over 100 on the ‘highway of death’) was the work of Judeo-Nazi Azov battalion, funded by Jew oligarch now residing in Switzerland. They were being used as human shields as the Azov boys fled from the Just yesterday in NYC there was a demonstration in support of the Azov Nazis which featured all sorts of Jews. Some Nazis are more-equal than others it would seem. The US military serving in Ukrainian units are sporting Baphomet and other Satanist symbols, have been desecrating and destroying churches, etc. These are the guys who are supported by mouth-breathing morons who tune into Fox News. It also explains the support of 404 coming from Greg Johnson and the catamite wing of the right, who have now been exposed as controlled opposition.

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