Taylor Lorenz Doxxes Libs of TikTok

So, while I have been banned from Twitter, Libs of TikTok has grown into being one of the most influential rightwing activist accounts in the United States. The woman who is behind the account was recently interviewed by Tucker Carlson and almost immediately afterward was doxxed by crybully “journalist” Taylor Lorenz in the Washington Post.

The Libs of TikTok account is hilarious and I shared it a bunch of times when I was on there. The account has successfully raised public awareness of the genderfluid craze to the point that it has inspired state legislation to tackle the scourge.


  1. I don’t understand how “liberals” act: why the website of National socialist movemen is still active while that of Patriot Prayer has been closed on charges of fascism??

    • One is controlled, one is not. They must have a clownish and ineffective controlled opposition, because they fear a genuine grassroots opposition arising. When I speak of “them,” I of course mean The Jews.

    • For some reason the commenters repeating the following on this website, and many other pro Republican nationalist websites, just came to mind:

      “Its not the Jews! Its the Genetic White Liberals! Stop talking about Jews!”

      “Eastern Europe is conservative because we killed most of our Genetic White Liberals in wars and witch burnings.”

      I wonder if White Liberals might become a touch anti-semitic, if they noticed an organized group (Chabad?), has been agitating for their genocide for a number of years?

      • Who is saying jews are blameless? Nobody. There’s about one guy who says to stop talking abouth them. And only a fool thinks there aren’t a large number of treasonous, degenerate whites.

    • Could it be, they are allowed to stay online, because despite not liking jews and non-white immigration, they are not shilling for countries (Russia and China) who are enemies of their own country (USA) in times of war, unlike some people (Dissident (Chabad (Jews) Lubavitch) Right).

  2. Trannies and homos have already been declared a protected civil rights class by the conservative supreme court. Trannyism and homosexuality will be taught in schools whether parents want it or not, and state legislatures won’t really be able to do anything about it. Conservative politicians know this, which is why they put forward only toothless, unenforceable laws like the one in Florida, as a show for their dupe voter base.

    The time to fight it already passed years ago. Conservatives could have put their own people on the supreme court, but instead they chose to nominate big business stooges like Gorsuch who will obviously force people to kneel for trannies like all capitalist puppets do.

    Of course, parents shouldn’t have been sending their kids to school in the first place, since school is institutionalized child abuse, and has been long before the tranny fad started. Getting groomed by trannies is just the icing on the cake for the child abuse industrial complex.

    • Dodge Dart: You’re absolutely right that schools are nothing more than institutional child abuse. In fact modern school buildings are indistinguishable in appearance from modern correctional facilities. I think most kids should be out of school by 14 and either working or in an apprenticeship. These days a lot of people wait until they’re 25 or 30 to become adults. And we have all seen the unfortunate results of that.

      • There are people who are smart enough to go into engineering and scientific R&D. Not everyone wants to put down floors for a living. The whole “don’t go to college” thing isn’t going to benefit our people. If you go into a higher level science, there won’t be as much propaganda because it’s tuned out at that level.

        • It is creeping in even at those levels. Acknowledgement of racial and sexual differences is now the ultimate no-no. Even medical schools are devising mental gymnastics to get around the fact of racial biological differences.

  3. Doxing works. I’ve been doxed and returned the favor regarding the effort to incite Antifa/BLM mobs to attack and kill officer Wilson and his family in Ferguson MO.

    SOme #*$&@ Woke, Leftist journalists doxed officer Wilson and his family, I returned the favor – put the word out to locals, law enforcement who, where these #*$&@ reporters were/are.

    They backed down.

    Doxing works.

    Cowardly Conservatives, Cucks, pussies, sissies, Chicken Hawks will never dox.

    That’s why they always lose.

  4. I heard the woman who ran that Libs of Tik Tok site is an orthodox jewess? If so then Mizz Lorenz is going to bitterly regret her actions. Attacking one jew is like attacking them all.

    • @Spahn she is an Orthodox real estate agent and landlord. Being that she is Orthodox she probably does hate all the weird trannie shit but the difference is she has doxxing protection. I have never seen a more united conservative media defend anyone. Every time a white gets attacked or accused of racism they join in on the attack

  5. Isn’t this the same bitch that claims she has PTSD from being harassed online? Such hypocrites these people.

  6. The cure for doxxing is to have our retirees or senior citizens that share our beliefs run interference by being a proxy. You can’t hold a job over a retiree’s head.
    I’ll gladly volunteer

    • That’s a good idea. Why should older, retired people who live alone give a damn if they’re doxxed?

    • ‘Streisand Effect’ in full force now: number of Twitter followers skyrocketing, gets 200k ‘likes’ on a tweet posted just a couple of hours ago — LOL — the WaPo doxxing hit piece on LoTT looks to have backfired spectacularly.

      Bonus: it looks like CNN+ was also an abysmal failure (imagine that), and the plug will be pulled at the end of the month.

      >I heard the woman who ran that Libs of Tik Tok site

      She’s still running it.

  7. “Every movement get the jews it deserves…”

    Notice she never showcased on “tik toks” of fellow tribe promoting the transhumanist agenda. Adam Green posted em on twatter.

  8. The only reason all of Conservative media and useless disinfo actors like Cernovich has been up in arms has been stated openly. “How dare you reveal the name of an Orthodox Jewish landlord and real estate agent from Brooklyn. This is antisemitism”

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