• It is. Jews and communists forced entire West into submission with their free speech also known as Big Lie without single shot fired.

      Speech is weapon of war. You can have free weapons too but then 1917 repeats itself. Well trained Red Army fights better than obese confused infighting and often low IQ gun owners who can only demonstrate that Dunning Kruger effect is real.

      Can you imagine if Joseph McCarthy had won and communism was routed out on time ????

      • Control the language….control thought. The Left has proven quite expert at this with all their invented and inverted terms.

        • The (((Left))) has proven quite expert at this.

          3000 years of being schlock dealers, they’ve mastered the con-pitch.

  1. “””…Belarus,which does not have freedom of speech…..”””

    Could anybody tell what are the things what you can not say in Belarus ? Do they have some kind of L word so when you say anything about Lukashenka then something bad happens.

    Now even outright CIA agents running amok and nobody does not even kick them out of the country. All those looters and rioters are also out of prison and keeping their jobs.

      • No. He is typical Soviet apparachik. Not very good but not very bad either. He sees his main task to keep his country afloat and intact until the collapse of the Empire.

        Some people comparing him to Brezhnev. Brezhnev also hoped to keep Soviet Union until diversity . cultural Marxism and money printing blow up the West. Yet Soviet Union was rotten to the core. Belarus does not have such problems so Luka may succeed.

        And some of the Luka opponents are really killed or just disappeared. But we here in Eastern Europe do not see communist a big problem. We had 1917 and lot of us monitoring what is going on in the West so we prefer few dead commies to mass immigration and degeneracy or outright catastrophe like Ukraine.

  2. “German uni-party” is an accurate expression. “Far left Green party” is not accurate. The Greens, in Europe at least, are not really left. They are just as capitalist and imperialist-warmongering as any other capitalist party, and Woke capitalism or green capitalism is the worst kind!

      • Tikkun
        Here in Australia, the Greens are opposed to any kind of development, be it dams or infrastructure or more homes…………but support mass immigration, but only from the third world.
        Make of that what you will.

  3. There is a degree of crazy legal stuff like this in Europe, tho some of this kind of goofy law-making doesn’t survive through the courts.

    Maybe the ultimate symbol of European legal extremism now is Germany jailing 93-year-old grandma Ursula Haverbeck for speaking against the standard Auschwitz & Holocaust narratives … when even in old commie East Germany, it was totally illegal to jail anyone over age 80 for any non-violent activity.

    But also in Europe, stronger labour protections and personal privacy laws, make things like ‘doxing’ more problematic and difficult.

    There is also often a basic right to have a simple account at the post office bank – a good idea for any nation, so people don’t need to fear arbitrary political deprivation of basic financial services.

    In Europe it is generally harder to go to jail for something, and there are much fewer ‘lawsuit winnings’, what you win is much smaller, and you risk penalties with bogus claims, so there is much less asset seizure via courts. The old joke in Europe is that if you kill someone accidentally and the family sues, you pretty much just pay for the funeral.

    • Slavic women (the young, beautiful ones anyway) are so intoxicating! I love hearing them speak in their native language(s). They say French is sexy, but I’ve always thought blonde women speaking Russian is much sexier.

      • @JimB:

        “Beloe Zlato” (name of their group) means “White Gold” – Russian girls (so-called Snow Niggers you are supposed to hate) singing Russian folk songs:

  4. We live in a World now that no longer values Freedom of Speech. I think Free Speech is important in terms of debates. That’s especially true on political issues. I’ve always liked the Presidential Debates but now it seems even the D vs the R is no longer interested on being on the same stage together. It should have been “Free Speech” for real with numerous political parties being represented in those Presidential Debates. Our European friends have similar problems with no “Free Speech” in the media or public debates. Of course we know the only group with no “Free Speech” now and that’s White Nationalists and those who agree with us. Deo Vindice !

  5. Honestly, if I had a government I trusted I would give up some freedoms to get things in order. I think the Romans experimented with short term dictators but I guess that ends up being permanent eventually. Hadrian seems to be the closest to where we are now. He never did permanently resolve the Shlomo Question though and here we are again but in a much weaker position.

  6. GONZALO LIRA IS BACK TODAY! Thanks to immense grassroots international attention and pressure, the Nudelman/Khazarkrainian regime decided to let him go, without his computer and cell phone that they took and have not returned. He has been ordered not to try to leave Kharkov.

    He has a U.S. passport and is also a citizen of Chile, neither of which made any difference. It was only the grassroots focus and demands that made the Nudelmanistas decide to try to prove they do allow free speech.

    Now that he is back in his apartment, he goes right back to exercising his right of free speech, courageously or some would say, suicidally. I think the more online views and other attention he receives now, the better are his chances of not being disappeared again and tortured and killed. Today on the Duran:

  7. He (Lira) is not at his apartment, but some other location in Kharkov under some kind of house arrest.

  8. I understand Lira has children (by more than one woman) in Kharkov, which is the main reason he was there to begin with. Hopefully the Judeo-Nazis will not use them as human shields as they’ve been doing elsewhere.

  9. The lgbtqp “dissent right” grand poobah Grindr Greg Johnson called out HW, Mike Enoch, and Britney Sellner for hoping for the safe return of Gonzalo Lira. “Glory Hole Greg” went as far as to claim that neither HW, Enoch, or Sellner have extending prayers or sympathy towards the horrific some Ukrainians find themselves in, which is an utter lie.

  10. Grindr Greg. That’s a good name for him. He’s indeed a Grand Poobah of the “dissident right” – the Catamite SS division. The ones who are victimizing whites in Country 404 are the Judeo-Nazis and their Ukie step-n-fetchits. Judeo-Nazis control Army 404 down to the squad level (one in ten). Newbies are required to prove their loyalty by killing civilians (as in Mariupol) or Russian POWs. All sorts of NATO types and western mercs embedded as well.

    • When you find yourself on the same side of a pertinent subject as Richard Spencer, one should be inclined to see where they made their error.

      • “same side of a pertinent subject as Richard Spencer”

        Whhhhy, don’t you respect a feigned Ha’vaaaard accent ?

        “Ohhh, i’mmm so Norrrth Shorrre”

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