Occidental Dissent Endorses J.D. Vance

There are a lot of reasons why I haven’t been that excited about J.D. Vance’s Senate campaign. It goes without saying that Vance isn’t my ideal candidate.

I’m endorsing Vance for three reasons though:

1. First, I endorsed Warnock and Ossoff in the Georgia Senate races based on the $1,400 checks and my bet that Democrats would end up hanging themselves with such a narrow Senate majority. If Warnock and Ossoff had lost those races, the 2022 midterms would likely be a lot closer.

2. Second, Vance has publicly said that he doesn’t care about the Ukraine, which is one of my top issues at the moment at a time when the Senate is voting 100-0 in favor of escalating the war in the Ukraine. We desperately need more senators who are critical of American foreign policy.

3. Third, I am not a purist and I am willing to be practical. I have voted for Jeff Sessions in the past. I will support people who are kinda sorta in line with my views. It also helps that the alternative is Josh Mandel and the incumbent is Rob Portman. Ohio could do a lot worse than J.D. Vance.


  1. The US Senate has been Israeli occupied territory for decades, so it would seem very unlikely that one new “maverick” senator would be able to change anything. Even the most idealistic newcomers to Washington soon learn how things are done and fall into line.

  2. There isn’t a White Protestant running for the US Senate in a White Protestant state. It’s all Catholics. Vance is a fairly recent convert to Roman Catholicism. Is Vance’s wife a Hindu? She may be another Niki Haley for all we know. LOL.

    I’m sure Vance’s poll numbers are up with the Trump endorsement. Mike Gibbons another wealthy Catholic is the guy to beat, and like Jane Timken another wealthy personal friend of the Trumpmeister.

    State Senator Mike Dolan who is another Catholic blowhard, splits the Akron/Canton area vote with Jane Timken.

    Vance might just sneak in there?

    Brad what do you think of Dr. Oz (another Trump favorite) and the Governor’s candidate Italian Stallion Mastriano in Pennsylvania.

  3. In terms of the world in general, the most important election this year is right now and right where my feet are at right now, that being Paris. But in terms of the United States this year, I concluded early this year that the two big acid tests to whether the American Republican Party body politic and electorate has really changed or whether it’s just business as usual were going to be J.D. Vance and Neil Kumar.

  4. HW,

    Do you think an endorsement from OF does more good than harm? I’m pretty sure that Vance’s opponent use it against him, and Vance will cuck and disavow OD

  5. A “hillbilly” who wrote a book shitting on his co-billies for not Bootstrappin’ themselves to Yale Law like he did; who was a Never Dumper who called him a potential American Hitler (if only) then to crow about “Hitler’s” endorsement now. I think he’s a cynical slick who’ll say or do anything to further his clearly enormous personal ambition, including convert to the Catholicism which is the religion of the conservative “intelligentsia”. Therefore I don’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

    I didn’t trust Dump either – but I did HOPE, so I voted for him in ’16. So I don’t see the harm in Ohio Whites voting for Vance now. He might do just a little good. But don’t expect much because he’s in the pocket of billionaire jewfag Thiel, just as Dump was Big Shelly Adelson’s bitch.

    • Thiel is not a Jew, but he is a papist and a fag. That should not be surprising, since data shows a very strong correlation between papism and homosexuality. There is a nearly 100% overlap between countries that have historically been papist and countries that allow “gay marriage,” leading to the obvious conclusion that papism causes homosexuality (probably through its communion with Satan, which invites demonic possession).

      • Re: “correlation between papism and homosexuality (…) which invites demonic possession”:

        Yes for example Stepan Bandera, a Papist (“Byzantine Catholic” – a contradiction in terms) preached homosexuality among consenting adults, and many Banderites reportedly practice it, as well as the Satanism that you mentioned. Some of their “macho” barbarism may be denial of their lack of normal masculinity, and Satan worship (Russians are finding Satanist religious paraphernalia) convinces them that doing evil is good.

  6. Re: Banderaite/Khazarkrainian PAPISM (fake Orthodoxy): The Patriarchate of Constantinople created another Great Schism by granting the “Ukrainian Church” independence from oversight of Russian Orthodoxy. But the United States and Israel are the anti-Christ powers behind the move. But “the Lausanne Peace Treaty of 1923 limits the powers of the Patriarchy of Constantinople to the administration of worship services for Greeks living in Turkey. Because of this and Turkish law, it was illegal for Patriarch Bartholomew to send exarchs (representatives) from his US and Canadian churches (both political nationalist churches) to pave the way for Kyiv UOC breaking away (autocephaly) from the ROC. He may well be facing a criminal trial. On top of everything else, this is a strictly a political move not ecclesiastical. Does Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew recognize the error of his ways? In an August 1992-letter about the excommunication of Filaret, Bartholomew recognized what he called ROC Patriarch Alexi II’s exclusive competence in the matter. Filaret was a church breaker from the beginning of 1991. He couldn’t gain the top position in the ROC so he seeks to destroy the Russian Orthodox Church any way he can. Now, instead of recognizing the same authority he upheld in 1992, Bartholomew usurps it to lift the apostate out of excommunication and make him a Patriarch. The recent Synod in Minsk the ROC (Russian Orthodox Church) had about granting Ukraine independence from the ROC concluded by breaking relations with the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Because of this, it seems Patriarch Bartholomew might be considering a move to Kyiv. He would be able to consolidate his holdings which include churches in South American, some in the US, and Canadian churches. He would gain freedom from Turkish law that keeps him reigned into a degree. To sweeten the deal Petr Poroshenko is proposing to give Bartholomew the historic St. Andrews Church in Kyiv. The president supports the desire to receive a tomos [a church ordinance granting autocephaly to the Orthodox Church in Ukraine] as soon as possible. And, as a sign of solidarity with this process, he has made a symbolic gesture: a bill will be registered within the next few days by which President Poroshenko proposes assigning St. Andrew’s Church for the ecumenical patriarch’s permanent use as a symbolic gesture indicating that St. Andrew once baptized Ukraine.” While it’s called a symbolic gesture in Kiev, the rest of the world recognizes a bribe from a politico when they see one. How do we know Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew’s move is purely political? ven Petr Poroshenko thinks so. An independent Ukrainian church marks the biggest break with Russia since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union. According to the Washington Post, the Church is the battlefield of the new nationalism that took over Ukraine in 2014. Poroshenko considers breaking the church part of his hybrid war against Russia. Even though the Russian Orthodox Church gave the Ukrainian Orthodox Church autonomous rule in 1991. This meant that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) had the jurisdiction to do as it wished in Ukraine already. The Atlantic Council is trying to destroy Russia and is paid by Ukrainian-American nationalist Diaspora groups. They see this move destroying Putin’s power. Russia sees this intrusion in religion as a US-backed provocation. If the Ukrainian Orthodox community were left to decide, 2/3 of the entire community are ROC. If the recognized Orthodox churches in Ukraine were left to decide 100% of Ukrainian churchgoers are Russian Orthodox Church members”: https://www.mintpressnews.com/the-rise-of-ukraines-ultra-nationalist-christian-church/251007/

    • The USA has been working overtime to undermine Orthodox Christianity. Not just the orchestrated Ukraine schism, but also a flood of liberalizing Orthodox media and theology (emanating from the Jesuit schools, primarily Fordham University).

  7. @Dart

    Thanks for the correction. I’m not one to unjustly call anyone a kike. I somehow picked up the idea that he was one. Anyway, being a fag is disgrace enough.

  8. America is determined to fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian! By providing weapons they prolong the inevitable and soar the Ukrainian death rate sky high. That is immoral and sickening.

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